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A Brief Introduction of Roman Religion

Religion plays a significant role in daily life of Ancient Rome as well as Romans. The Roman religion has concentrated towards Gods and explanations for the events those are usually involved in representing God in some way (Bodel 2020). In the consideration of Roman religion history it has been found that Romans believe in superiority of God and God's ability to control individuals’ life. Worshipping is the important part associated with roman religion. The purpose of this is it is too critically examine the room and religion and its history (Mol 2020). By choosing different secondary evidences the essay has concentrated towards representing the thought process of different researchers associated with this particular topic area.

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History of Roman Religion

As stated by Patzelt (2020), In Roman religion Jupiter is being considered as the most powerful God. Jupiter is being considered as the God, who rules the other Gods with his wife Juno. Juno is the goddess of sky. In Roman religion history, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Janus, Diana, Vesta, Minerva and Venus are other Gods, who are being ruled by Jupiter (SZABÓ 2020). Mars is being defined as the God of War. The God Mercury is the messenger of the god. The god of sea is Neptune. Janus is the god of doorway. Diana is known as the Goddess of hunting (McWilliam 2020). Vesta is the Goddess of hearth. Venus is known as the Goddess of love and Minerva is known as the Goddess of wisdom and healing in Roman history.


As stated by McWilliam  (2020), the religious value of Rome has made major impact in the establishment of Roman Empire over the years. Temples have been established for worshipping God (Patzelt 2020). The temple architecture has followed the same building pattern where the roofs have been introduced in triangular shape and the supported sections have been represented with great players. In the consideration of Designing process of the temples in Roman Empire, it has been found that steps have been proposed for leading up to the main doorway (Graves 2019). In the support of above statement Mol (2020) stated that the interior of the temples in Rome those have been established in ancient period has complemented the history with its rich architecture.

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As stated by Patzelt (2020), In Roman history each of the gods is being worshiped on special occasions. There are special festivals for celebrating each God worshipping process that has made the Roman religion rich. Usually in the public holidays the festivals are being celebrated by the people and the particular holidays give people the opportunity to eat to visit temple (Rüpke 2020). In the temples, persists sacrifice animals and offer them to the god as the symbol of their dedication towards the God (Schultz 2018). In the consideration of ancient history of Rome it has been found that there are several evidences where animals have been led to slaughter at the temples as the symbol of sacrifice. As stated by Patzelt (2020), In order to serve the God and pleasing the God the sacrifices are being made. In order to predict the future the dead animals are being used. In the support of above statement Mol (2020) stated that the predictions are very important in Roman religion because depending on such religious predictions Roman religion, Romans believe that there future depends.


In many societies religion has played an important role for representing the development. In Roman Empire, religion has played a significant role where the polysthetic nature has been represented (Bodel 2020). As stated by Patzelt (2020), The Roman religion has been represented by combining spirits and gods where the influences of both Greek Gods and numbers of foreign cults have been represented. After the expansion of Roman Empire, the Romans have tried to impose their own religious belief for setting an example to the world (Bodel 2020). After few years the particular belief has been gradually replaced by the Christianity.


By critically analyzing the early belief as well as influences of Roman religion it has been found that the Roman religion was animistic in nature (Bodel 2020). The higher dominance of spiritual inhabitants in this particular religion, the people in Rome believed that they were watched by the ancestor spirits.  Religious belief in Rome has got highly influenced due to the Greek colonization in the lower part of Peninsula (McWilliam 2020). The influence of different Greek Gods in Roman religion has been found. Under the hire dominance of great religious believes Roman Gods become more anthropomorphic.


As stated by Patzelt (2020), In the consideration of roman religious culture, it has been found that Roman religion has expanded across Asia Minor, Egypt and Balkans. Many Gods have been introduced in Roman religion however the primary influence of Roman religion is Greece. In the consideration of Roman mythology it has been found that it has significant influence on the empire. Social and political Belief in this country has also got influenced based on the religious belief (McWilliam 2020). It is also the representation of Western civilization. As stated by Patzelt (2020), In the consideration of Roman mythology it has been found that the existence of gods and goddess in the Roman religion has been reflected. In the Roman religion Jupiter is the King of Gods who controls the different forces of nature. Jupiter also plays an important role for warning people. The growth of this city is concentrated on the Jupiter God and having supreme nature, Jupiter glorifies the Roman religion.


In the conclusion of above analysis it has been found that the significant dominance of spirits and gods in Roman religion has been agreed by several researchers. The dominance of different Gods and Greek influences in roman religion has enriched the empire. The dominance of religious values of people in society and political aspects has also been seen. In this study it has also been found that cultural variance in this city has also got influenced based on the religious value and belief of people, which has enhanced the Roman history.

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