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What To Do On The First Day Of School ?


First Day Of School

Today, I will tell you about my first day of school, or my first day at school. I had heard many times before coming here that this school is one of the best and no other school compares. I had heard numerous times before coming here that the instructors at this institution are the best, well-educated and experienced, and know how to work with students. And most of what I've heard about it revolves around its technique of assessment. And everything else linked to the school, including the building, grounds, and canteen, to name a few.

I was overjoyed since it was my first time, as I had been attending the previous school since I was four years old. I wasn't excited at the time since I didn't know what school was all about. What will I get if I go there? However, as I've grown older, I've come to realise that this is no longer the case. I can evaluate anything, but can I distinguish between excellent and bad?

It is now time for me to begin classes at my new school. I'm excited and happy because I know I'll be going to school and meeting new people and making new friends, but I'm also nervous since everyone is new to me.  If you are confusing that how to choose essay writing services, then take help from's expert.

My First Day of School Activity

When I initially started school, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. A gatekeeper in full uniform caught my eye, indicating that he exhibited the school's discipline, rules, and regulations. When I arrived, the gate construction was old yet well-kept. To make an attractive learning place for students, beautiful sketches are placed on the walls.

Since I was a newcomer, I observed that everyone was as surprised as I was when I went into class. Students from several classrooms began to walk to the assembly hall when the bell rang. All of the children return to their classes after the meeting. The instructors then arrived one by one to take our class and listen to my introduction. It was time for a break after four periods when I saw that the school had two canteens for boys and girls.

I met up with some new acquaintances who informed me that the school had around thirty classrooms and two staff rooms for male and female instructors. Additionally, additional labs are accessible for students in higher grades to undertake chemical and physics practicals.

They informed me of the school's policies and informed me that the administration takes harsh action against pupils who attempt to breach the rules.

My friends informed me, and I noticed that our school's teachers are extremely competent and experienced, and I agree. They not only instruct the pupils but also provide them with guidelines.

I am sharing another moment that is near to my heart. I went up to the registration desk when I arrived at the school's main building and enquired about my classroom.

I felt like I'd been charged with murder instead. And instantly, I was assaulted with approximately five inquiries. I replied to every one of them.

They were staring at me as I was not properly dressed up like them. I was not in the uniform, and they were making me feel I am a joker. I was expecting someone to approach me and say hello. To this day, I'm still waiting. Around here, no one has taken the effort to get to know or like me. I'm sure they all judged me the same way I did.

Finally, I located my class and realised that two instructors had wowed me, which surprised me because no one else in the school had done so. As a new student, I was greeted by the teacher, who brought me to my seat. They planned to test me since I resembled a scientific model.

At recess, I left class and sat alone in the cafeteria, missing my parents. I returned to my class for a second time. I felt lonely. Dancing was the focus of the preceding phase. I sat alone as everyone else danced with their companions. Still, I wouldn't say I liked the new school and wished for my old friends at the end of the day.

While at the time, I was three years old, and I vividly recall my first day in school. My father dropped me off for class and helped me become acquainted with my professor and classmates. I wouldn't say I like the idea of spending so much time away from home. I was in tears while I had to go off the car and grabbed my father's hand.

My father saw my anxiety and tried to calm me down by turning my attention to the playground, where Swing invited me to play. I'm feeling a little better now that I notice that many more boys and girls enrolled in the class that I was obliged to go to.

After leaving me in the room, Dad went home. My heart began to submerge due to what I witnessed, but I quickly began to feel better. Our teacher's kid acted as a middleman in this.

Mrs Smith is a wonderful person. She was a lovely lady who put us all at ease. Mrs Smith taught us a few songs and told us some stories, and I immediately realised that school was fun. He took up our mother's role at our school.

My friend began eating lunch with me every day. We became fast friends, and I began to appreciate my studies. Even now, when I go back to my first day of school, I remember how my instructor and friends helped me overcome my fears.

My first day of school recollections continues to bother me to this day. I've never had such a weird combination of emotions before. Worrying about going to school and the excitement of making new friends - all contributed to making my first day at school the most memorable, and I yearned for the innocence and pleasure that my classmates and I had.

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