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Is same-sex marriage legal in USA ?


Same-Sex Marriage: An Introduction

In recent times one of the most controversial topics that is been discussed in the world is same-sex marriage (gay or lesbian). The most common thing is that the people are discussing whether the marriage is right or wrong. Throughout the world, same-sex marriage has become legal still it is thought of by almost 80% of normal people as voodoo. This affects the individuals who have an attraction for the same sex. Due to the pressure and the perception of society many homosexual individuals get suppressed and spoil their lives in fear of society and family. It’s not that now the cases are increasing or rather coming out because the cases are rising now rather it was also there in the past but individuals are afraid to express it to society. Rather the world is growing modern and the people are more fonded towards exercising their rights like freedom of speech and expression as a result these cases are coming out more in numbers (Siegel 2017). If you are looking for such relevant essay writing services, essay assignment help then take help from's expert.


Same-sex marriage is still not acceptable in India legally, similarly, same-sex couples also do not get access to limited rights like a domestic partnership. In the year 2011, the high court of Haryana allowed the legal recognition of same-sex marriage which took place between the two women (Bhattacharya 2019).

Individuals must never be forced to consent to anything they consider is unethical or unhealthy, and same-sex marriage is immoral and unnatural. Financial, social, and moral constraints, as well as health hazards, are all issues that arise in identical gender marriages. Several individuals feel that a male and a woman should marry in the traditional sense. Man and wife were created by God of being loyal and bear babies. Identical gender marriage was not compatible with many religious organizations’ beliefs, sacred texts, and traditions since it contradicts Scripture and natural processes. Several Bible passages discuss the immorality of identical gender marriage.

Adoption of an infant within this atmosphere will be devoid of both mom and dad roles. Children without a father model, for example, are more likely to engage in early sexual activity and teen pregnancy; yet, children without a mother figure are deprived of emotional support and its particular counsel which moms offer (Pros & Cons).” Should adopted children be raised and taught in a non-natural living when children were mature sufficiently to recognize the differences? Kids who are raised in an identical gender marital atmosphere could well be confused and embarrassed publicly. Similarly, younger people and teens that had LGBT family members or who are LGBT themselves can face shame and extraordinary external stigma. Kids who grow up in a secure household with a mom, as well as a loving dad, have the highest chance of maturing and becoming mature citizens. Some similar gender family relationships stem from past straight marriages, which may have an impact on kid’s relationships with their close relatives. Being a member of an LGBT group may have an impact upon whether or not the immediate and extended family accepts or rejects your relationships (Kolk and Andersson 2020).

Even during the later, twentieth centuries, both views towards homosexuals and regulations regarding homosexuality activity grew liberalized, especially in West European countries, and the United States scholars and the general public grew increasingly interested in the issue. Proponents and opponents of same-sex marriage have regularly clashed emotionally and politically. Many countries have allowed similar gender marriage even by the earlier twenty-first century, including at both country and regional stages. For some countries, legislative restrictions have been established to prohibit similar gender marriage from being recognized, or legislation has been made which denies recognizing identical gender marriages perform overseas. The fact that the same act was rated so differently by different groups highlights the early twenty-first century's relevance as a societal concern, as well as the degree through which ethnic variety remained either between or within nations (Ofosu et al. 2019).

It is the perspective of society that is creating this as an issue. Firstly, society needs to be open-minded in the 21st century and need to be more adaptive. In the modern world, it is said the person, business, etc., who still hold the orthodox concept and theories are the one who is myopic and cannot grow or prosper further as a result, either become obsolete or remains at the same level where they are at present. To become successful it is needed to be long-sighted and also to be adoptive with the new changes. In the past, the peoples are more closed regarding it, but in recent times they are coming in front of the society to face the society. It is the responsibility of the society to accept them within the society such that they do not feel discriminated against and can openly share their issues and problems. It is needed to be considered that in the end, they are also human beings with all the similar features which the peoples in the society pose, so there must not be any sort of discrimination and they should be treated normally like others.


In short, the persons who are attracted towards the same gender are also a creation of God. The hormones generated in their body are different from those of ordinary people. Which makes them get attracted towards the same gender. Society needs to be more open-minded and irrespective of thinking of it as voodoo might look into the phenomenon from the scientific point of view. People need to understand the individuals that it is not their perspective to get attracted towards the same gender, rather it is their biological phenomenon that forces them to behave like this. Moreover, society needs to understand that it is individual’s right to choose whatever they feel like good for them and no one has any right to talk or protest against it.

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