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Why is it Important to Save Tigers?

The tiger is a symbol of wildness and environmental health. The entire ecosystem is protected by preserving and rescuing tigers because the tiger is the apex predator that keeps the food chain in balance by preventing herbivores from grazing the forests to extinction, which would increase unsustainability in its absence. In the meanwhile, the tiger cannot survive without a certain number of herbivores to prey on, as well as unbroken forest cover. Saving the tiger is thus comparable to saving the environment, which is critical for man's survival.

Tigers are currently a highly important topic of attention and concern all around the world. India is home to around two-thirds of the world's wild tiger population. Their dwindling numbers have prompted government officials to wake up and take notice. As the government is currently working on programs to protect the tiger, there is something that the general population, must do. Tigers may also be found in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Malaysia, Russia-Vietnam, Bhutan, and other nations.

Tiger sightings are becoming increasingly uncommon in India, owing to tiger kills for their numerous medicinal or magical powers, which is why the tiger trade is so lucrative. Genuinely, tiger skin is not fashionable, yet poor hunters may easily smuggle Tiger fur jackets and carpets. India's tiger Poaching of tigers continues despite official prohibitions urging people not to take even wood from previous hunting sites. Efforts are still being made to save these beautiful animals from being poached.

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Reasons for Tiger Population Decline

The loss of their habitat is one of the primary causes of their population decrease. Humans’ clear forests and transform them into agricultural farmlands or other urban areas. This implies that the tigers are compelled to go into human territory in search of food. The majority of encounters between people and tigers are deadly. Poaching is another important factor in the tiger population's decline.

Tiger skin is very expensive on the illicit market and is often given as non-monetary bribes. It is also made into carpets and utilized in high-end home décor. Tiger claws and teeth are utilized as talismans and jewellery. Tiger bones are powdered and used as a medication or tonic. The bones are also utilized in the production of wine, which is said to have dubious health benefits.

Tiger meat is commonly referred to as "premium meat." China is one of the most important markets for these tiger goods. In China, the aforementioned tiger bone has several applications ranging from treatments to ailments to health supplements. Even though the Chinese government has prohibited the trading of tiger parts, strong cultural beliefs have a considerable effect on demand, which is currently met by the illicit market. you should check plagiarism of your essay writing and take essay help online

How to Save Tiger?

The first thing that can be done is to raise public awareness. This program is much more important when the goal is to save the tigers. People may draw attention to “Save Tigers” by making pamphlets, advertisements, and publicizing the cause on internet pages, among other things. The more you spread the word about tiger conservation, the more people will join the cause. Increasing attention is critical for all public issues.

Second, people must put an end to poaching to save the tigers. Even though the government has prohibited the sale of tiger skins and corpses, poaching continues to be a problem. It is critical to put a halt to this illegal behavior. While people are no longer poaching, it needs to be made sure that nobody is encouraging poachers by purchasing competitive-skinned luggage, footwear, and similar items.

Third, it has been discovered that the forests are being destroyed, which may be a contributing factor to the extinction of species such as tigers. Tigers do not now have a suitable habitat in which to develop and reproduce. As a result, the next critical step is to safeguard the jungles. It is not feasible to establish a forest, although numerous trees can be planted.

Fourth, according to a recent WWF research, without mitigation efforts, predicted sea-level rise would be approximately a foot by 2070, destroying virtually the entire Sundarbans tiger habitat. Sundarbans is a huge mangrove forest region that also serves as the world's only coastal mangrove tiger habitat. Concerns about increasing sea levels as a result of climate change threaten to annihilate these woods and the final remaining halves.

Finally, Eco trip is another step in the efforts to save tigers. A person will be able to educate others about the plight of tigers and forests if they embark on one of these journeys. This will help people feel closer to the cause, and a positive shift may lead to their taking meaningful action.

Statistics and forecasting

According to a recent research, the tiger population has decreased by 97 percent. More than 100,000 tigers were thought to wander the world in 1900, but that number plummeted to a historic low of 3,200 in 2010. Project Save the Tiger was an initiative to restore the safe habitats of tigers, who presently number approximately 3000.

The Jim Corbett National Park, where this programme was launched, is India's most important tiger reserve dedicated to tiger conservation. The goal of such initiative was to increase the number of tigers that exist today. As a result of this initiative, the number of people has grown from 2226 in 2014 to 2967 by 2019.

Project Tiger

Project Tiger is a tiger conservation initiative established by the Government of India in April 1973, during Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's term. To reduce human-tiger conflicts, the government has established a Tiger Protection Force to combat poachers and has financed village relocation.


It is not only the job, but also the obligation, to save Tiger. People must support the government's tiger conservation programmes in order to maintain a healthy tiger population. People should know when to ask nature for something and when to offer something back. If nature is to responsible for human existence, humans must also accept their responsibility and do something meaningful.

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