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Reason Of Population Explosion


Population Explosion Essay

Population explosion mainly discusses the dramatic and swift rise in the world population that has taken place over the last hundred years. The world population has improved from 2.5 billion to 6.1 billion people between the years 1959 and 2000. According to research made by the United Nations, the world population will be between 7.9 billion and 10.9 billion by 2050. Significant parts of the growth have taken place in developing countries where the rates of an upsurge in the populations are considered higher than the industrialized and developed nations. Individuals in developing countries consume lower amounts of non-renewable resources per head of population than people in industrialized countries. The West needs to set an example in population control instead of giving, for example, universal child benefit. The amalgamation of a high birth rate and a low death rate creates a rapid population increase in many countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa, and people usually lived longer.

Causes of the rapid growth in population

During Industrial Revolution is considered to be a significant period of history in North America and Europe where great developments in technology and sciences had been achieved, was mainly based on several factors that are as follows,

(1) Upsurges in food production and delivery.

(2) Enhancement in public health (water and sanitation).

(3) Medical technology (vaccines and antibiotics) and gains in education and living standards within many developing nations.


The term of population explosion is mainly used about the world's human population, especially the population boom that followed the end of World War II due to a mixture of an accelerated birth rate, decrease in infant mortality, and an increased life expectancy. The explosion of the human population is considered a foremost cause of the scarcity of resources and the lack of opportunities that can be provided to individuals. World demography has been characterized by continuous absolute growth and a steadily increasing growth rate over the past few centuries. The times related to population doubling have started stabilizing and increasing in many parts of the world. This is considered a critical aspect that can lead to a reduction in population explosion levels. The rising greenhouse gas emissions and depletion of resources have been an ever-growing concern; this year's population landmark approach has become a problematic, even unwelcome, presence in the environmental debate.

Reduction of consumption

Different researchers have stated the importance of reducing consumption levels by the increased number of individuals. The decline in consumption levels will be able to play a significant role in ensuring that resources can be used in s sustainable manner. If you accept the planet is overpopulated – a big "if" for many observers – what are the solutions? "We have two enormous benefits when trying to tackle population growth compared with consumption levels. The first advantage is that we know that what can be done about it. The education that can be provided to women about the processes of controlling reproduction rates, the decline in the fertility rates can be ensured. The second advantage is that everyone knows the issue: you can't keep raising the number of people on a limited planet.

Response to population explosion

With the world's population projected to reach an astounding 9.3 billion by 2050, and it's imperative that there be a thoughtful and vigorous response to the challenges posed by such demographic upheaval. Bloom has written that the world is most likely to increase its population by around as the number of people who were a part of the entire planet in the year 1950. The challenges posed by the coming population explosion are controllable. It would be reckless to neglect those challenges and submit humanity, needlessly, to the great dangers that we can already consistently predict.


Ways of managing the population explosion of Africa - According to the research made by the United Nations, Sub-Saharan Africa's population (900 million currently) is expected to be more than five times larger than Europe's in 2100. The world is facing enormous strains due to the demographic explosion in different countries, and this can also influence the scale that it can create.


The four key drivers of the population explosion that is currently being seen in Africa are as follows,

  1. Improvement of child mortality rates. As has been stated by The Economist recently, parts of Africa have started experiencing some of the most significant falls in child mortality ever seen, anywhere.
  2. Lack of family planning. The WHO has said that 22% of African married women are at risk of an unplanned pregnancy but are not using contraception – in Asia, the figure is 9%.
  3. Lack of Female education. Not enough girls have attended secondary school. UNICEF says that an extra year of schooling for girls reduces fertility rates by 5 to 10 per cent.
  4. Behavioural economics. Particularly in rural communities, children are seen as cheap labour and as a kind of insurance policy.


Sustainable population growth can be achieved by coordinated action to amplify the first trend while rectifying the other three. Family planning and education for the girls are considered to be two significant areas where policy-makers, aid agencies, NGOs and the private sector all have a part to play in achieving progress. As Africa urbanizes, primary emphasis can be provided on the creation of jobs in the cities. Therefore, action is required on several fronts and from a number of actors if the 21st century population explosion is to be managed sustainably. It cannot happen by itself; it is up to everyone to keep this issue high on the international agenda. The population reduction levels are mainly based on the steps that can be implemented by the governments of various countries and the cooperation of the people who are a part of these countries. Else for taking custom writing services to help you can go which provide you 100% plagiarism-free services.

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