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How to Score A+ Grade in Your Romantic Period Essay?


A Brief Introduction

The Romanticism refers to literary movement which started towards late 18th century and it ended around middle of 19th century. It lays emphasis on individual, respects nature and primitive and it celebrates common man. The Romantic period took place as a reaction to huge changes within the society which took place during the course of the period. It helped to bring about revolutions which helped to burn countries like France and United States and it helped to bring in grand experiments in the democracy. The Romantic Period helped to embrace struggles for the freedom and it helped to promote justice in the wider world. The romanticism helped in embracing individuality and the subjectivity which aided to counteract excessive insistence on the logical thought. The artists started to explore different emotional psychological states and the moods in the present times. The Romantic painters started to turn their attention towards the nature and they started to paint out of the doors. Their works were based on the close observation of landscape and artists used to emphasize humans at one hand and nature on the other hand. The artists used to talk about power and the predictability of the nature and it evoked feeling of sublime on part of the viewer. The Romanticism was found to emerge gradually and it was reflected within France with the aid of famous phrase of Victor Hugo called “liberalism in literature”. It helped to free artists and writers from restraints and it helps to signify that phase of the individualism had been marked by encouragement of the political ideas of the time.

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History of Romantic Period

The Romantic Period refers to term which is applied to literature of first third of nineteenth century. The literature started to move in the channels which was not entirely new but it was in contrast to standard literary practice of 18th century. The Romantic helps to connote false beings and feelings which does not have real existence in the fact or within the human nature. It helps to suggest old castles and mountains and it helps to depict the intense love for wild nature and mountains. The political atmosphere greatly influenced this period and there existed many writers who find inspiration from French Revolution. There were great social changes that took place during this time and it called for abolition of the slavery. Agricultural Revolution made people move away from countryside and the farmland within the cities. The Romanticism took place as strong reaction against spread of the industrialism and it aided to criticise aristocratic social and the political norms of the time.


The Romantic Period helped to overthrow values which were instilled during Augustan Age and it wanted to sever itself from rigid writing styles of ancient and classical examples of Virgil and Horace. The Romantic period started to veer away from emphasis on significance of empirical and material worldview and it aided to look towards imagination and the nature. The writers had great respect for the nature and they used to greatly believe in intuition and emotion which was more instructive when compared to empiricism and the reason. The Romanticism had greatest influence within England towards end of 18th century uptill 1832 and it continued all the way to around 1870. The primary vehicle of the expression had been poetry which helped to reveal inner thoughts and feelings of the poet. The expression of Romanticism can be said to be phenomenon of the immense scope and arts in the general and it helped to create a great effect in the modern world.

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The imagination and emotion are focal points of the Romanticism and it lays a great deal of stress on individualism and spontaneity. It can make an individual free of the rules and it espouses the idea that imagination is superior to devotion and the reason. The “Romantic” is being used since Renaissance for suggesting free expression of imagination within arts however it is depicted in the negative manner. The Romantic imaginings interfered with clarity of art form and it lay beyond bounds of the effective subject-matter. The Romantic period helped to connote positive artistic assertion of extremes within human psyche and it brought out that areas of the experience exist beyond logic and the reason. The new concerns can be said to be valid response to extremes of change and the uncertainty which was displayed by the age.


The Romanticism helped to change thought patterns of people and entire thoughts were being shifted to the imaginary world. The letters and poetry of Keats talks about cherishing childhood and how it can bring nostalgia in the writing where the poets were endowed with the ability of celebrating pasts within their works. The poetry of Wordsworth used to celebrate nature and supernaturalism was a crucial feature of the Romanticism which was greatly developed in the poetry of Coleridge. The imagination of the Romantic-period writers had been preoccupied with the revolution and ideas were able to derive framework which enabled people for conceiving of themselves to be inhibiting distinctive period during course of the history. Wordsworth wanted to justify poems with the help of critical manifesto or the statement of the poetic principles and they have been expressed in works of the writers. The poets started to develop new language and there existed individual variations in the perceptions and capacity of receptive consciousness for filtering and re-creating reality. Wordsworth has described good poetry as being spontaneous overflow of the powerful feelings and Romantic period aided in assimilation of feelings of poet and materials of the sensory experience.


The Romantic writers used to voice declarations of the artistic independence from the inherited precepts and it made a turn towards remote and the primitive past. The emphasis within Romantic period was on spontaneous activity of imagination and it talks about role of passion in the arena of art, philosophy and the morality. The intuitive feelings of ‘the heart’ used to supplement judgements about purely logical faculty and deep thinking can serve a unique purpose in the course of life of an individual. The Romantic poems used to endow landscape with the human life and passion and it was expressed in works of the writers.

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