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Essay on Hockey for Students


Essay on Hockey

Hockey is the national sport of India.  However, it is also played in the other countries across the world.  The game has various number of rules which requires to be maintained in order to ensure that the fair play is being conducted. However, there are various varieties of the game which requires to be played across the globe. However, the primary rule remains the same. India won six gold medals in the Olympics and various number of the consecutive matches in Hockey. The aim of the paper is mainly to understand the importance of the game hockey.

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Hockey can be considered as the sport in which the teams mainly play in opposition to one another by trying to move the ball or by pucking into the oppositions goal through the use of the hockey stick.  There are various categories of hockey like the bandy, field hockey, rink hockey and ice hockey.  In majority of the world, the term hockey mainly refers to the concept of the field hockey. However, it is to be noted that in Canada, United States, Russia and majority of the Eastern and the Northern Europe, the term is mainly utilized for the purpose of the ice hockey.

A 4000-year-old carving was found in Egypt which presented teams with sticks. In the interior part of Mongolia, the Daur people played Beikou which is a game which is very much similar to the modern hockey.  By the time of the 19th century, the various types and the categories of the historic games began to mainly differentiate and amalgamate into the individual sport which is defined presently.  Additionally, the organizations initiated into codification of rules and even regulations into the game.

Field hockey is mainly played on the gravel or the sand based turf and with a small ball which is around 73 mm in diameter.  The game is very much famous among both the females and the males in various parts of the world specially in Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Europe.

Ice hockey is played between two teams of skaters on a huge flat area of ice through the use of a disc which is known as the Puck.  The puck is mainly frozen in order to limit the intensity of bouncing and the friction which is being made on the ice.  Ice hockey is the national sport of Latvi and Canada.  It can be played by all individuals irrespective of their age.

Ice sledge hockey is a type of hockey which is mostly created for the players who suffer from some form of the physical disabilities.  Canada is mainly famous as an international leader for its contribution in the development of the sledge hockey. On he basis of the sledge hockey, the inline sledge hockey is also being played. It follows the similar ules like the inline puck hockey.

Roller hockey can be considered as a type of roller hockey which is very much similar to that of the ice hockey. Inline roller hockey is played by two teams which incorporates four skaters and one goalie.

Street hockey is also known as the road hockey. This can be considered as the dry land variant of ice and roller hockey which is played on the hard surface. This can be considered as a dry land variant of ice and roller hockey which is played on the hard surface.

The field in which the game is being played have a fixed dimension and it is rectangle in shape which can be divided into two halves of equal length and breadth.  In the past, the time in which the game was being played mainly consisted of 70 minutes which was divided into two halves. However, in the present time, there has been a change and the game now involve only 60 minutes which is divided into three quarters of 20 minutes each.  Each team mostly consist of 11 players. The purpose of the match is mainly to hit the higher number of the goals in the goal post of the opposition. The team who effectively scores a greater number of goals eventually wins the match. Additionally, the dimensions of the stick and the weight of the ball is mainly defined in the rule books.  However, if it is perceived that the dimensions and the weight incorrect then the one who is accountable for the false play will eventually be eliminated. However, it is to be noted that the rules of the game are very much similar to Football. Moreover, the penalties are also the same.

The game can be considered to be of higher significance specially in India because it is the national game of the country.  Researches show that it is the oldest game in the country.  Playing the game has various number of advantages.  It helps in enhancing the stamina of the body by offering good health. It is to be noted that the individual who plays this game in the field requires to keep more effort and even persistence.  The  Indian players who won the gold medalists for India are Dyan Chand, Ajit Pal Singh, Dhanraj Pillai, Ashok Kumar, Babu Nimal,  Leslie Caludius, Balbir Singh Senior, Mohammed Shahid and Ajit Singh.  They are mainly described as the heroes who took the field of the Indian hockey to the higher level of success. It is to be noted that Dyan Chand was a talented hockey player who is also known as the wizard of hockey. In the year of 1928, the world championship was being formed in Indian Hockey and he won the gold medal at the Amsterdam Olympics.  It is to be noted that after this, India ensured in retaining its world championship until they did not lose in the Rome Olympics. Researches show that the Indian hockey was mainly ranked in the seventh in the Montréal Olympics, Gold medal in the Moscow Olympics (1980). you should check plagiarism of your essay writing online and take essay help online. 


In conclusion, it can be said that Hockey is the national game of India, however, it was never being stated officially.  However, this can be made official by bringing back the golden days of the hockey again. Presently, the hockey team lacks support from the government. However, with the right support, it is possible to bring the glory of the hockey back.

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