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An Overview of Knowledge is Power



This essay reflects the role that, knowledge plays in human success. Knowledge is a element that serves a person for his/her entire life. knowledge is defined as one of the most powerful elements because it can create life and destroy life as well. Knowledge helps to use one’s ability for helping others.

Knowledge can also be defined as a state of understanding and awareness. Knowledge is the information that are obtained, wisdom that are acquired from learning, enhancement of skill and experiences of life. Towards the direction of life goal, there are always two paths. Once path is correct and the other is incorrect or unethical.

Knowledge is power

Knowledge gives one the power to identify the correct and ethical path. Knowledge is a power which gives one ability to do something and gain success in life. The concept of knowledge is too broad and it had no proper ending. For acquiring knowledge, the steps that are usually required to follow include- communication, logic, perception as well as cognitive process. The capacity of a human to identify and accept the truth is knowledge. For both positive well-being and negative purposes knowledge is used.  Knowledge gives the power of creation and destroy.

For personal growth positive knowledge must be used and negative knowledge should be avoided. For community, nation and state growth also knowledge is needed. Though, sometimes it is found that, people use negative knowledge. It can harm the society and induvial as well. There are few people who actually understand the importance of knowledge in life and its power for societal improvement. It cannot be said that every educated person is knowledgeable. However, it can be said that every knowledgeable person is educated. It may not make sense but in real life practices it is truth. There are many people who are educated enough but have no subjective knowledge.

In order to do any daily activity knowledge is essential

For cooking, playing instruments, driving knowledge is required. Without proper knowledge one cannot do perform any activity. For preventing all possible mistakes, knowledge is needed. Knowledge is an element that cannot be bought. In order to survive in the competitive society, both knowledge and education are required. In order to keep up the fast strode world, life becomes almost impossible. Knowledge plays important roles is true but it cannot lead one’s life towards success. Rather one must know how to utilize knowledge properly.

All the aspects of a subject must be clearly understood by a person. In order to bring positive changes into the country knowledge is used as an essential tool. For self-development proper knowledge management is necessary. As a result of knowledge only nowadays, most of the countries are using advanced technologies, tools and machineries for improvement. Using negative knowledge, many countries are developing weapons and explosive which may harm other countries. thus, it can be said that, knowledge should be used for positive purposes and ensure that it will not harm any one else. If your academic paper contains multiple errors or mistakes, it might pose a question on your credibility. Along with this, it can also affect the quality of your copy. And this will finally affect your score. This is why getting help from the professional essay proofreader online is essential.

The overall growth and relationship with work of a person is also impacted and influences by knowledge. For personal growth and improvement knowledge is needed and it is the only element that last for lifetime. Knowledge can be earned from education, dance, singing., architecture, history and other practices. Practice makes someone perfect. Practice also helps to gain knowledge for specific subject. knowledge gives wisdom using which one can life changing decisions could be made. For making progress in life, positive mindset must be adopted. A country cannot become reputed with arms and armful weapons but can be with knowledgeable people. Knowledge increases with sharing. Shared knowledge helps one to understand others. Effective discussion on any topic helps to gain knowledge.

One’s growth can be recognized and doubts can be cleared out easily, with communication. A person who is knowledgeable enough is the richest one, because knowledge cannot be stolen by anyone, whereas; anytime money and power can be taken. Infact, for solving life related problems also knowledge holds much potential. One’s problem solving as well as reasoning skill can also be improved a lot with knowledge. A problem can be efficiently managed and solved with proper knowledge. Knowledge also helps to become sharper and smarter. Knowledge helps one to bloom and keep away all potential corruptions. Knowledge helps to open up the door to success. Nationals anthem is sung on Independence Day, and drills and flag-raising ceremonies are celebrated. Students find it excessively strenuous to choose amazing college essay topics. Without the right guidance, you can end up choosing college essay topic that will fail to impress the admission board or gain an opportunity to study in your dream college.

“There is no comparison between a scholar and a king because, a king celebrates in his country one the other hand, a scholar can celebrate anywhere and everywhere”. From the statement it can be clearly stated that, knowledge is much powerful than physical strength. In order to perform any great work knowledge is necessary. People can achieve their ultimate goals and aims in life through knowledge because it is indeed powerful. A person who wants to become a doctor should have enough knowledge on scientific terms and other field related information. Knowledge has the power to sit on the top throne. Knowledge is an integration of education and eagerness to learn. The students who get the best grades are winners because they hold the most knowledge on subjects among the students.

Knowledge about subject is important but at the same time knowledge about life is also necessary. Knowledge helps one to learn how to make self defense as well. knowledge is the intellectual; capital’s intelligence. Knowledge enables people to exercise their believes. One can identify his/her strength, weaknesses as well. The possible opportunities he/she may get in life and threat that can occur in his/her life are also identified through knowledge. Knowledge gives people an insight to determine what one should do and what should not.

Knowledge is an element that increases more with proper sharing. It also helps to protect the intellectual capital which is knowledge. Using knowledge nowadays people can develop such unique things, which were never ever imagined before. For converting ideas into reality knowledge is necessary. The power helps people to reach the success. For bringing positive changes in society knowledge is very important. Knowledge gives a proper vision to future improvement. Knowledge can never decrease with time. knowledgeable person is more important than a rich person.


The wealth of the nation can also be increased a lot with knowledge. Knowledge is a power because it can solve any problem or issue. Knowledge can influence anyone and do any work much successfully. Knowledge is a power because it has the ability to destroy something and create something. Little knowledge is always dangerous because the person with less knowledge will know things also partially. In order to bloom in life everyone should understand the importance of knowledge. It helps to bring happiness and success in life. The value of knowledge is always higher than money because a rich person cannot buy knowledge whereas; a knowledgeable person can earn money with his/her knowledge and ability. For sustainable growth and a secure future before earning money one should focus on earning knowledge and its starts with education.


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