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How Niccolo Machiavelli Essay Help can Improve your Grades?


A Brief Introduction of Niccolo Machiavelli

Niccolo Machiavelli was the Italian diplomat and author who used to live during the times of the Renaissance. He is popular for the political treatise “The Prince” and he is known as father of the modern political philosophy. He used to serve as senior official within Florentine Republic and he had great responsibilities in the diplomatic and the military affairs. His personal correspondence is found to be valuable for historians and the scholars of the Italian correspondence.

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History of Niccolo Machiavelli

The name of Machiavelli has evoked unscrupulous acts of sort and it has been advised within the work, “The Prince”.  It has evoked mixed reactions from the audience and it has helped to describe evil which are made use of by the bad rulers. It is also indicative of evil recommendations to the tyrants that can aid in the maintenance of their power. The family of Machiavelli was wealthy and it used to hold the important offices of Florence. His father, Bernardo had been doctor of the laws and he was the poorest members of the family. He was barred from the public office within Florence as the insolvent debtor, he used to live in a frugal manner and he used to administer small landed property across the city. Machiavelli has been involved in the writing of short political discourses and the poems regarding the history of Florentine. Machiavelli has been involved in writing The Prince and he had been instrumental in writing a different book, Discourses on the Livy. The books were published after the death of Machiavelli and there was the dedicatory letter which used to contain everything that he knew of.


The perspective regarding Machiavelli was that he was teacher of the evil and the American philosopher Leo Strauss began the interpretation from the point. The Prince was in tradition of “Mirror for Princes” and books contained the advice which can help princes for perceiving themselves being reflected in the mirror. Machiavelli used to advise usage of prudence within particular circumstances and he offered rules or the remedies which can be adopted by the princes. He does not want to establish exact or the universal laws of the politics in manner of the modern political science. Machiavelli used to divide principalities into those which have been acquired and those which have been inherited. He argues that it has been difficult for acquiring control over the state and its reason is that fear of the new prince is found to be strong when compared to love for the hereditary prince. He has brought out that prince whether new or the old have to perceive himself as the new prince and they have to be dependent on “one’s own arms” in regard to the raising of one’s own army. The new prince is dependent on the own virtue so that virtue can enable him for acquiring state. The prince has to concern himself with art of the war and he has to seek glory which can help him to create a distinct place in the modern world. Machiavelli is of the opinion that fortune rules half of the lives of men and he used to compare fortune to the woman who can be won by impetuous ways when compared to those who can proceed in the cautious manner. Machiavelli could not replace idea of the moral virtue and he used to derive strength from religious beliefs of the ordinary people. The own virtue of the mastery has been found to co-exist with the traditional moral virtue and prince possessing virtue of the mastery are able to command the fortune.

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Literature Work of Niccolo Machiavelli

Machiavelli has written passionate exhortation for seizing Italy so that it is free from clutches of the barbarians especially France and the Spain which had overrun disunited peninsula. He had called for redeemer and he mentioned miracles which took place as Moses was instrumental in leading Israelites towards promised land. In Discourses on Livy, Machiavelli has favoured deeds of ancients above the philosophy and he has reproached contemporaries for the consultation of ancient jurists in regard to political wisdom instead of looking towards actual history of the Rome. He has argued that factional tumults of Roman republic has been condemned by the ancient writers and it has made Rome free and the great. Machiavelli was product of Renaissance and he has been criticised from humanism which has been derived from the Plato. He has called for the new modes and he has effectively compared himself to explorers of the unknown lands within the time. The stress has been laid on effectual truth for seeking hidden springs of the politics in regard to fraud and the conspiracy.


Machiavelli perceives politics which has been defined by difference in between ancients and moderns and ancients are held to be strong and moderns are held to be weak. The moderns are found to be weak as they are formed by the Christianity and Machiavelli has criticised Roman Catholic Church and the Christianity. He felt that church was cause of disunity of Italy and he felt that Christianity used to glorify suffering and it has rendered world effeminate in the modern times.

Conclusion of Niccolo Machiavelli

The republicanism of Machiavelli can be stated to be of civic humanist variety and their roots have been traced to classical antiquity. The “neo- Roman” thinkers conceive of Machiavelli to be source of principle of freedom and he has been put to the work in defence of the democratic precepts and the values. Machiavelli was trapped in between innovation and the tradition which helped in the generation of internal conceptual tensions within thought as whole and within the individual texts. The ideas of Machiavelli had a great influence on the political leaders across modern west and it was aided by new technology of printing press. The modern materialist philosophy developed in 16th and 17th centuries and it started in generations after the Machiavelli. The philosophy was republican and it was in original spirit of the Machiavellianism and his encouragement made use of innovation for controlling the fortunes of an individual.

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