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Important measures to control Overpopulation


Overpopulation is one of the biggest threats in the world; it has now become a rising concern for so many eras. Now, it is almost a global crisis which is being experienced by the people all around. Overpopulation is the conditions where the existing limit of people surpasses on the earth, along with overpopulation is brining much more problem , rising issues like death rates, better medical offices and exploitation of the valuable resources on the earth which is resulting in the overpopulation as well.  Other than that Overpopulation has lead to harm the economic, social, environmental status of the world

As this issue is growing with the days the only way to stop the overpopulation is by creating certain awareness’s among the people, the main impact of the problem is not that earth is lacking enough place to accommodate humans but the main problem it is effecting the growth rate of the world, as well as proving to be harmful for the planets resources.  As per the recent report, overpopulation is said to be doubled by the year 2050, which indirectly make the resources run out faster, increase the expense of the living.

The Causes and Effects:-

There an innumerable cause of overpopulation but the major issues which needs to be addressed positively is the effects of it, the essay will further discuss the causes and effects of it:-

Food shortage

If such abrupt population keeps on increasing then it will hamper the normal system of the environment, it will cause certain problems like food shortage. If it is thought logically, then overpopulation will increase the demand of production of food, there will be more stomachs and mouths to be fed. To match the hunger the developing nation’s food system will collapse and will lead to starvation or else possible war due to tensions of survival.

Lead to Malignant Diseases

The more big will be the population, it can lead to the rise of new diseases because of the continuous unhygienic practices by humans, the increase in the population will led to the increase of the disease carrying organisms and it will spread even faster in the overpopulated areas, the diseases which can occur due to the spread of overpopulation is Cholera, H-fever, The Flu, Ebola and others.

Increase in the Higher Prices

With the increase of the population, it will require more supply of treatment, medicines, food and other different daily necessities. Once the amount of people will increase on the planet, country or area it will also cause more migration, establishment of the more industries, businesses in order to solve the problem of the supply. Whereas, the more the supply, it will lead to higher rate of prices of the facilities like food, medicines and other different commodities required to sustain the life.


Overpopulation will also increase the pollution, as due to the maximum population more amount of trashes or wastes will be disposed and these wastes needs to be dumped at a place. If the wastes are not dumped properly it will cause water pollution- it will  harm the aquatic life, too much industrial wastes like oil spills in the water, toxic materials which can also lead to imbalance in the food chain.   It will also increase the air pollution due to the extreme amount of release of the chemicals in the air by vehicles and industries. Moreover, excessive emissions of carbon dioxide emissions may also lead to climate changes.

Which is the most over-populated country?

over-populated country list

As per the standard report, the most overpopulated country Singapore, Israel, Kuwait, South Korea, Jordan , United Arab Emirates, Japan, Lebanon , Iraq and Belgium. Also, as per the date published in “the ecological footprint Atlas” the world is overpopulated by 2 billion of people.

Overpopulated countries not necessarily means the highest population places, India and China has ranked the first and second on the count of total population in the world. The report/ index also calculate these countries as per the availability of the land areas, production of food, water resources and amount of land under the civilization. The Europe and Middle East countries ranks among the top 20 overpopulated countries, UK ranks 17th in the run of the most overpopulated countries.

Other causes of the Population

Lack of Family planning

Several developed nations still lack the extact ideas behind the proper family plan. A imbalance in family planning may lead to poverty , lack of comprehensive education

Advancement in Fertility Treatment

As the population is increasing, it is also increasing the birth rate because there has been a increase of technological advancements.


Another danger of overpopulation is the increase of the poverty line in the country.

Medical facilities

Due to industrial revolution, and high demand of medicines, hospital assistance. Thus, due to these many lives are now can be saved making the human existence status rate high on the earth

Decline the Death Rate

Due to the advancement in the innovation, proper surgery and medicines making a human being survive, thereby decreasing the death toll.


Measures to Control the population:-

The main thing which can be done to stop the overpopulation is the awareness among the people, the various methods of overpopulation is education; age of marriage bar must be raised, proper family plan. Government by providing the children are free and compulsory training will make them educated enough of the growing consequences of the overpopulations. The “limit of age bar” should be raised like the government should make rules on making the marriage legal in between the age of 18 to 20, 22 years. If age group marriage is postponed it  will decrease the total fertility rate. Many countries lack the knowledge of the proper family planning, so government must ensure a sterilization that will be undergone once the couple has produced two children’s


Thus, overpopulation is the now the most important issue of environmental health, now the greatest challenges faced by the humanity, the above measures and only awareness can lead to control of the increase in the population, otherwise it might lead to food shortage , several pollutions leading to global warming as well. Overpopulation needs to put a control immediately or less the earth will be left out with very limited amount of resources.
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