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Essay on How to play Badminton with professionals


Sports are as ancient as the existence of humanity. It keeps human beings fit and establishes stronger communities, and builds up morale in the players. In the present digital world, the essence of sports has diminished. However, there are few sports whose value can never be tainted. One such sport is badminton. Badminton is an ancient game and was played in the countries of ancient Greece, China and India. The named badminton was coined by the Duke of Beaufort in Gloucestershire, England. The game is casually played in an open yard by formally the game is played on a rectangular indoor court. Badminton is played with a lightweight racket and, along with it, a shuttlecock. The shuttlecock is also known as birdie as it is made of 16 goose feathers. At present, the shuttles have synthetic material feathers and are approved at badminton tournaments. The game was introduced in Olympics in the year 1972 in the category of demonstration, but in 1992 the game got placed under the medal category.
The game is played on an indoor court as the shuttlecock is very light and may get affected by the wind. The game is played in two ways-singles or doubles, and the measurement of the court varies on the variation of the game being played. A net of 1.5 meters is stretched across the centre width of the court, and clear spaces of around 1.3 meters are left all around the court. This essay will provide an insight into the rules and regulations involved in playing badminton. The main aim in the game of badminton is to hit the cock over the net placed in the centre of the court and place it on the land of the opposition's court area. However, if the opponent player is able to hit the shuttle, then a rally takes place. If the player can succeed in forcing the opponent to hit outside the court or into the net, the player wins the point. A game is played taking the scores of the best of 3 sets. To win each set, the player is required to score 21 points. If a two-point advantage is not reached, the player to reach the 30 scoring points wins the game. In a formal game, the umpire tosses a coin, and the winning side gets to choose whether it will be serving or receiving from their end or the side of the court they wish to play from. If the winner of the toss chooses the serving or receiving option, the opponent chooses the side of the court and vice versa. The serving is done diagonally, and it is made sure that the first serve of the game is from the right-hand service court. The server must be within the correct service court and cannot stand on the boundary lines. Also, if the server makes any mistake while serving, the opportunity to sere is passed on to the opponent.If you are confusing that how to choose proposal essay topics, then take help from's expert.

The serving rule varies a little for the singles and doubles format of the game. The server in the singles format of the game serves from the right end towards the left, whereas for doubles, each of the team is provided with two serving chances, one for every team player, and the players of the team serve alternately. In the singles game format, if the number of points scored by the player is even or null, then the service is done from the right side of the badminton court towards the right side of the opponents' court, whereas if the scored numbers are odd, then the service is done from the left to the opponent's left side of the court. In the doubles format of the badminton game, if the team loses the two serves provided, the opponent team is provided with the chance to serve, and it is done from the right end of the court. The rules of badminton get a little confusing in the doubles format and are required to be understood patiently. In this format, the team that had served in the last rally and are at the receiving side in the present rally need not change their sides; however, the players that have won the rally and are on the serving end change their positions. Adding on, if the scores earned by the team is even or null, the serving is done from the right side of the court towards the right side of the opponent. Similarly, if the team has scored an odd number of points, then the serving is done from the left to the other left side of the opponent. You should check for plagiarism of your essay and take essay assignment help.

In the game of badminton, there are six important shots and can be named as the smash, the drop, the serve, the clearing, the forehand drive, and lastly, the backhand drive. For a correct service, the shuttle must be below the waist height during the service of the play. Along with the shuttlecock's height, the racket head and the shaft too have to be pointing downwards during the serve. There are a few other rules that must be followed besides the service rules of the game, such as once the shuttlecock is up in the air, the players can move throughout the playing area. The game is monitored by the referee in a high chair who holds the overriding power for infringements and faults. The game has two rest slots, one being the ninety-second break, and the other is five minutes rest after the second game. The referee also withholds the power of docking points of the player if continuous fouls are attempted by the player in the game. The essay has pointed out all the necessary rules and regulations required to know how to play badminton. Thus, it is correct to point out that the sport of badminton is played with immense zeal and has become a physically demanding sport requiring efficient dedication to evolve the stamina and strength to play the game under the above rules discussed in the essay.

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