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Develop Your Self Confidence - Essay


Self Confidence - Introduction

Self-confidence is considered to be an attitude regarding one’s skills as well as abilities. It means that an individual, accept and trust oneself and have a sense of control within one’s life. Self-confidence is also about knowing one’s strengths as well as weaknesses and having a positive view about oneself.  When a person has self-confidence then the person can effectively set realistic expectations as well as goals for themselves, can assertively communicate and also handle criticism. At the same time, it should also be noted that self-confidence is also considered to be a feeling of having trust in one’s ability, qualities as well as judgment. When individuals have a healthy self-confidence then they are able to feel good about themselves and their actions which helps in gaining respect from others.


Self-confidence is quite useful as well as important to achieve goals and fulfil one’s wishes. Success only comes to those who have a belief in their abilities. It becomes quite difficult for a person without self-confidence to succeed in life as compared to a person who has full confidence in herself/himself because a self-confident person tends to be independent, optimistic, loving, positive as well as eager. A person who is not confident tends to be isolated, feel inferior as well as depressed and are also sensitive towards criticism and failure. It should be noted that a confident person might not always be successful in life but he/she has the ability to take on challenges in a positive manner as they are able to learn from their mistakes which helps them to achieve success in life.


There are several ways with the help of which one can successfully enhance their self-confidence and one such way is to believe in oneself and learn to say what one feels. It is essential to deny some decisions and statements if it does not personally appeal to oneself so that good as well as effective decisions can be taken. Another way of improving self-confidence is to never pre-assume. There are several individuals who get into the habit of pre-assuming all the negative things that leads to overthinking and affects one’s mental as well as emotional health. Similarly, it should be noted that setting realistic goals is also considered to be an effective way of boosting self-confidence.


One should not set goals which are either too high or too low, rather goals should be achievable, measurable, time bound and realistic in nature. When high goals are set then it tends to lower the self-confidence of the person while low goals lead to overconfidence within a person. Self-confidence helps in facing different types of failure and accept it in a positive light. People with self-confidence do not tend to be lucky, however, they are smart in nature and carry out things effectively as well as efficiently. There is a thin line between self-confidence and over-confidence and one needs to effectively understand this difference so that they can carry on in their life without any type of difficulties. For instance, when a person is over confident then, he/she do not tend to pay heed or acknowledge any type of criticism, which hinders personal as well as professional growth and development which proved to be harmful for the future.


On the other hand, self-confidence allows the person to become free from any kind of self-doubt as well as negative thoughts about oneself. Hence, it should be noted that when a person has strong self-confidence then they tend to face less anxiety which encourages individuals to make effective and strong decisions that leads to strong and relevant problem-solving skills. It should be noted that self-confidence needs to be built through positive thinking as well as hope and is considered to be a quality that comes from within and thereby helps in getting recognition in the society and also helps in accomplishing goals as well as objectives effectively and efficiently.


Self-confidence needs to be practiced so that one can excel in their careers and become successful in their lives. A person who tends to be self-confident are able to enjoy the perks of life, are successfully able to face every type of challenge internally as well as externally that encourages them to rise up after failure which further helps in enhancing their confidence as well as courage. Self-confidence needs to be shown by every individual like leaders, students, teachers, doctors so that they can effectively overcome negative thoughts which can lead to stress as well as anxiety within them. A self-confident person always believes in positive future and success instead of focusing on failure. Hence, it should be noted that self-confidence helps individuals to focus on their goals which helps in offering them a sense of ability as well as assurance that helps in making them happy and strong.


Self-confident people seem to be cherished as well as optimistic in their work and always have a positive attitude. Those who lack self-confidence, find it quite hard to express themselves and always fear people or new things which acts as a hindrance towards their growth and development. A self-confident person, always tend to encourage and motivate others to take risks and are also successful in building effective and strong relationship with others as they tend to encourage others to be optimistic and have a positive attitude towards life and work that leads to personal and professional growth as well as development of other individuals.


Hence, one needs to overcome their fears and weak points if they want to increase their skill of self-confidence because inability to identify weaknesses affects work and relationships which leads to failures and makes the person less confident in oneself. Self-confidence also helps in learning from mistakes and makes the person critically self-aware about themselves that helps in increasing social-awareness as well as relationship management skills and also leads to strong performance along with productivity at workplace, schools, political meetings and others. Therefore, every person should practice and work hard to increase their self-confidence skills which eventually leads to success. Else you can take essay help writing services plagiarism-free from experts at

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