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Good habits for Better Health and Hygiene


Hygiene and health are two crucial concepts when this is about the human body. Health is referred to well being of physical and mental states. Health encompasses also the social well-being of humans. Health isn't about being fit only, also having appropriate resources for living. Having a sound mind and body is an indication of having good health. This essay will teach you about Physical fitness is referred to bodily conditions with not having any diseases. Mental health is the well-being of the psychological state of a person that is free from mental illness and has good health. Social well-being is the capability of a person in forming and maintaining relationships with lives. Health correlates to hygiene. Hygiene is referred to the practices for ensuring that people have better health. Such practices focus on nutritious diets, a clean environment, and cleanliness, all of these are essential to the human body. Social hygiene also helps in protecting human bodies from any illnesses. Creating an immune system needs good health and appropriate hygiene.Health is the healthy and normal state of the body. This is a great source of happiness and peace. Health refers to body fit physically and mind in health state for not having any disorder, disease, or illness. Health is referred to the psychological, emotional, and physical well-being of a person.


Hygiene is referred to good practices which lead to better health and prevent diseases. Better health includes drinking water supply, appropriate disposal of the wastewater, and cleanliness. This is referred to every activity which is performed for improving, preserving, and maintaining good health. Health is the most essential thing that one could possess. As mind and body are related closely, the mind could not be playful and healthy without proper and good health. Life is a huge fight and health is one of the biggest weapons for succeeding in the battle of life. Healthy people could enjoy life in all ways and unhealthy people live miserable lives. Another source for good health is pure water. Many diseases are caused by using impure water. People in villages wash clothing, bathe, and livestock within tanks. If there is the use of that water for consumption, this could cause disastrous diseases. For making water pure, this should be boiled, such that this doesn’t harm.Health could be improved by eating healthy foods. If you need college essay help then you can contact our professional experts.


Few of the food eaten helps to serve as fire for keeping boy warm, other part forms flesh for giving strength. One of the most nutritious food is pure milk. Vegetables and other things which people take are also nutritious foods. There is also a need for special attention on food when the epidemic prevails. Cleanliness is required to have good health. It is the most essential habit to maintain hygiene. Diseases are spread by dirt as germs thrive there. These move with dust in the air, such that dirty man is attacked easily by the diseases. Man having clean clothes and body, is free of dust and dirt. Hence, no diseases could attack that man easily. Another good habit is daily bathing as this helps to keep the body clean. People should keep clothes, utensils, food, and bedding clean. There should not be any dirt allowed to gather near the homes. People should also keep their nails and teeth clean. People must also take care of their eyes. Too much or insufficient light is harmful to the eyes. Eyes get tired by study and require rest. Bathing eyes by using cold water is a good habit.


In modern times, this has become essential in taking care of hygiene and health. With rising levels of population, emission of harmful gases, and pollution levels, this should be the priority of people in maintaining hygiene and health. Health is the state of total mental, social, spiritual, and physical being and not the absence of the diseases only. If a person is free from diseases and in a good physical state; however, under massive stress, tension, anger, and greed, then the person isn't healthy. For the body of humans, health is the positive state in where all parts of the body and mind are in harmony. In addition to this, this is functioning and balancing other parts also. Hence, when every body is functioning well, the physical state of the body of humans is known as health. This is proved and well said that a healthy person is anyone who has a sound mind and body. Health is a characteristic of life that helps a person in living longer. Hygiene is referred to as good rituals and practices which prevent diseases and also leads to good health. Hence, this mainly involves proper disposal of sewage, a safe supply of drinking water, and cleanliness. Hence, this involves every activity which is done to preserve, improve and maintain sound health.

Health means a state of being emotionally, physically, and mentally well. Hygiene is cleanliness and is a crucial factor of health. this is crucial to be hygienic and healthy for building the immune system of the body. Practicing good hygiene prevents the spread of illnesses and health diseases. During the corona pandemic, this is critical in sanitizing hands and also practice good hygiene. Hands are part of the body that spreads germs most easily. This takes not much time to wash hands; however, several people don't do this. It is proven that good hand hygiene is beneficial to prevent the spread of illnesses and diseases amongst family and society.


Washing hands with water and soap is enough to prevent the spread of specific diseases. The next essential part of the body which requires appropriate hygiene is the eye. Teachers and parents play a crucial role to create awareness about hygiene. Hygiene is like a preventive measure that keeps people away from diseases and illnesses. Water should be healthy and clean. Water is used all day from cleanliness activities to cooking and drinking. Hence, this is essential in using clean water. The civilians should be made aware of how to be hygienic in public places such as hospitals. It is crucial in using hand sanitizer and maintains a safe distance from sick people. The next crucial step for a healthy life is oral hygiene. Appropriate oral hygiene prevents bad breath, gum infections, and several other infections.

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