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How to Write Essay on Hurricane Katrina?




Atlantic Hurricane is defined as a tropical cyclone which forms in the Atlantic Ocean especially between June and November. Name of cyclones are very much different from each other and regional names are mostly given to these cyclones. Any cyclone which occurs in Atlantic Ocean and North Eastern Pacific Ocean is usually termed as a hurricane. Hurricanes are tropical storms having a maximum speed of 64 knots. National Hurricane Centre which is located in the United States of America monitors each of these tropical cyclones in this region. This hurricane is one of the deadliest storms in recorded history and the total damage from Katrina was about USD $125 billion.


The prime purpose of this essay is to focus on Hurricane Katrina which occurred in the year 2005. The ensuing segment of this essay shall be much helpful in understanding the date of this hurricane along with its impact in detailed modus.

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There are numerous categories of Hurricanes starting from category 1 to category 5. Category 1 have the lowest wind speed and intensity and category 5 have the higher wind speeds and categories. National Hurricane Centre already predicted about the occurrence of 36 tropical hurricanes between 1851 to 2022. The average wind speed of category 5 is 137 knots. From 2000 to 2009 Earth have gone through eight category 5 hurricanes and Katrina is one of them.


This hurricane was formed in the Atlantic Ocean around 23rd of August 2005 and the storm was entirely dissipated on 31st of August of the same month. On 23rd of August this storm was formed only as a tropical depression due to the merger between the tropic depression of the region and the tropical waves. After few hours it was born, the depression transformed into a tropical storm and slowly started moving towards Florida which is one of the populous areas in United States. All of a sudden before its normal landfall at Hallandale beach it transformed into a hurricane. Hereafter the hurricane crossed southern part of Florida it began to intensity itself while moving towards Gulf of Mexico. The sea water in Gulf of Mexico is much warmer as compared to the water in Atlantic Ocean which is always cold, the storm strengthened into a category 5 hurricane due to the presence of the warm waters. After that, the hurricane was weakened considerably before entering south east of Lousiana and Mississipi.

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Effects of Hurricane Katrina


This category 5 hurricane led to severe flood around the city of New Orleans, this city suffered most in the storm as huge number of American citizens lost their lives and livelihood due to the storm. Most of the transportation as well as the communication facilities of the state was completely devastated after the occurrence of Katrina. National relief efforts were much quicker to evaluate the city and also provide proper shelter to the affected citizens. United States Army Corps of Engineers was much active during the occurrence of the hurricane which led to the shortage of most basic necessities such as shelter and food. This institution controlled the flood systems of the region.


Emergency response coming from the federal government was very much criticized as it arrived late which eventually led to the formation of a new emergency management agency which was headed by Michael D. Brown. All the government official along with the response of President George W Bush was heavily criticised due to the slow rescue operations which took place after the hurricane.


The maximum speed of this hurricane was 175 mph and a pressure of 902 mbar, it was the fifth most devastating storm till 2005. It was also the strongest storm in the Gulf of Mexico. Coast guard of United States positioned themselves well before the storm, but they were also very much affected during the storm. Most of the colleges, school as well as the educational institutions in the Miami region was closed just before the hurricane for minimising the damage which might be caused. More than 57 emergency shelters were created on the coastal areas of Florida. Most of the bus companies as well as the ambulance services was opened for faster evacuation process in Lousiana. School and other public sectors organizations helped in the evacuation process which was much helpful in minimizing the hospitalization process.


Katrina breached various flood protection structures in New Orleans and more than 80% of the city was sub merged. Failure of the floodwalls in the city was the main reason behind the occurrence of this massive flood. There was severe damage especially across the coast of Alabama and Mississipi. Thousands of citizens were dislocated and the fatality rate of this storm was 1836. Out of this huge number 1577 people have died in Louisiana alone, at the same time, it can be said that 135 people went missing right after the storm. Apart from the storm, there were other reasons behind their deaths as well; in terms of the electrocution, and gas poisoning. It was observed that more than 3 million people in United States were without electricity for several hours even after the occurrence of this category 5 storm. Down trees and power lines of various counties were cut during the storms, states like Kentucky also suffered from power outages. There was heavy rainfall in states like Virginia, at the same time it can also be said that Katrina damaged 30 oil platforms and also led to the closure of 9 refineries. 1.3 million acres of forest land was destroyed by this storm as well. Beach erosion was the major environmental impact of this storm as well.




The essay was much helpful in determining the date of Katrina was one of the deadliest tropical storm which was born in Atlantic and slowly moved towards Gulf of Mexico. The entire set of incidents right from the formation of the depression to the final landfall occurred between 23rd of August to 31st of August. There were huge financial as well as environmental loss for states like New Orleans, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi. Hence, this essay was much helpful in meetings its aim of discussing Hurricane Katrina.

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