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Importance Of 'Health Is Wealth'


Health Is Wealth - Introduction

Health is one of the most precious gift presented to us by the almighty. The mental and physical state of a living body is known as health. Staying healthy is not an option, but a necessity to enjoy a wonderful life. The basic requirements of good health are healthy foods, physical exercise, maintaining cleanliness, proper rest and staying relaxed. It is to be noted that a healthy person is considered to be more confident, sociable, self-assured and energetic than an unhealthy person. A healthy person has the ability to view things in a more calmer and clearer manner without judgement. The World Health Day is celebrated on 7th April to raise the awareness of maintaining proper health.

Main Body

We are presently living in a super-fast age. The internet has shrunk the dimensions of the world and people are always connected with each other. Multitasking has become an integral part of human life as they struggle to fulfil all the task in a day. Due to this multitasking and its corresponding stress, people have forgotten to take out time for themselves. The level of stress has increased rapidly. In between all these hectic activities of our day-to-day lives, we have forgotten to take care of one important aspect of our life – health.


In the present world scenario, we are constantly running from one hospital to hospital and carrying out different tests to figure out what has happened to our body. We have already realised that Health is indeed a wealth. In the earlier days, lives of human beings were considerably very simple. People worked for only a limited amount of time, often walked from place to place, ate more healthy and homemade food, performed all the household work and enjoyed a balanced and healthy life. However, people now have bikes and cars to move from place to place so that they have to work for less time. In the modern world, people are expecting to work for more hours that has forced them to stay awake at night and indulging themselves in junk foods. Modern machines at homes have reduced the labour work required for the household activities. People do not have much time to exercise and get enough sunlight. In one line it can be said that people in the modern days are living considerably unhealthy lives.


Unhealthy conditions of living have raised the chances of having more health issues such as diabetes, heart attacks, obesity, hypertension and so on. This is like an alarm for the near future. Hence, it is important to pay attention to our health as much we pay to our work. It is required that individuals should maintain proper diet, involve in exercises and maintain proper work schedule. These factors can create huge impacts on our mind, health and body. If a person is said to be more physically and mentally fit, his decisions and actions would be more logical and practical. Thus, he can be more successful in his or her work and lead a happy life. Moreover, proper health can also create a positive impact on our personality traits.


A healthy body has all the important components that are crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The most vital component is the state of our physical health. It is to be noted that the term of our life can expand, if we can maintain a good health. If people are committed to exercise and a proper diet, people can develop a sense of wellbeing through which they can prevent ourselves from chronic health issues, disability and premature death. It is worthwhile to note some advantages of physical activities. Physical activity can improve our health. It can boost the efficiency of lungs and heart. A good morning walk can keep the cholesterol level in control. Good exercise can increase the strength of muscles and bones. A proper regimen of physical activity can decrease the blood pressure and reduces the risk of having some major health issues.


Proper physical activities can enhance the sense of well-being by bringing in more energy. It can decrease the stress level. The quality of sleep can enhance due to proper physical activities. Getting involved in physical activities can provide more ability to cope up with stress and boost the mental memory. Physical activities can also improve people’s appearances. A proper weight loss can lead to good physique and tones muscles can provide more energy to carry on our day to day activities. Physical activities can also improve our appearances. Physical activities can improve people’s social lives by enhancing self-image. It can boost our scope to make new friends and to share activities with them. Most importantly, physical activities can raise stamina by boosting the productivity, physical capabilities and immunity to different health issues. Physical activities can also lead to less physical injuries.


Along with proper physical health, mental health is also important for the maintenance of good health. Mental health has become an important topic of discussion in the modern world and is referred to as proper psychological and emotional well-being. The best way to maintain proper mental health is to meditate and be positive. However, unlike a machine, a human body needs sufficient rest at regular time period. It is necessary to have seven to eight hours of sleep so that our bodies can work optimally. Drinking plenty of water is also important to maintain proper health and have a good skin. People should stop working for long hours and stop eating junk foods to get rid of physical ailments such as heart attacks, hypertension and other deadly health issues.


Good health is also very important for a child’s well-being. It is important for all children to maintain proper mental and physical heath. In the modern day, children are facing huge pressure on studies and exposure to modern gadgets. Hence, they are losing on the proper health conditions. Nowadays, children are rarely seen to play on play grounds. Parents should focus on their children’s health so that they can lead a beautiful life in future.


In conclusion it can be said that health is wealth because if people do not maintain proper health then they cannot achieve fame, power and wealth. This would decrease all their enjoyment. Thus staying fit is not an option, but a necessity. For else mba essay writing service you can take help here at here more than 4500+ Ph.D. experts available, that provide you plagiarism-free essays. It assures you to provide without the lost quality of the essay.

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