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How to Score A+ Grade in Your Greek Culture Essay?


A Brief Introduction of Greek Culture


The Greek era was a beautiful time for enormous achievements and discoveries in science, art, literature, philosophy, language, and several other areas of knowledge. Even the alphabet people use nowadays is based on the old Greek alphabet, which was evolved from the Phoenicians. Although contemporary sciences have overtaken them as source materials of truth, Greek mythology is still prevalent in several stories and feature films on the giant screen nowadays. A few of Greece's most notable achievements include the advancement of philosophy, the construction of the fantastic city of Athens, and the Hellenistic Age, during which Greek culture was expanded throughout the Eastern nations. Even though Greece is no longer what it once was, the impact of its culture and civilization will live on in our society, culture, and populations. This paper mainly focuses on the discussion of Greek culture and its influence on Greece.


For thousands of years, Greece's culture has evolved and changed. They have passed through a lot of hands. It began with Mycenaean Greece and progressed through the ranks. The Roman Empire wielded enormous power, and much of what people know about Greece today can be traced back to that time frame. Then the hands altered with the Byzantine Empire, the Persian Empire, and the Ottoman Empire, respectively. Each time, they made their mark, changing the culture and adding something innovative. Culture is a comparative term used to describe how individuals live and die, with their beliefs and religious practises etching the route that they are on. Much of what they have discovered has come from observing and replicating, then creating it their own. Numerous authors are of the view that the Ancient Greeks created a comprehensive scientific and philosophical culture that is based on the inventions and understanding of cultures such as Egypt and Mesopotamia, among others. The role of purpose and investigation was a central theme in Ancient Greek philosophy. It emphasised reasoning and advocated for objective, reasonable analysis of the natural environment.

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History of Greek


The Greek people were the first intellectuals of the universe. They were the first to seriously question about nature, how the universe works, and the true meaning and purpose of life, rather than simply living life according to Greek mythology. Even  though they were great minds, they began, like several other past cultures, by creating large families of Gods to clarify natural phenomena they did not understand, like rain, seasonal changes, day and night, and so on. Their Gods And goddesses were the exemplar of human perfection, with human feelings along with special strong points and abilities. Nevertheless, as time passed, the Greeks became dissatisfied with the Divine beings and misconceptions that they had generated and sought better explanations to their several questions.They began to question the world and their surroundings, looking into the nature of people and their environment. The first Greek philosophers were from Miletus and lived around 600 B.C.E. Several people have engaged in different types of knowledge, civilization, and religious doctrine all across history. As time passes, a few of these older pieces of data are rendered irrelevant by newer pieces of data. This newly acquired culture occasionally directly contradicts prior information, causing its individuals to regard it with disdain and loathing, but in some cases, people cherish their prior history. This is essentially what the Greeks have done in terms of preserving culture and history. The Greek culture, mirrored even in their own interpretations, has demonstrated the significance of passing down history orally or largely through narratives.


Consider hundreds of massive muscle men, sweat dripping down their dark colored, fleshy backs as they put their skills and capabilities to the test. The Greeks began a range of contests that they are presently popular for making centuries ago, known as the Olympics. Greek food, traditions, pleasantries, and history were on display at these occurrences, showcasing a few of the best that Greek culture and province has to provide. The popularity of lamb indicates that the territory is located in a mountainous region. The cheese demonstrates that this region needs to be productive enough for dairy cattle or farm animals to make cheese for human food. In addition, the olives demonstrate that this region should have a warm, subtropical climate to create olives. Given the nation ’s history, it is no surprise that kebabs are one of the most popular dishes in Greece. Veggies are strung on a wooden skewer or stick and steamed over an open fire. Some other thing to be kept in mind of are the special holiday foods. While celebrating Christmas in Greece, it is customary to eat foods comparable to those eaten during Thanksgiving in the United States, such as turkey and stuffing.

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Contribution of Greeks to the Society


The Greeks contributed significantly to mathematics and science. Ancient Greek mathematicians like Pythagoras, Euclid, and Archimedes are responsible for people's fundamental concepts about geometry and the notion of mathematical theorems. Ancient Greeks evolved a few of the primary astronomical models to elaborate planetary movement, the Earth's axis, and the heliocentric framework model that puts the Sun at the centre of the solar system. Hippocrates, another old Greek, is regarded as antiquity's most renowned physician. He founded a medical school, wrote numerous medical treatises, and is regarded as the father of contemporary medicine due to his rigorous empirical inquiry of diagnoses and diseases. He is regarded as the inspiration for the Hippocratic oath, which is a medical standard for doctors. Plato's dialogues, which put Socrates' structure of the questionnaire into written format, exemplify Greek philosophical heritage. Plato's student, Aristotle, wrote on subjects as diverse as biology and drama. Regarding art and culture, it can be stated that literature and theatre, which were inextricably linked, played a significant role in old Greek society. Greek theatre started in Athens in the sixth century BCE with the performance of tragic event performs at religious events. These, in essence, influenced the development of the genre of Greek comedy plays.




Thus, it can be concluded that Greek culture became absolutely fundamental to Western culture in general through the Roman Empire. The Neoclassicism move in eighteenth and nineteenth-century Europe and the Americas saw a contemporary reemergence of Classical Greek learning.

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