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Music is the special art of arranging different sounds to generate a composition through different melodies, rhythms, timbre and harmony. It is one of the major worldwide cultural aspects of all humans in society. Many studies have shown that individuals can enhance their outcomes of learning with the help of background music. It can affect an individual’s mood and cognitive abilities. It is easier to promote creativity and search for inspiration with calm music. In every human being, there are some series of waves such as Alpha, Beta and Gamma. The three waves change our mood and performance with the help of suitable music. The functions of music in a person’s daily life are very important. The essay aims to understand the importance of music in our everyday life.

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People get to hear music everywhere from cars, nightclubs to movies and ads. People purchase tickets to visit music festivals and concerts. According to a study done on the habits of listening to music, it was found that Americans spend almost 151 minutes every day listening to music. The time of hearing music is higher for the youngsters than the adults. In today’s world, there is a special industry that is solely dependent on music. Many people are involved in the creation, performance, recording, promotion and management of businesses in the music world. The achievements of the music world come with some creations of famous people like Elton John, John Lennon, Michael Jackson and so on. The specialists who are collaborating with the musicians are also important in the world of music. Some people have transformed the path of the worldwide industry of music. Moreover, people can easily explore this industry in times of digital technology.

It is important to know the role played by music in early human beings. From the discovery of 10 ancient musical instruments, it can be said that early human beings also had good taste in music. The beginning of the human world started almost 165000 years ago when the early human beings invented the first musical instrument to communicate and entertain themselves. Due to the constant process of evolution, people have generated modes of communication. Many scholars are of the opinion that speech is a secondary factor after sound and combinations of melody. There have been many studies that prove that “Music is a universal language of mankind.” Hence, it is worthwhile to state that music is an integral part of human culture. Due to evolutionary and biological reasons, people have provided different meanings to different music and have continued to use it as a powerful method of learning and development. The fact that most people are influenced by music is worth exploring.

The most interesting character of the music is that it brings certain abilities in human beings to coordinate closely with people. There is much more to music than just sounds. It is a composition of rhythm, melody and words. Hence, when people listen to music, they move along with it, experience the images and feel the emotions attached to them. Moreover, music is composed of a type of social component. It has been shown that music is correlated to creativity and not just the artists. The studies of Frank Lloyd and Albert Einstein confirm this fact. It has been seen that numerous innovators are involved with music in different ways. For instance, Leo Theremin, a physicist of Russian origin, invented systems of sound alarm and different tools that can be utilised in espionage. It is a type of musical instrument that uses a magnetic field, and people can play it without touching it. Mathematicians, inventors and physical theorists were inclined to music either by being fascinated by the sounds or by seeking motivation. If you are looking for such relevant Custom Writing, then take help from's expert.

Music can have an impact on different features of human lives. Hence, through listening to music, people can change their well-being and emotions. They can also become gloomy after listening to certain tracks. It has been observed that individuals with some sort of clinical issues tend to recover faster and increase their wellbeing with the help of music. People with Alzheimer’s disease tend to recover faster with the help of different music. Music is proved to improve to enhance one’s memory and cures some diseases faster.

Music can improve the lives of people in different areas. It is to be noted that psychiatrists and therapists use music to calm their patients and motivate them. In different schools, teachers often use music as an educational instrument to allow the students to memorise facts faster and efficiently. The managers of different companies can use music to bring in more creativity in the employees so that they can find a solution to different problems in the workplace. There are different occasions of utilising music that people discovers. It is important to note that music can serve for good reasons and be a tool for mass management. And You should check plagiarism of your essay and take essay assignment help.

However, music can also have some disadvantages. Listening to any music at a very high volume can lead to loss of hearing. It can distract people that prevent people from doing high-focused tasks efficiently. It can be difficult to earn money in the music industry. Some people cannot tolerate any kind of music. Sometimes music leads to taking bad decisions because it can create an impact on the mood and emotions of people. Music can sometimes activate bad memories that are linked with any accidents or scary experiences.


It can be concluded that music is an integral part of human life. It can help people to improve moods and improve productivity. Music has been important since early human life. Music is scientifically proven to change someone’s mood. Many diseases can be cured with the help of music. Those who are suffering from any deadly diseases can be cured largely with the help of music. Music is proven to improve focus in studies. Music is used in educational and clinical fields.

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