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How To Start Writing Essay on Personal Strengths?


Introduction to Personal Strengths


Personal weaknesses and strengths are essential to people in order to create a distinction in terms of personal development. Our uniqueness is heightened by the fact that each of us has various objectives, preferences, and other distinguishing characteristics. One of the reasons that some countries works well is that everybody has a variety of skills that can be applied in daily life. A few individuals allow their talents to shine at work, in their personal lives, or in both. Individuals have both their strengths and their weaknesses. It is difficult to rectify those flaws when they are not recognised. Once the weak point has been recognised, it must be addressed. An action plan for advancement aids in the resolution of the circumstance. Several scholars believe that life is a learning opportunity, and knowing people's personal strengths and weaknesses can assist them to become responsible people in whatever they select to do, whether it is positive capacities and knowledges that can assist them to attain their goals or negative personal fields that require perfection. Knowing oneself and what they are capable of can assist them in recognising and overcoming their weaknesses. This paper mainly focuses on the discussion of personal strengths of people.

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Everyone is infused with characteristics that distinguish them. We each bring something new, innovative, and unique to the table as persons. This leads to a discussion of my personal strengths and weaknesses in my daily life. Personal strengths are areas in which we succeed and appear to perform above average. Personal Weaknesses are regions in which we would like to succeed but appear to need improved performance. While several individuals hear to relatives, companions, or work colleagues about their personal strengths and weaknesses, it is sometimes the person's own subjective opinion of themselves that determines what advancements or modifications need to be made. As with any particular topic, each of people has advantages and disadvantages, or in this case, strengths and weaknesses. Regrettably, only a few people care about their flaws and rather than concentrate purely on their strengths. Private weaknesses and strengths must be identified as part of the general learning experience. Acknowledging people strengths and weaknesses, just as they recognise which techniques and approaches assist people to study at an optimum point, assist individuals to become more self-aware and well-rounded people. I think that life is made up of our individual experiences, and that everybody has unique characteristics with their own set of weaknesses and strengths. Knowing what my best strong points are can assist me to overcome my terrible weak points. I used to have a difficulty in recognising my weak points, but as someone get older, they become more conscious of themselves. Identifying ones own weaknesses and strengths, in my opinion, is what makes them a successful individual in all facets of their lives.


One of my major strengths, I believe, is my desire to study. Life is a never-ending learning opportunity for me. It is critical that people learn who they are and have the capacity to develop from their personal strengths and weaknesses as people go through life. I believe that by combating my weak points and strengthening my strong points, I will be more impactful in both my private and professional relationships. My abilities, which involve strong reasoning skills and computer proficiency, are mitigated by my weak points, which involve delay and poor writing and grammatical knowledge. My reasoning abilities are one of my greatest assets, in my opinion. I enjoy operating with numbers and solving difficult issues. For this reason  I chose Accounting as a career. I enjoy operating with numbers and solving problems. Accounting is a job that very few individuals enjoy. My ability to use a desktop is another one of my strong points. When it comes to learning new computer software or hardware, I am a lightning quick learner. This is due to my father, from whom I have studied a great deal over the last eight years. His occupation is in the computer software industry. Individuals I operate with frequently come to me for assistance with customising their desktops or formatting a Word document.

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Some Example of Personal Strengths


Apart from these above mentioned strengths, my other personal strengths include interaction, discipline, timeliness, and the capacity to remain concentrated in the face of numerous diversions. Interaction is the first quality that improves my personality. During unusual circumstances, I was eligible to offer my colleagues and team members with confidence and strength. I try to stay calm so that I can offer guidance. A team requires someone to look up to for advice and guidance with school and work problems. Second, discipline is something which all people learn all across their lives; discipline provides individuals with the techniques they need to achieve success in life. Discipline has provided me a strong sense of self-esteem, a sense of humour, and the capacity to remain concentrated on objectives, all of which have contributed in a larger willingness to study. Discipline is the capacity to exercise authority through conformity. I place a high value on timeliness. I make every attempt not to be late, and I usually reach early for my meetings and participations. Timeliness, in my viewpoint, conveys to employers and others the impression that a person is willing and excited to participate in activities or the task at hand.




Finally, staying concentrated has not been simple, and at times it has been slightly difficult not to go off in several various directions. At points of time, I discover myself deviating from my objectives, but studying to remain concentrated has retained me on the path to both attaining and achieving my objectives. On the other hand, in order to be well-balanced people, we should also be capable of recognising our own weak points. Writing, ability to work under pressure, confidence, and organisation are some of my weak points.


Thus, it can be concluded that a negative aspect of an individual's personality must not be mistaken for weakness. Every one of us has weaknesses that can be changed for the better at a certain point in life.

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