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A Brief Introduction of Pandora From Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, Pandora was regarded as the first woman who was mortal and was considered a Greek Eve in ancient times. Athena and Hephaestus were considered as the parents of Pandora, and Epimetheus was considered as the consort of Pandora. In addition to this, Pyrrha was the only child of Pandora. She was the creation of Zeus, and she was created for neutralizing blessing received by fire, which Prometheus of Olympus stole. After stealing of fire from Olympus, Prometheus brought the same back into earth within a fennel stack, and this incident led to the anger of Zeus. This incident made Zeus decide for giving humans power for balancing new acquisitions. Therefore, he approached Hephaestus for creating a creature that must be endowed with several beguiling as well as gifts that are seducing, and the same shall plague humanity.

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Story of Pandora

After receiving the order from Zeus, Hephaestus instantly got into work. He undertook the process of mixing up the earth with water, and the mixture provided with a lovely, sweet as well as maiden shape that looked like an immortal goddess from the face. Athena, who was regarded as the goddess of war and wisdom made dressed the immortal with a gown that was silver coloured and made the goddess learn weaving as well as needlework. Following this, Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, love, fertility and sexual pleasure, added longing as well as elegance into the mixture. The goddess was then gifted with a gold necklace by Peitho and Graces, and a flowery garland was kept upon the head of the goddess by Horae. Finally, the goddess was provided with a voice by Hermes, who was the messenger of Olympian Gods. According to the instructions of Zeus, Hermes provided the voice with several crafty words as well as lies.


Finally, Pandora, the masterpiece, was created, and it stood out to be devious and, at the same time, beautiful, which took away the sights of deathless gods. She was called Pandora, which meant “All-Endowed” as all the gods belonging to Olympus bestowed Pandora with gifts. The sheer guile of Pandora did not seem enough for punishing. Therefore, gods bequeathed Pandora with several types of gifts such as evils and plagues to men who undertake the consumption of bread and the same was packed into a jar that was beautiful and was said to be her dowry. Pandora got married to Epimetheus by taking the jar in her hand. Epimetheus was the brother of Prometheus who received the divine gift with complete acceptance even after getting warned by his brother to never accept a gift received by Olympian Zeus.


On one fine day, without having any malice thought, Pandora lifted the lid of the jar out of curiosity, and this caused the release of all evils as well as diseases into the whole world. By being shocked by the incident, she immediately hurried to put back the lid of the jar into place, and only Hope was able to be trapped within the jar. Therefore, it is observed that Hope is the last thing, which remains within a person. Even after getting deceit, human consolation is the only aspect, which remains for fighting with all troubles. This incident has led to the end of trouble-free work for humans and the start of the Silver age.


A relief frieze displaying the birth of Pandora had also appeared on the statue base for the gigantic Athena Parthenos mentioned by Pheidias, which had also stood within Parthenon. In accordance with Pliny, the specific scene had the inclusion of nearly 20 gods existing together. Additionally, Pandora had also appeared on a few of the attic vases within the same scenes carrying the probability of inspiring by the other lost satyr play named Pandora by Sophocles.


During the 5th century BCE, a red-figured crater that is named Ashmolean Museum Oxford, Pandora had also emerged from the ground, which had symbolized the origin extracted from clay. During such scenes, either the Epimetheus or might as well be the satyr had held mallets but with the significance of having unfortunate. This was also lost as well as had been hugely illustrated with the richness of the Greek mythology beyond surviving the existent literary sources.

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Legacy of Pandora

Odilon Redon, the French painter, created Pandora. The artist lived in the era of impressionists artists. They undertook measures for painting life that were seen by them around the French countryside as well as the bustle of Paris. Redon experienced a lonely childhood and was said to be mystic and, at the same time, a dreamer who had an enormous interest in exploring reality, which was felt by him. The same has been shown by him in his concentration towards fascination of Pandora that showed her with the gift before opening it. The painting depicted her attention, which was fixed towards the gift box.


Thus, it has been identified that several traits were contained within Pandora. The traits included curiosity, beauty, charm as well as cleverness. Pandora was held responsible by Zeus for realizing all the ills associated with humanity around the whole world. The special powers associated with Pandora included supernatural knowledge, magic, and immortality. In addition to this, Pandora consisted of skills related to martial arts and was also regarded as an expert of weapons that consisted of magical weaponry. Pandora is further considered as an Omni-lingual. Pandora’s Box depicts a moral, which states that unchecked disobedience and curiosity can be regarded to be dangerous. However, only Hope exists. Light versus darkness is considered as the symbolic archetype of Pandora, which represents light for renewal and Hope and darkness for despair as well as ignorance. The curiosity of Pandora made her open the lid of the container, which led to the revealing of evil as well as misery. Thus, it can be outlined that Pandora worked on the instructions of Zeus and is considered as the first woman who was mortal, and the same has gained a range of gifts from gods, which could be utilized by her.

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