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Laughter Is The Best Medicine Essay Introduction


There are many emotions in a person which affect the brain and cause many diseases. There is a feeling that helps the man in getting relief from those diseases and that feeling is to always stay happy. Great personality once said laughter is the best medicine and it is considered to be very true as laughter helps in getting relief from various kinds of mental as well as physical problems. There are some diseases that do not have treatment and those diseases are treated every day by taking the help of laughter supplements.

Laughter is the best medicine as no money is needed to be paid and we can laugh anytime it also helps in getting rid of many mental problems that arise in our daily life. There are many problems that we deal with in our busy lives and due to that we often feel depressed and also take tension and all these problems result in many other problems. It has been proven by medical science that laughter supplements help in curing many diseases every day which cannot be cured with the help of medicines. Hence, laughter is very important in our lives. There are certain facts for which laughter is very important in our lives and that are discussed below:

  • Laughter is considered a great medicine as there are many problems that are treated only by laughing. It is recommended by doctors to watch a comedy show or be around those people who always stay happy.

  • Laughter makes us a pleasant personality as so it is very important. People generally prefer to be with those people who enjoy a blissful personality rather than being with the person who only focuses on careers. People who only focus on careers generally have a low mental state. Hence, a career is important but at the same time, it is very important to be happy. Hence, people should prefer happiness along with a career.

  • People having depression, stress and anxiety can solve these problems in two ways firstly with care and secondly by laughing. Laughing helps in reducing stress and depression. For people who face problems in doing meditation for them, the simplest practice is laughing as a few jokes can make us laugh.

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Laughing helps in fixing many diseases. There are certain diseases which has been cured by laughter and that are discussed below:

  • When a person laughs for 15-20 minutes in a day then that person burns almost 40 calories and it is a very noticeable fact. Hence, by laughing more, more calories can be burnt every day but on the other hand, if we laugh less then we can gain weight. So, laughter helps in reducing weight and also helps in burning calories.

  • It has been stated in medical science that if a person laughs loudly then that person is less likely to have a heart attack or any other diseases related to the heart. If a person is suffering from problems of hearing or they are dealing with heart problems that can be cured by a regular dose of laughter.

  • Nowadays every person deals with the common problem of depression and this is due to the reason that people take tension too much and they worry about every small thing such as they worry about their future. This tension and worry lead to depression and people then start taking anti-depressant pills. However, if at regular intervals people laugh every day then they will not require any such pills and they will also feel less depressed. Hence, laughter helps in reducing depression.

Hence, laughter solves many problems. Apart from medical problems laughter also helps in solving many other problems. They are discussed below:

  • There are many occasions where people fight with each other. While fighting the problem becomes so big that they think of killing each other. If any joke is cracked then there will be no spirit of fighting left. Hence, laughter helps in solving fight that occurs between people.

  • The relationship with people becomes strong if we laugh every day and make people happy. In order to build our relationship strong, it is very important to laugh with that people and be happy with them as being happy with people strengthens the relationship. This is perfect for girlfriends and lovers as they are married before and in order to make their relationship strong, they should laugh together and should be happy with each other.

  • When we have a problem with any person but we want to smile a little bit with that person then a little dose of laughter can mitigate the problem and can bring that two people together and hence, all the difference can be removed. Hence, laughter helps in mitigating differences between people.




Therefore, laughter is the best medicine. In other words, it is the perfect medicine as it not only helps in getting rid of different kinds of diseases but at the same time, it helps to mitigate the differences that arise between two individuals. Laughter also helps in building a strong bond between two individuals. Nowadays, people get disappointed when they have any small fight with their loved ones and they take tension and they also become depressed but cracking small jokes helps and laughing helps in reducing those tensions and fights. People also become depressed by thinking about their future but when they laugh with their loved ones daily then that stress and tension get disappeared and they are also getting relief. Laughter decreases stress hormones and at the same time, it also increases immune cells which helps in improving resistance to diseases. Laughter helps in enhancing the intake of oxygen and stimulates the heart, lungs, and muscles. Hence, it can be concluded that laughter is the best way to make people happy around us.


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