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Honesty is the best policy


Honesty means truthfulness. Honesty means to enhance a practice of speaking the truth throughout the life.  It is to be noted that it is possible to acquire success through dishonesty but that success will not sustain for a longer period of time.  the phrase honest is the best policy was stated by Benjamin Franklin. He considered that honesty is the very backbone of the effective and the well working associations.


In this essay, you will know that being honest is very much significant in the relationship because no relationship can ever be effective or even successful without any sense of trust.  Honesty can be considered as the tool of living a very valued life which is offered to the humanity by God. Honesty offers the power to handle any sort of bad situations in the life as people around us eventually trust us and be with us.  History is the proof that telling lies never becomes successful and it makes the circumstances bad.  The aim of the paper is mainly to understand the importance of honesty through the explanation of the statement that why honesty is the best policy.

Importance of Honesty in life:

It is to be noted that one of the significant elements which helps in the development of the moral character is Honesty. Honesty helps in the development of the good characteristics like Discipline, Truthfulness, Discipline, moral integrity which are among the others. on the other hand, it is to be noted that Cheating, Lying, greed, stealing and the other immoral features are not a part of honesty. Researches show that honest individuals are mostly sincere, loyal, trustworthy across their life. Honesty is highly valuable and this can be considered to be the habit of higher level of significance. You can also take College essay help from our professionals.


It is to be noted that there is a very popular statement stated by a great personality which is that Honesty can be considered as the first chapter in the book of wisdom.  It tends to hold good because of the capability to establish, outline and even encourage the integral values in the lives of the others. on the other hand, it is to be noted that the honesty helps in the promotion of the authenticity. It clearly helps in the presentation of one’s own feelings and thoughts.  Honesty eventually helps the people in knowing who one really is. Therefore, it is important for an individual to be highly honest in self-expression.


Researches show that honesty helps n removing the fear from the heart. It further helps in making a person highly courageous and even very much confident. It is to be noted that it requires a huge amount of courage in order to speak the truth.  It is to be noted that speaking truth can eb considered as the very symbol of bravery. On the other hand, speaking falsehood can be considered as the symbol of low sense of self confidence. Another advantage of honesty is maturity. Honesty specifically helps in reflecting the maturity of an individual.  It can be assumed that an individual is mature if he consistently speaks the truth. 


On the other hand, a mature individual mostly speaks the truth in the way which is not hurtful.  Additionally, it is to be noted that honesty helps in reenforcing and even helps in enhancing the associations between the people. It supports in bringing the people together.  Additionally, it even helps in nurturing an association between the individuals. One of the other advantages of honesty is that it helps in getting the right peace of mind. Honesty makes an individual feel highly free.  Researches show that an honest individual enjoys a very light headed feeling. This is mainly because he does not feel any stress and nor any tension of lying. Furthermore, an honest individual does not have the deal to keep up with the secrets.  All of these tends to be highly relaxing as well. On the other hand, honesty helps in developing the reputation of an individual. It is to be noted that an honest individual enjoys higher level of respect and even status in the society.


Every individual tends to be highly fond of such an individual. Furthermore, a truthful individual can even generate truth with the other people.  Researches show that honesty helps in keeping away with the troubles. The lie can offer temporary relief to an individual.  However, it is to be noted that lies can just pull an individual more and more trouble.  Additionally, it is being observed that a lie can lead to various number of other lies. Therefore, it is highly important for every individual to be very much truthful from the very beginning. This eventually indicates that one must stay highly honest in every occasion.  Researches show that honesty leads an individual to have good quality friends.  An honest individual will have lifelong friends. This friendship tends to be highly close and strong which incorporates such individual.

In one time or the other, one can find themselves in a situation where they have to lie in order to reject being in trouble. For such individuals, being honest cannot be considered to be highly easy and such people might find themselves lying in every condition. In this context it can be said that honesty is the best policy because no matter how effectively the lie is being told, the truth will eventually come out.

The student who cheats in an examination may escape detection and get few additional marks but he eventually learns to trust the dishonest means of passing his future examinations. Furthermore, he rejects the hard work which is the only means of success.  He thus puts himself in the danger of the disgraceful principle which will hamper his reputation and will wound the heart of the parents and the friends.


In conclusion it can be said that moral ethics of an individual is known through honesty.  It is to be noted that if all the individuals in the society practices being honest then the society will become ideal and free from all sorts of evils and exploitations. This is however possible if the responsibility is being taken up by the parents and the teachers of teaching the children and the students about the moral ethics. Honesty acts as the compound which helps in reinforcing the will power to face and even fight any form of odds in life.

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