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Essay on "Family Picnic" with professionals


When an excursion is arranged in the scenic outdoors with families and friends, it is called a picnic. Many people joined together in a commonplace. In general, it takes place in a resort, park or any other open space. People cook meals and eat together. Moreover, playing games, chitchatting, dancing and music all are part of a picnic. In general, people prefer to go for a picnic in pleasant weather to enjoy it fully. Though a picnic is merely together, it creates a significant impact on the lives of the people.


A family picnic is when people go for an excursion with their family members. In this context, it can be mentioned that it induces the bonding between the family members due to this family picnic. It also helps people to come out of the busy schedule of daily life. It enriches emotional and mental well-being by bonding with the important part of the lives of the people, such as family. The family picnic gives the best experience of life to the people.


Therefore, people should be encouraged to have family picnics. It gives perfect ways to connect with the family. People find it funny and interesting to share their experiences with the family. There are various reasons to have a family picnic. These reasons include improved mental health, family bonding, better behaviour, physical health pluses and self-reflection time.


Self-reflection and meditation can benefit children and parents alike. In general, the environment of a picnic is peaceful. It enables people to take off from their busy schedules. Therefore, they get time for introspection through conducting a picnic. Parents should encourage the children to spend alone time in order to learn many things about themselves with the help of self-reflection. The family picnic provides an opportunity for the children and parents to get self-reflection time easily. Therefore, a family can have fun together at a picnic. Therefore, the family picnic is fun. It allows a family to soak up all the benefits of a picnic to enjoy.


The behaviour of a person should be improved and better in order to make their personal and social life. While spending time with the family, a child can learn good behaviour and etiquette, which is essential. Family picnic offers that scope to the parents and children. During the picnic lunch, parents have food with their kids, which leads to better behaviour. According to the research, children who eat family meals are less likely to partake in risky behaviour such as drinking and smoking. The positive impact of better behaviour can also be witnessed in case of the academic performance. It has been observed that children who eat with their families tend to have higher grades in comparison with those who do not. Hence, more family picnics should be encouraged to yield better results in terms of academic and social performance. If you are looking for such relevant Custom Writing, then get help from's expert.


Mental health is a vital aspect that needs to be taken care of. It is equally important as physical health. However, it is difficult to achieve and maintain good mental health. A family picnic is conducted in the open air. As a result, it provides an opportunity for the children to breathe fresh air, which acts in favour of the mental health of children. Children also face anxiety like their parents. Anxiety creates a detrimental effect on the mental health of people. The level of anxiety can be reduced by spending time outside on a picnic. A higher level of activity in the parts of the brain leads to mental illness, which can be corrected with the assistance of conducting a family picnic in the open air. Mental health is also boosted through spending some time in the sunshine. Therefore, a family picnic enables the whole family, including children and parents, to reduce the level of stress and improve their mental condition.


The benefit of a family picnic on physical health cannot be denied. Physical health should be maintained in order to grow in personal and professional life. Parents and children both should maintain their physical health. Good physical health will also encourage the children to perform better in the academic field. Regular physical activities are effective in having a sound physical health condition. You should check for plagiarism in your essay and get essay help.


However, spending time outside benefits physical health. Breathing in fresh air proves effective for good physical health. It keeps the respiratory system good. Additionally, the children and parents with respiratory problems like asthma can get relief from taking fresh air during the family picnic. In addition to this, a family picnic on a sunny day also improves physical health. Sunshine is a vital source of calcium and vitamin D. Therefore, absorption of calcium and vitamin D can be increased during spending time in a family picnic on a sunny day. As a result, it will contribute to preventing diseases such as rickets and osteoporosis.


Family bonding is essential for boosting mental and physical health. Family picnic allows the parents to focus on the children without any distractions. Children feel heard and loved when parents give them full attention without any distractions. Family picnic offers a full opportunity to do that. In addition to this, it also offers an opportunity to the parents to explore the children in a better way in a soothing environment. In this context, it is necessary to mention that there are a lot of things that parents can learn from innocent children. Therefore, a family picnic is equally beneficial for the parents and children. Playing games, music, and dancing are crucial parts of a picnic. While children and parents play together at a family picnic, it creates a stronger bond between them.

Therefore, there are various benefits of a family picnic. People should conduct family picnics more often in pleasant weather to create a balance between physical and mental well-being. It also offers opportunities for the children to enjoy outside and play games with their family members. It will be more beneficial for the children and parents to select a beautiful open-air space for their picnic.

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