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A Girl Child is Butterfly, Let Her Get Out of the Follicle and Fly

save girl child

Need to Know About the Girl Child, Because They are so Precious

Human life’s existence is not possible without the participation of men and women. They are responsible equally for the human race’s survival on earth. They are liable also for the growth and development of the nation. Although, a woman’s existence is much more crucial than men, as, without her, existence is not possible. Hence, for saving a human from extinction, measures need to be taken for saving girl child. Girl child must be saved and provided equal respect and opportunity for going ahead in life. In addition to that, civilization’s fate lies in girls' hands as they are the root of creation. When you choose us to buy an essay online, you get unlimited revisions and that too for free. Our customer care agents are available round the clock to guide you. If you have queries when you come to buy essay from us, feel free to call us or connect through our chat options.
There is several evil in society, and one is the desire to have a boy. There are other social evils in society that force several parents in avoiding to have a girl child. Such other social evils include female feticide, dowry deaths, and few others.

Children are the most beautiful creations of God

Life on earth wouldn’t be possible without the existence of both men and women. The human race’s existence depends on both equally. The existence of humans would not be possible in the absence of either gender. In several countries, a girl child still is regarded as a burden or curse of a family. Such scary thought processes of numerous people in these countries threaten the human race’s extinction and ruining the image of these countries globally. Although girls are much ahead of the boys in several fields; however, people still prefer boy child.
The girls have already proven themselves better in several fields than the boys. Due to dedication and hard work, they have also been to space. They are much more talented, responsible, obedient, and hardworking for their life and family. Girls are also much more loving and caring towards their parents. Quick and reliable automated essay typer tool, it'll take just few minutes to generate a unique essay.
The governments take several initiatives to save girl child and launched several campaigns for saving them. Apart from this, several NGOs, organizations, human rights commissions, and corporate groups run several campaigns to save girls. Crime against women is a significant barrier to the growth and development of the country. Although this problem is seriously taken by the governments and to stop female feticide, the governments have banned sex determination ultrasound, scan tests, and amniocentesis in labs and hospitals.
The governments take such steps to aware society that girls are not the burden and gift of God. Killing or aborting girl child is common practice within several parts of many countries. It has led to an unequal proportion of women and men. It is not an appropriate approach for the human race. Equal priority should be given to women, as given to men. Women deserve to laugh, live and get opportunities for flourishing in life. Women are a source for creating life, and every member of society must safeguard the existence of women. There are still considerable societies prevailing in countries that don’t appreciate additional girl members in their families.
There is a significant stigma regarding girl child's birth as there are social evil's different forms such as suicides, dowry, and female foeticide. Such evil practices don't allow several parents in having girl child. They think girl child as a liability. However, such sections must understand the quick development and growth of women in all corners and fields. Women empowerment is a popular subject in this society today. It is the irrational ideology that man is ahead of woman as such era has passed already. Women and girls prove worth time again and again with the hard work, intuition, intelligence and dedication. Women are more superior when compared to men in several different ways. Women are talented and intelligent, strong emotionally, and have much more management skills when compared with men. It can be even more challenging to choose exceptional essay topic. The problem arises when you have little or no idea regarding how to choose a topic.  This blog will provide you with relevant insight and assist you in selecting exceptional topics for your essay.
Some factors led governments to take measures and launch campaigns that safeguard women’s existence in these countries. Several groups, NGOs, and institutions took responsibility to save girl child and create awareness about women’s necessity in society.

To save girl child, the first step begins with her own house

Family members, relatives, friends, and neighbors should be encouraged to save girls and make other people also aware of this. Also, family members should be cheered in having girl child in place of boy. Girls deserve a life where they are treated equally to boys. They should be respected and loved like others. They participate in the growth and development of the country equally. They work hard also for the betterment of the country and society.
They have also proven to stand and worth equal to the boys in all fields. Hence, the girls deserve to survive as survival of them means the existence of this human race. Girls are pretty determinant and robust and could take care of their loved ones and themselves. However, due to unawareness and social evils, people kill girl child, and that is why they should be saved. Governments are taking several initiatives in saving and educating girl child.
One should not ignore the fact that the development of the country depends strongly on women’s growth. It is why any crime against women must be eliminated, and much stricter laws need to be implemented for uplifting women. Governments must formulate a robust system for checking people from demeaning women irrespective of their social status. Only laws’ better formulation could help in the development of the status of women in these countries. One shouldn’t forget that the future of these countries depends upon saving and educating girl child. For achieving proper women empowerment, this is crucial that it is started with girl child.


Social welfare organizations’ role is crucial here as this isn’t possible for governments in reaching all corners of these countries. Education’s role is crucial for empowering women. The education process should be started early in life. More girl children should be sent to schools to provide holistic and quality education. Educated girls would be able in taking proper decisions in their life. Several benefits come by properly educating girls. There is an urgent need to change society's archaic mindset that views all girls as liabilities. When provided the right chances in nurturing skills and talent, the girls have this in them in excelling in several areas of their lives. Hence, this is imperative that non-government and government organizations spread messages to save and educate girl child.

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