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How to Start Writing Pericles Essay?


A Brief Introduction of Pericles

He was born on 495 CE at Athens and expired on 429 CE in that city. This Athenian statesman has been highly liable for overall development during the later 5th century BC of the Athenian empire and democracy. He made Athens the cultural and political focus of the nation named Greece. Also his achievements comprised of development of the Acropolis that started in 447 CE. Pericles was notable general and orator as the Golden Age of Athens was going on. In fact, in that time he led the city has been known as the era of him due to his impact and never just the city’s fortunes and this also includes the entire Greek history during 5th century BC and also after his expiry. Also, he is fierce proponent of democracy though the form that he took also differed from current day as just male citizens taking part in politics. Also, his reforms has been laying groundwork for developing later systems of democratic politics.

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Life of Pericles

The meaning of his name is surrounded by glory and living up his name through efforts for making the city the nest of city states from Greece. Pericles’s impact on the culture, politics and society has been great that Thucydides his admirer and contemporary known as Athens first citizen. Also he promoted philosophy, literature and arts and provide free rule of maximum inspired thinkers, artists and writers of the time. As per later writers and contemporaries, he has been directed and supported in that and also in other elements of career seeming to serve as muse to various leading people of Athens of that period. The extent of Aspasia has been on him has been continuing to be argues and his accomplishments are established well. Power of Athens has enhanced by him with the application of Delian League for forming the empire and resulted the city with the First Peloponnesian War. Still he has been actively engaged in political life as he died in the Plague of Athens.


Knowledge of his life is derived highly from a couple of sources. He was profoundly admired by Thucydides and he was been refused to be criticized. Pericles’s account has been suffering from the fact that 40 years younger he has no knowledge that is first hand of his early career. This has been suffering from that approach that focusses on his intellectual ability exclusively and his leadership during war neglecting details of biography that is thought to be irrelevant to the theme. Partly, those gaps has been filled through the Plutarch, the Greek writer who after 500 years after stared writing life of him for illustrating main of greatness and unchallengeable virtue at grips with mob’s fickleness and completed instead of puzzled by image seen in sources of his liability for unnecessary war. Those sources has never been all ascertainable. However, they has been specifically preserving invaluable quantity of contemporary arguments and facts that is also helpful. He has been born into the first generation for using new tools of leading vote against old power of politics of family.  Xanthippus, his father is a typical member from his generation that is almost specifically an old family starting political career by dynastic marriage to debatable family of Alcmaeonids. Soon he left the political campaign possibly on the query of relationships with ancient Iran and took new way towards legal trial as political tool. Outbid in his study for leading support, in 484 BC, Xanthuppus was ostracized although Pericles came back to 480 for commanding force from Athens at Mycale during 479 possibly expiring soon after. From him he might have gained an inclination for people with landed property ay the area of Cholargus that is northern direction to Athens. This placed him high and never only the greatest standard on pyramid of wealth for Athens. Agariste, his Alcmaeonid mother has delivered with links of political value sharply diminishing and family curse. It is spiritual defilement occasionally applied against him by enemies. After few days prior the birth of Pericles as per Herodotus, the historian from Greece, she bore a lion as dreamed by Agariste. Although ambiguous, this symbolism has been likely to be unfavourable. Skull of Pericles has been of uncommon shape seeming to be attested well and one could never speculate about probable psychological outcomes. Here, the only name related with prior learning is that Damon the musical theorist who effects was never confined to music. First known data in the life as he paid for producing Persian trilogy of Aeschylus. Further, nothing has been known till 463 as he prosecuted unsuccessfully Cimon the popular statesman and general of that day and charge to have ignored a scope to conquer Macedonia. The rumor that related him directly with political convulsion of the upcoming couple of years drove Cimon into exile and swung Athens away from alignment with Sparta. This strengtehnened democratic elements decisively in constitution of Athens. Nonetheless he possibly supported Ephialtes, the democratic leader of that time and his introduction of paying for juries that is undatable unfortunately as logical outcome of reforms by Ephialtes.


The cause that he was that much powerful statement was that Pericles was strong in intellect and repute and incorruptible conspicuously and held masses in light rule. It provided them leadership instead of leading them. The reason was that he never needed to adapt what he said for pleasing learners as the attempt for gaining power through improper ways and his standing permitted to speak against them and provoke anger. As he saw that they were undeservedly and arrogant confident that he might speak for striking terror to them. Further, as he was seen to be seeing to be afraid unreasonably he had the ability of restoring confidence once again. In that case the outcome was is the theory of democracy and never any rule by the initial man. Pericles managed the ancestral estate in such a way that there could be no negligence in supervision. He made this arrangement in such a way that he did not have to waste unnecessary time to take care of the land. He managed the land in such a way that the crop produced every year would continue to grow. All the crops were sold together, then all the necessities of the world were bought from the market at a profit.

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