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Safe From Road Accidents


Road accident

Road accidents can be considered as the unfortunate incident which occurs unexpectedly and even without intention.  It eventually leads to injuries and damages. Researches show that the road accidents have become very much common presently. With the increase in the umber of the population, the number of the automobiles and even the modes of the transport have eventually also increased. Additionally, it is being observed that the people have also become highly careless and they even not following the rules of the traffic which are leading to the higher occurrences of the road accidents.  There are various news of the horrible accidents in the newspapers presently. These accidents are causing huge loss to the life as well as the materials. It is highly important for the people to be extremely careful on the road as well as on the times when they walking on the footpaths. The aim of the paper is mainly to discuss about the road accidents


Road accidents can be considered as the worst incident which one would want.  However, they tend to occur quite often.  However, the most unfortunate thing is that we don’t tend to learn from our mistake. Researches show that majority of the users of road are not conscious of the common rules as well as the measures of safety while utilizing the roads which causes the accidents and the crashes.  The major reason of the accidents and the crashes are because of the errors committed by the humans.


Over speeding can be considered to be one of the deadliest accidents which occurs because of the speeding. It can be considered as the natural psyche of the humans for the purpose of excelling.  If one gets the chance then it is confirmed that the man will acquire infinity in the speed. However, when the road is being share with the other users,  it is obvious fact that one will remain at the back. It is to be noted the the increase in the vehicles of speed eventually endangers the risk of accidents and leads to serious injuries as well.  It is to be noted that the faster vehicles are more associated with accidents. Researches show that the severity of the accidents will be more in the context of the faster vehicles as well. Therefore, it can be said that there is a very close association between the higher speed and the higher rate of risk. At the higher speed, the vehicle requires higher distance to stop. On the other hand, the slower vehicle stops where as the faster one requires a longer period of time to stop and even skids a longer distance because of the law of notion.  It is to be noted that the vehicle which moves on the higher speed will eventually have the greater impact during the crash and therefore there will be more injuries as well.


Drunken driving is another because which leads to the road accidents. It can eb said that the acquisition of the alcohol in order to celebrate any form of the occasion is very much common. However, when it is being mixed with driving, it turns the celebration into the misfortune. Researches show that the consumption of the alcohol limits the concentration. It helps in decreasing the time of the reaction of the human body.  The limbs take much more time to react to the instructions of the brain. It even diminishes the power of vision which leads to dizziness.  It can be said that the alcohol dampens the fears and even makes the humans to take risks.  All these factors are some of the leading causes of accidents.  Researches show that with the increase of .05 blood alcohol concentration, the danger of the accidents gets doubled.  On the other hand, part from the alcohol various drugs, medicines also influence the talents and the concentration which are required for the purpose of driving. It is highly recommended to not utilize the alcohol.  


Distractions faced by the drivers in the time of driving is another because which leads to accidents.   One of the significant forms of distraction is conducted through the utilization of the mobile phones during the time of driving. The division of the brain eventually hampers the time of the reaction and even the capability of the judgement. This can be considered as one of the important reasons of the crashes.   It is highly important for one to ensure that they do not attend the telephone calls while driving. On the other hand, if the call is extremely urgent, it is important for one to stop the driving and then receive the call.  On the other hand, adjusting the mirrors while driving, the sudden appearance of the animals on the roads, banners and the billboards are also some of the major causes of the distraction.  The driver must remain focused and limit the speed in order to remain highly safe during the diversions and the other kind of the distractions.


The drivers must follow the red-light signals. However, this is often avoided. the major reason for which the red light is being crosses in order to save the time.  the red-light jumper may not only jeopardize the life but also the hamper the safety of the other users of the road. This very action of one of the drivers leads another driver to attempt it and this finally leads to huge problems in the crossing. This chao further leads to the huge jams and eventually everybody becomes late.


In order to avoid the accidents, it is important to ensure that the prescribed speed is being followed. On the other hand, it is important to always put on the helmets, seat belts as well as the other safety equipment’s before driving any vehicle. On the other hand, it is important for one to ensure that one must not drink and drive and neither utilize the mobile phone or the earphones while driving. The traffic rules must be rightly maintained.


In conclusion, it is to be noted that road accidents are very common unwanted events which leads to sever injuries. It can even lead to the loss of life. It is highly important for every individual to ensure that the right traffic rules are being followed in order to remain safe and make the other users of the road safe as well.


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