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A Brief Introduction About Movie Genre


Everyone has their own movie choice. Some people prefer hard-core action, while others prefer slow-moving drama. Many people can die because of the movie genre. A genre is the classification of a particular kind of art based on content, style, or form. A movie genre is a thematic or stylistic division for a moving image based on aesthetic approaches, narrative elements, or emotional response to the movie. Hence, the genre is an essential element in a movie as it determines the path that the plotline will take and allows people to make themselves for the movie.


Genre is the name provided to a classification, group, or category of films with similar conventions or techniques. There are many kinds of genres. The major movie genres are adventure, action, comedy, drama, crime, epic, musical, horror, western, science fiction, and war. These genres help viewers select a film that they like and enjoy and provide an overview of its storyline. For example, the story of a romantic film is about a man who gets his ideal girl after a conflict.

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Romantic Genre


Additionally, movies of a certain genre share the same rules and techniques, i.e., setting, plot, content, and theme. However, when the first movies were released, they were based on one meaning and genre. An example of a movie that has been made that uses only certain genres is Titanic, which is based on the historical event of the sinking of the Titanic. The story is about the love affair between Jack and Rose. This film is a romance. While some may argue that Titanic could be an action or drama movie, many of the author's ideas and stories are about the love affair between Rose and Jack.


Action Genre


Action is one of the main genres of film, including fast-paced movies that demonstrate human strength. Such movies keep the viewers excited and awake in a series of endless actions. These are usually occupied with explosions, fast-paced chases, lots of stunts, special effects, and fighting. The storyline contains bad guys vs good guys and generally ends with the heroes' triumph. Also, action films are projected to entertain male audiences from the age of 13 to the mid-30s. One example of an action film is Batman (1989).

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Thriller Genre


Each detective movie shares the same basic story: the uncovering of causes. Also, the musical movie shares nothing more than often prominent intervals of music and possibly dancing during the story. However, this shared knowledge is not set in stone. Various persons will have different ideas of different genres. Viewers spread general concepts about the genre based on media coverage, film, or marketing and advertising. Therefore, audiences have their expectations about a specific genre and determine the movie as per their expectations. The genre is based on an implicit contract between audiences, filmmakers, and reviewers. One of the common identities of the movie is the shared genre conventions, such as shared thematic, narrative, and stylistic structure. While not every movie shows all the conventions, at least a few are shown in one movie. It helps movie critics determine if the movie belongs to a specific category of movie genre. This convention is also known as the "repertoire of elements".


Horror Genre


On the other hand, the horror genre is now more popular than ever. The horror genre film takes audiences into a dark world and frightens the scary beings that the film presents. Also, horror movies invite the worst fears and at the same time entertain and attract people.

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Hence, the genre is a classification or category of films where separate movies share the same content and unify subjects through stylistic and narrative patterns. It can also be a cultural ritual where a ritual is an ideological and formal practice that can effectively respond to different circumstances. The genre has been used to categorize different art forms before making a movie. For literature, tragedy was determined as the most vital theme in Aristotle's poetry, and the musical genre includes classical symphonies and sonatas. In the 17th century, genre painting represented daily social encounters and domestic life. Then genre painting followed those to recommend a picture of "slice of life". Eventually, the genre became the most popular melodrama genre during the 19th century. By creating these different forms, three functions started to shape: providing a model for creating more work, creating sections to evaluate or judge the work, and understanding audience expectations.


Since its inception, movies have used a genre system, but the rise of the studio system in the 1920s and 1930s has largely opened the opportunity for film genres. This adapts to an industrial mass production format, which allows filmmakers to reuse actors, script formulas, sets, and more to make modified versions of a similar popular movie. The studio system was then dismantled by a Paramount decision in 1948. The Supreme Court ruled that large studios had violated the anti-trust law in movie theatre ownership, allowing it to monopolize the film business. Over time, a new era, recognized as the new Hollywood, developed. In addition, film school-educated directors started drawing on special effects, large commercials, and established genres to make blockbusters.




The true movie genre depends on formalistic themes, shared iconography, and similar narrative content and structure. The trend is that viewers perceive any film in the context of another film, what they have seen, and what they have heard or seen in other media. Generally, the function of the genre is to make the movie understandable and less or more familiar. The most prevalent catch in the film industry is making a film where the main storyline works in two or more genres. In changing society, writers have started making films using this method and personal taste in the movie. Thus, writers need to change their writing style to keep people on the edge of the chair, terrified, laughing, or crying. The film genre is a product of interaction between the text and the audience. Thus, all viewers and producers should have a good idea of ​​what is more significant to share their knowledge about the characteristics of the genre.

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