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How to Complete Lakota Tribe Essay with Ease?


A Brief Introduction of Lakota Tribe


Lakota people are Siouan speakers who have originated in the lower Mississippi River, Ohio Valley. Moreover, the origins are from modern Lakota People where agriculture was done by themselves mostly in the 9th and 12th centuries. They originally lived near the Great Lakes of North America for interconnecting freshwater lakes to the Atlantic Ocean. The people were mostly followed by the tribes of Dakota before the 1600s and the European connection. In different forest environments, the tribe lived by fishing, hunting, gathering agricultural products and wild rice. Also the main motive of the culture is to grow some corn through Dakota-Lakota speakers. In the mid 16th and early 17th century, they started living in the upper Mississippi region which is now popularly known as the states of Lowa, Minnesota, Dakota and Wisconsin. Lakota people were pushed by Cree people where there was conflict between Cree people and Anishnaabe. Lakota people started to live in the Great Plains through the west from the middle of the late 17th century. Around the 1730, Cheyenne people from the Great Plains introduced the Lakota to horses and also they started Adopting another culture- buffalo hunt on horseback. The Lakota population spread rapidly in the year, where there were already other Native American tribes that increased to their population in the 19th century. After 1750, Lakota People moved to the east bank of Missouri River whereas The large powerful villages such as Maṇḍana, Arikara Created barriers for the tribe from crossing the Missouri River in North America. From the 17th century, the epidemic smallpox destroyed the tribes on around ¾. In addition to this, there were some of them who tried to cross the higher planes. After 10 years, Lakota people finally moved to Powder River country and made their home: Black Hills.

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History of Lakota Tribe


Lakota People banded US explorers for continuing expeditions or upstream for battle, during the Arikara war. In 1823, Dakota helped the United States Army in the inter tribal war in the west of the Missouri. Also the United States Significantly installed Fort Laramie in the 19 century without permission from the Lakota people whereas it started to show Conflicts. In addition to this, the Fort Laramie treaty of 1851 between the United States and other tribal nations managed protection to Europe for American travelers who were previously attacked by Cheyenne, Arikara, and Mandan on their land. On the flip side, the Black Hills were considered for expansion of the minerals and objected to mining in the middle of 1868 where the US Army fought Lakota for protecting minors travelling alone through the black hills. The Changes in the decision of Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868 exempt the black hills from white people settlements. Lakota people also live in today’s Fort Peck Indian reservation and also in Rapid City, south Dakota followed by Metro Denver and downs in the Black Hills. Further the tribe joined and represented nations and peoples organizations for their recognition and protection through their rights and cultures. The autonomous organization and the tribal government, had reservations and certain Rights for the election independence in the state laws which continued with a matter of dispute. The tribe also participated in the operations, taking actions for their independence movements, rising activism on behalf of the declaration on the rights of indigenous people in the United States in 2007. The tribe made national issues related to foster care, current activism considering kidnapping of children from their homes. Official Lakota tribal and their leaders responded to different movements in the American Indian movement and declared the Republic of Lakota as a sovereign nation with property rights.

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Discussion about Lakota Tribe


Lakota’s are mostly known as Sioux. Most of them prefer ‘Mitakuye Oyasin', that is to send a petition to God on behalf of everything on earth with respect, love and honour. Nakoda men wear breeches with buckskin shirts where the women are mostly familiar with long elk skin dresses. Also in the bad weather, Lakota’s wore moccasins and also buffalo hide Robes Whereas they are often seen with elaborated beadwork. Also the tribe mostly support virtues related to perseverance, Humility, love, honor, respect, compassion, truth, generosity, wisdom, sacrifice, bravery and fortitude. The Lakota people are a powerful tribe who has achieved ‘The status of legends of American horse, red horn buffalo and crazy horse. Tribe has increased to 70,000 people today; approximately one third of them speak their ancestral language from the middle of the 18th century.


Legacy of Lakota Tribe


In today’s world, there are still 2782 square reservations in South Dakota mostly found in the pine ridge Indian reservation, lower Brule Indian reservation, Lower Sichangu and ogala. The tribe also significantly presents in the modern states of Montana, Nebraska, lowa and south central Canada where as they are being forced by the US government to westernize through force and brutality. The tribe never exaggerated things according to nature, mostly with respect to the Lakota and way of life. The way of life mostly brings honesty as the utmost importance whereas the drive cannot survive as a group. Respect is another thought form on the way of their life where they believed in respecting nature’s love for everyone, water and all forms of energy. They look out on society also around core values for centuries in search of romance and spirituality whereas there were wars where they taught about life with more complex values around themselves. They originally lived near the Great Lakes of North America for interconnecting freshwater lakes to the Atlantic Ocean. The people were mostly followed by the tribes of Dakota before the 1600s and the European connection. The Lakota myths are about different adventures of Ikto’mi who is the same as spider God. Also God is known for his predictions put in for different stories prevailing as Bearers of great power. Lakota people believe after death and mention that a person will go towards the happy hunting ground. In addition to this, they believe in the meaning of the world of living animals, better or an easier life of living.

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