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Need Of Saving Environment


Save Environment - Introduction

A clean and fresh environment is identified by clean and fresh air, land and water. It indicates less amount of diseases and pollution. People can prevent air pollution by utilizing battery-driven vehicles and natural gas as fuel in automobiles to stop the pollution. Protecting our planet starts with the people. The conditions and the natural surroundings in which we sustain are known as the environment. Unfortunately, due to the process of urbanization, the environment is facing a considerable threat. Most of the threats are due to the activities of human beings. Human activities have damaged the environment to a large extent. Hence, in order to sustain and create a healthy environment for our future generation, it is essential to take care of our surroundings. The environmental deterioration has risked the sustenance of living beings on the Earth. Hence, saving the environment should come on the list of our priorities. Else you can save the environment by planting trees. You should also read-tree essay on how it helps in saving the environment.

Main Body

Environmental pollution is one of the biggest concerns faced by people in the modern world. To meet the requirements of society, individuals are putting too much stress on the natural environment. This can lead to the deterioration of the environment. The soil is losing its fertility. Moreover, soil pollution does not allow the efficient growth of crops. Water pollution and air pollution are consequences of the high level of industrialization and urbanization. The massive advancement in technology in the last few years is another reason behind the environmental problems. The overutilization of resources to build infrastructure in Information Technology is responsible for the loss of the natural environment. The international organization and the government must take proper measures to control pollution and protect the environment.


There are numerous methods of protecting the environment. The first and the most important process of protecting the environment is to plant more trees. Trees are the prime source of oxygen. Unfortunately, due to urbanization and the industrial revolution, many trees have been cut down to build more constructions. Cutting down trees to build more constructions has undoubtedly reduced the level of oxygen in our atmosphere. Thus, more trees should be planted for a better quality of life.


People must emphasize the conservation of forests because they are crucial for maintaining balance in the environment. On the other hand, deforestation reduces the number of forests in the world. Hence, the government must focus on launching different programs for the conservation of forests. It should mention that deforestation or harming the biodiversity of forests in any way would be considered a criminal offence.


Conservation of soil is another meaningful way of saving the environment. To save the soil, there must be control over floods, landslides and erosion of soil. To prevent these problems, importance must be given to afforestation and plantation of trees. Moreover, utilization of natural fertilizers and terrace farming are two other ways of conservation of soil. Overgrazing must be checked to save the quality of the soil. The construction of dams is an essential and scientific way of preventing the erosion of soil.


Management of wastes is an essential method of safeguarding the environment. The governments of the country and the citizens must ensure the proper disposal of wastes. This would keep the surroundings healthy and free from any diseases. The government must try to clean the roads and other polluted zones of the surroundings. Furthermore, the government of the countries must ensure proper sanitation and toilet facilities in every household. The government must provide sufficient public toilets to protect the environment.


Pollution is one of the biggest threats to a safe environment. Dust, smoke and harmful gases cause pollution in the air. The significant sources of air pollution are vehicles and emissions from industries. Moreover, pesticides and chemicals are the prime origin of water and land pollution.


There are many advantages of protecting the environment. The climate of the world would remain normal. Hampering the environment in any kind would increase the level of pollution that would cause global warming. Due to global warming, lots of human beings and other living species have died. Hence, saving the environment would be the first step of reducing global warming and protecting livelihoods. The health of planet Earth would be improved due to the protection of the environment. Due to deforestation and pollution, the health of many people would get deteriorated. Thus, the conservation of the environment and its species would undoubtedly enhance the condition of our planet. Saving the resources of our environment from any natural threats would reduce the occurrence of any diseases in human beings. Saving the environment would be a significant step in protecting the animals. Due to deforestation and the deterioration of the environmental quality, lots of species have been endangered. Thus, protecting the environment would reduce the extinction of different species. The level of water on planet Earth would increase due to the protection of the environment. The level of groundwater has decreased considerably due to the damage caused to the environment. There is a lack of sufficient drinking water around the world. Due to this reason, many people fall sick and ultimately die. Thus, protecting the environment would avoid such problems.


Saving the environment is one of the most significant responsibilities for human beings. In the modern world, the environment is facing huge threats due to the high level of urbanization. The advancement in technologies has led to the growth of big cities and factories that have increased pollution in the environment. The threats to the environment have caused water, land and air pollution for which many human beings and other living species have died. Saving the environment today has become more important than that in previous times. People and government are familiar with the degradation of the earth life. The early signs of the destruction of Earth are apparent. The bad weather conditions, melting of glaciers, increased emission of carbon dioxide are the symptoms of bad quality of the environment. Hence, the government and the citizens need to take care of the Earth and build a healthier planet. Else you can take academic writing services help from experts that provide you plagiarism-free.

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