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Introduction of Persuasive Essay


Are you struggling with your persuasive essay? Do writing persuasive essays give you panic attack? Then this is the right place for you. Before writing persuasive essays, you need to be clear about the concept of such essays. The purpose of persuasive essay is to use logic and reasoning to establish one’s point and show that the ideas presented by the author is valid and correct. You can achieve success in writing persuasive essays when the writer is able to convince the reader about their perspective. This style of writing can be seen in different forms such as media advertisements, reviews and op-edutorial. If you want to get further tips on writing persuasive essays, please read further. 

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What is Persuasive Writing 


Before you start writing your persuasive essay, you should be very clear about what persuasive writing is and what it involves. It provides logical argument along with emotional appeal to convince the readers about a particular viewpoint. It should present both side of the argument as well as provide a thesis statement on your supportive point. In brief, it is a summary of information that gives support or evidence related to your thesis statement. You can take interest in persuasive writing style by having knowledge about the benefits of persuasive writing style. Firstly, it is an important approach to convince the reader and encourage them to believe in a cause. Secondly, it is an important writing style to improve the overall abilities of a writer.


Tips to Write a Good Persuasive Essay


In this section, we will provide you few tips for writing a good persuasive essay. Firstly, you should be aware of your audience. The first thing that you should prioritise, while convincing reader is to be aware of the audience. For example, you might be writing to parents or you might be writing to a group of young people. Knowing your audience will help to decide the best options to care for people. Secondly, you must know which topics you are passionate about. Normally, you may not get the option to choose the topic on own. However, if you are given such option, you should take the step to share their opinions with others. Thirdly, you must always start you persuasive essays with a declarative statement. It is useful giving a clear viewpoint to the readers. Once the thesis statement is clearly stated, this should be followed by a statement on other supportive idea. You can start with a fact and then follow it up with evidence for research findings and other supportive information related to the thesis. These statements can provoke the reader to read on and get further idea about the research topic.


Another most important tip for writing a good persuasive essay is that the writer should clearly research about both sides of the argument. To ensure that the reader is convinced, you should have knowledge of both sides of the viewpoint. This will prevent you from getting stuck in between and to effectively counter the opposition. With this approach, it can be possible to avoid any follow up questions from the reader. In addition, you must also note about other persuasion technique. One of the effective persuasion technique is the use of empathy. The meaning of empathy is to understand the experience of others and acknowledge their feelings and emotion. So, you are more likely to connect to your audience if you believe that you understand their experiences in a better way. In brief, it can be said that emotional appeal should be targeted while writing persuasive essay. In this way, you can target the sensitivities of the audience and give logical argument regarding why they should change their viewpoint on a topic.


You should try to ask rhetorical questions while writing persuasive essays. It is a type of questioning skills where readers are forced to answer for themselves. The element of persuasion can take place when the information provided can help the readers to understand that the writing piece is supporting of your viewpoint. Another important technique in persuasive writing style is to use of the skills of exaggeration or exclusivity to prove ones point. The purpose of exaggeration is to express urgency or exclusivity. For example, if your goal is not to convince a reader to visit a particular restaurant, then their goal should be to say that their service nearly starved them to death. Hyperbolic statements are also used to have deep impact on the readers. They are not read literally but they convey an impactful image. One example of a hyperbole statement is the slogan used by Disney, which is ‘The happiest place on earth’. One more strategy that a writer can adapt while engaging in persuasive writing style is to engage in strategic repetition. It is also an appropriate way to inform the reader about the message. Some the strategies to mention the same points are by the use of rephrasing, true stories and metaphors to convince the readers.




The above points are enough to help you get started. Your ideas about argumentative essay can further become clear by one example of a persuasive essay given below. For example, if you want to convince your readers about the benefits of online education, the same essay could be written in the following ways: ‘With the interest in online mode and the increase in use of smart phones, the internet of things has become the biggest sensation. With easy availability of internet and the interest in online learning, there is a massive interest in online education. It has many advantages compared to traditional teaching method. Firstly, it provides learner the flexibility to learn in their own ways. Students are more comfortable learning online and they access to wide variety of information which they can cover at their own pace. So, the pace of learning can be under the control of the learner. Moreover, virtual education is often more cost effective compared to traditional education methods’. Hence, if you look at the above example, you can understand how a persuasive essay can be written.

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