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What Is Paragraph Writing?


A paragraph is a series of sentences that are organized and coherent and all the sentences are based on a single topic. In other words, when the large sentences in an essay or topic are broken into smaller pieces in a well-structured form then than is termed a paragraph. In a paragraph, the lines should be at least three to five and not more than that. The overall structure of a paragraph should be such that it should include topic sentences, supporting sentences, and conducting sentences. Hence, it is a group of sentences that gives focus on a single topic.


Paragraph writing is not only based on the expression of thoughts and ideas about any particular topic or group of sentences but it is also based on structuring those ideas in a clear format so that the reader falls in the love with the topic and studies it till the end of the topic. It is very important to maintain the quality and flow of the paragraph while writing paragraphs about any topic. Therefore, a paragraph is thought of as a unit of thoughts. It is very important to learn how to write a good paragraph as this can only impress the audience about the topic. While writing a paragraph some format, types of paragraphs and topics in paragraphs should be considered. In a paragraph, one idea is explained in detail and the expansion of the overall topic for the essay is supported.

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Parts of Paragraph


There are three basic parts to a paragraph. They are a topic sentence, supporting details, and a concluding sentence. The format of the basic paragraph helps in writing and organizing one paragraph and transiting it to the next.


Topic Sentence


The first sentence of a paragraph is the topic sentence. It is also termed as introduction section of a paragraph. The main idea of each paragraph is stated in this paragraph and the idea that connects to the thesis or overall focus of the paper is displayed. Hence, the consequent topics that are presented in a paragraph should support the topic sentence


Supporting Details


In this paragraph explanation about the topic sentence is provided and some facts, stats, or examples related to the topic are shown. The experience of the writer and own analysis used for developing the topic sentence is included in it.


Concluding Sentence


In this paragraph, the final statement about the topic is provided and it is the end of the paragraph. In this, the main idea about the topic is emphasized one last time and all the ideas given in the paragraph are tied. The topic sentence is restated by the writer in the concluding sentence or the main parts of the paragraph are summarized.

All the three elements mentioned above should be fulfilled in a paragraph only then it will look attractive and interesting to the readers.

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Types of Paragraph


The most essential aspect of writing a paragraph is to have knowledge about what are the types of paragraphs. There are four types of paragraphs. They are descriptive, narrative, expository, and persuasive.


Descriptive Paragraph


In this type of paragraph the topic is described and the subject included in it is displayed to the reader. In the description type the terms that are selected usually appeal to the five senses of touch, smell, sound, taste, and sight. This paragraph might vary from grammatical standards and it can be more artistic.


Narrative Paragraph


In this type of paragraph a story is narrated in which a sequence of the topic sentences is included such as a clear start, middle of a topic, or end of the paragraph.


Expository Paragraph


In this type of paragraph instructions are given or something is defined. In this type of paragraph, the process can also be explained for influencing the reader step by step in the form of a method. In this type of paragraph, research is needed and in this, it is also possible to depend on the own knowledge and experience of the writer.


Persuasive Paragraph


In this type of paragraph the writer’s point of view on a certain topic is admitted by the audience. It is mostly used by teachers as while building an argument it provides many benefits. This paragraph also required the writer to do research and collect some facts on the topic.


Final Words


Therefore, writing a good paragraph can be challenging as knowledge about the great topic sentence, use of supporting details, and transitional words and along with that strong concluding sentences are demanded by a paragraph. While writing a story or novel it is very important to have knowledge of paragraph writing as writing a paragraph implies knowledge about where ideas will work mutually and where a new paragraph should be started. Hence, prior knowledge of writing paragraphs helps the students in putting up their thoughts collectively in an efficient and better way. Writing a good paragraph about a certain topic also draws the attention of the readers toward that topic. Therefore, practicing paragraph writing on various topics helps in improving the skills and knowledge.


Paragraphs are the group of sentences about a certain topic that are combined together. It is considered to be the most important form of writing as whatever we write is almost written in a paragraph whether is an answer to questions, essays, emails, stories, etc. When a paragraph is well formatted and structured then it is considered the essence of good writing. The main aim and purpose of a paragraph is to provide information and explain something and to tell a story and also to convince someone that the idea given by us is correct. Thus, paragraphs are blocks of textual content which is used for segmenting a larger piece of writing, novels, creative writing, and articles so that it becomes less complicated to the reader and it can be read and understood easily. Hence, writing a good paragraph is necessary for attracting the reader to the topic.


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