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Proper Waste Management Essay for Students


Proper Waste Management

Management of waste from its origin to its disposal is called waste management. Due to waste generation, pollution increases. The volume of waste is rising every day. Waste is generated from the consumption of goods and services. Not every part of a product is consumed, and thus the leftover part is wasted.

In addition to that, no product in the world is everlasting, and thus after malfunction or end of life of the product, it is disposed of. This disposal of products leads to the generation of waste. With a rise in population, the demand for goods and services increased significantly, and due to that amount of waste in the world is rising at a high pace.

Waste is of various kinds such as chemical waste, electronic waste, and many more. All types of waste have some kind of negative impact on the environment and thereby, on society. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the volume of waste in order to bring down the said negative impact on the environment. Reduction of waste is only possible if a proper waste management method is used. Thus, waste management is the need of the hour to save the declining condition of the world. The increasing threat of aquatic life is due to the rise in plastic waste.

Every country in the world needs to adopt an effective essay assignment for waste time management system. In most cases, wastes are disposed of near slums. It means that waste disposal areas are near the slums, and that is why people living in slums are prone to developing various kinds of diseases, and many of them are fatal by nature. Hence, a rising amount of waste means increasing health threats to the people living in the slums. Proper waste management could reduce this health threat to the slum people.

Waste management is majorly done by disposing and recycling. Managing waste requires proper methods and techniques that would help a country improve the condition of the environment and keep the people away from any kind of health threat. Popular and effective ways of waste management are recycling, composting and landfills. It is said that these techniques of waste management are effective enough to reduce the harmful effect of wastes on the environment.

The widely used waste management technique is landfilled. Under this technique, large pits are dug, and the wastes or garbage are put into these pits, and then the waste field pits are covered essay proofreader with thick mud. These wastes are kept inside the pit for long years to allow them to get decompose entirely. Due to the decomposition, the pungent smell of waste was eliminated. The wastes that are put inside pits are organic, and they get mixed with the land leading to an increase in fertility of the land. As a result, the land is used for agricultural purposes or gardening purposes. Hence, it can be said that the landfill technique of waste management is an effective way.

Again, composting is another type of technique used for waste management. Under this technique, organic wastes are converted into fertilizers. These fertilizers are used for increasing the fertility of the soil. As a result, this waste management technique is used to grow plants and trees that contribute positively to the environment. Hence, it can be said that the generation of waste may hurt the environment, but waste management techniques like this help to reduce the negative impact on the environment significantly.

Furthermore, the newest technique of waste management is the recycling process. It is more effective in managing waste than the other two techniques. Under this method, wastes are completely converted into the same product or a new product. Thus, the recycling process leads to the complete reduction of waste. Hence, the recycling process is best among all the processes that are used for waste management. The requirement of resources to carry the recycling process is the least. Along with that, the recycling process is the one that converts waste into beneficial resources.

However, there are wastes that cannot be recycled, landfilled and composted. These wastes need to be burned in order to destroy them and reduce their harmful impacts. The burning of these wastes is done by using the process of pyrolysis and gasification. Under both techniques, the wastes are exposed to high temperatures. Gasification essay helps use a low volume of oxygen when the wastes are exposed to a high temperature, but under the pyrolysis process, no oxygen is used.  It is found that gasification is the most suitable way of burning wastes as they do not produce air pollutants, and thereby the process causes no harm to the environment.

The process of waste management has many advantages. Waste management is done to keep a clean environment. People try to reduce the volume of waste by refraining from consuming goods and services that are not necessary but producing high amounts of waste, such as bursting firecrackers. However, various goods are necessary but generate a high amount of waste. Thus, it can be said that there is a requirement for a waste management system as humans have not learned to consume goods and services without creating waste.  Therefore, a proper waste management system keeps the environment in balance. Recycling of wastes leads to the production of goods at low cost and energy usage. Consequently, the need for producing new goods fell significantly, and the use of energy reduced too.

This would mean that a proper waste management system is effective enough to save energy. Waste management reduces the volume of harmful gases like methane and carbon dioxide in the environment by destroying or recycling the wastes responsible for the emission of such gases. Further, implementing the waste management techniques requires employees who will carry out the tasks and, thereby, new employees will be hired for the task. Hence, an adaption of waste management techniques leads

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