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700 + Words Essay on Junk Food


Junk Food

The name junk food is applied to demonstrate the drinks and foods that have low in nutrients. They have low fibre, minerals and vitamins and high added sugar or salt, saturated fat and kilojoules. Also, they are called discretionary choices. As people were scavengers, this food came in huge amount, as they were unaware where their upcoming mean is and from where that has come from and whether that was famine or feast.

Human beings need to physically work hard for obtaining their foods. They have gone a long time prior to eating. The storing of energy and fat is vital in this event and people lost constant access to food. While provided with the selection between a handful of kale or avocado, human brains have been guiding in the direction of more dense options of calorie or avocado. Man is rewarded with that choice through getting a little burst of dopamine that made them feeling happy of use essay typer.

How often it can be eaten:

  • As one have healthy weight and attempting to occasionally intake the junk foods and in little amounts.
  • As one is attempting to lose weight, they can be more successful as they limit junk food.

Reason why junk food is bad:

Eating this type of current day food on a regular essay title basis results in a rise in threats from obesity along with chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular problems, some cancers and diseases of fatty liver that are non-alcoholic. Consumption of junk food frequently enhances in taking of processes sugar, simple carbohydrate and excess fat.

This results in greater problems as described above among various chronic issues. The obesity resulting might start clogging up arteries and laying basis for an imminent heart attack. That has been suggesting that in-taking affects brain similar to consuming different addictive drugs. Apart from that, addiction of that results in rejecting healthier foods choices such as salads, vegetables and fruits.

One must be looking out for and avoiding bringing home that comprises of corn syrup, high fructose, salt, refined grains. One should be avoiding foods that state corn syrup, sweetener, syrup solids, partly hydrogenated, hydrogenated and fractioned on label.

Ideally, junk foods are the processed foods that have less amount of nutrient value. However, they are often confused with fast foods. Further, any calories dense foods look tasty and mouthwatering. Any plate of hot French fries along with any huge burger having hot cheese that is oozing out of that and a huge serving of aerated drink is a risk.

It has turned to be increasingly popular food choice for grabbing on the go. The foods are developed in such a manner that they seem to be enjoyable and appealing such that one is programmed chemically for asking for more. Different commercial products that comprise of and not restricted to sweeten carbonated beverages, fried fast food, sugary desserts, candy, gum and snack foods have no nutritional or little value. Although every fast food is never hunk foods, however lots of them are. A salad is a fast food. However, that is never junk food. There are some foods such as pizzas, burgers and tacos that are alternative between healthy and junk categories as per manufacturing process, calories and ingredients.

From view of economist, one accepts asymmetric data assumption or any kind of oligopoly because of segmentation of market. Here, increase in junk food production is demonstrated through greater profitability for industry or through a rise in consumer demand. The initial explanation could be seen at hypothesis of technological change to be a processing of different commodities to packaged food that is energy-dense. It has turned cheaper in due time.

A rise in consumption and demand reflects changes in preferences for those foods as compared to dietary options that are healthy. However, no data is there for testing hypothesis in due time. Though consumption of fried foods and soda have drastically, people have been continuing to be consuming requisite calories that are from substitute products. Effect of junk food seen on BMI is little.

It is to be reminded what quality of ingredients are utilized and how fresh that item is while in-taking this food. Quitting this food is a gradual method. As one is accustomed to regular doses of junk, in that step, quitting might not be the method. Here, the initial days can be tough since one can experience the symptoms that comprise of a dip in their energy levels, headaches and irritability and many more.

In this 21st century, the item has become global. For worse and better the junk food is at present throughout the globe. This can be seen at every place where people go, on televisions, fast-food restaurants, convenience and grocery stores that look highly attractive. However, foods that are considered junk relies on the people who are asked. Few argue that pizza can be considered to be junk food.

Nonetheless, as per other’s opinions, that is contributing towards actual food with various nutrients, such as tomato sauce and cheese. As one includes part whole-wheat crust or whole-wheat and veggies as the topping, one can say that pizza is totally coming out of the category of junk food. One of the issues with them is that they low as per sanitation value.

This indicates human beings never tend to be feeling as full as they are eating them. It results in overheating. Here, another issue is that these foods have been tending to replace others with more amount of nutritious food. For instance, as one is drinking much soda, they are not getting much low-fat dairy or other healthy beverages sic as orange juice or green tea. As they are snacking on cookies and chips, they are never loading up on vegetables and fruits.

Maximum junk foods have been falling with the categories of fast food or snack food. Moreover, there are various things such as cereals for breakfast. This is innocent enough and some might be considering this junk food definitely. This is because most of them consist of high-fructose or sugar and milled corn or flour.

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