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Essay on Importance of Exercise



Exercise is any kind of physical activity that helps maintain and improve bodily fitness and the overall health of human beings. Exercise is done for multiple reasons such as promoting growth; boosting strength; avoid aging; building muscles, developing a healthy cardiovascular system; improving athletic skills, losing weight and improve health. Daily exercise is a crucial part of the human lifestyle.

Many studies have been conducted to show the benefits of engaging in daily exercise. Daily exercise helps to control weight and reduce the risk of having diseases. Exercise has been proven to helpful for the treatment of problems related to mental health. Regular exercise helps to enhance people’s mood and well-being. It is also an efficient way to reduce the stress from our day-to-day life. The essay writer describes the overall importance of exercise in our everyday life.

Main Body

Irrespective of the individual’s age, every individual can enjoy the advantages of regular exercise. Parents should motivate their children to get involved in daily exercise from a very young age so that the habit can stay throughout their entire lifetime. Older people can attain huge benefits by involving in physical fitness. Studies have shown that one-third of the total young population is classified as obese. Hence, it is important essay help for children to stay physically active. Obesity brings with it a lot of health issues. Getting involved in physical activities can prevent the occurrence of such health issues. Physical fitness for children has multiple advantages. It can trigger the growth of muscles, joints and bones with healthy lungs and heart. Exercise helps children to maintain proper weight. It provides them with a scope to interact with other people and make new friends. Exercise also helps the young generation to manage the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The present generation is at risk of physical inactivity compared to the past generations because of long commutes, jobs and healthy lifestyles. Different guidelines tell us not to miss any opportunity to stay active. Adult individuals should aim to be involved in at least 150 minutes of daily activities over the entire week.

People can also get involved in 75 minutes of high-intensity activity over the entire week, such as climbing stairs or choosing sports like sprints. A combination of both medium and high-intensity physical activity is also beneficial for the human body.

People must also get involved in physical strengthening activities for one or two days every week. These activities can include exercising with some weights or engage in fun activities like gardening. It is important to get write my essay involved in any kind of physical activity every day.

With every path of life, there are numerous options of exercise to try to reap the benefits. Exercise does not necessarily have to be going out to the gym or running.

It can include simple activities such as walking to a nearby shop and walking back to your home. Moreover, people going to work or any other place by public transport can get down few stoppages earlier.

If people are not yet engaged in physical activities or have stopped doing so many years before, it would not require much effort to start doing physical activity once again. In fact, it is beneficial to engage in little physical activities than to do nothing at all. Moreover, doing a bit of extra exercise than regular days can reduce the risk of having some dangerous diseases.

The exercises do not necessarily have to be time-consuming. People can stay active throughout the day to easily achieve the suggested levels of activity.

Being physically active can provide multiple benefits and reduce the chances of getting any long-term disease. Exercising on a daily basis can enhance the cardiovascular system and muscle strength. Moreover, physical activities can also improve the health of bones and decrease the risk of suffering from fluctuating blood pressure. Exercise can reduce the risk of having diseases such as stroke, coronary heart disease, cancers and type two diabetes. Furthermore, it can manage weight, reduces the risk of obesity, depression, anxiety and other problems. Exercise or other sorts of physical activities can help to improve the well-being and moods of people.

It is important to stay out of injury by engaging in any physical activities and avoid problems like strain in muscles. People must not hurry and take things slowly before engaging in high-intensity activities. Apart from exercise, it is important for people to eat healthy and fresh foods to improve the benefits from exercise. People should ensure sufficient intake of water to attain the benefits from exercise. There are plenty of protein products and supplements of health from health shops, the internet, and supermarkets in the modern world. Thus, it is easier to become tempted. However, a well-balanced diet is only important to reap the benefits from physical activities. If an individual is an athletic person, he might consider taking dietary supplements. However, it is important to consult a doctor before taking the health supplements.

Exercise is the best thing that can be done to keep the heart and other body organs healthy. It can decrease the chance of getting any coronary disease or stroke. Moreover, regular physical activities can reduce the chance of getting the cardiovascular disease by three times. In the presents days of stressful life, high blood pressure is common among most individuals. If people are suffering from high blood pressure, they have the highest chance of getting a stroke. Thus, it is important to engage in physical activities to keep the high blood pressure in control.


In conclusion, it can be said that exercise and other physical activities can promote the longevity of human beings. Exercise is important for all age groups. However, it is most important in children and senior citizens. Exercise can reduce the risk of having certain lifelong diseases. People should engage themselves in some sort of physical activity on a regular basis. Along with the physical activities, people must not forget to naintain a balanced diet to reap the further benefits from exercise.

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