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A Brief Introduction of Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot is known as the most well-known knight of the court of King Arthur and the lover of the wife of Arthur, Queen Guinevere. The character of Sir Lancelot had been developed by a French poet named Chretien de Troyes who introduced the affair of Lancelot with the queen and also highlighted his reputation of being the most famous and skilled warrior. The character originated from Ireland just like another knight of Arthur named Sir Gawain. The character of Gawain is also known as the greatest character of a knight known in history before the character of Sir Lancelot had been developed. All the central attributes in the role of Gawain had also been incorporated in Sir Lancelot while the poet developed this character. In the works of Malory, it has been highlighted that the affair of Sir Lancelot with Guinevere led to the destruction of the unity of the noble Knights of the Round Table of Arthur and this allowed Mordred who was the villain to take up the throne.

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History of Sir Lancelot

The actions undertaken by Mordred destroyed the entire kingdom and many of the great knights of the time were all killed. Arthur was the one who got wounded badly and then was taken to Avalon, the mystical isle. The love affair of Sir Lancelot and Guinevere is known to be the most famous all around the world in literature and reflects the fact that true lovers struggle for each other amidst all the adversities and still resist their passion which finally makes them heroic figures in the history making their relationship memorable and mortal forever. Many of the scholars are also of the opinion that the character of Sir Lancelot had finally originated in the Chretien de Troyes’ works who was the first one to have introduced the character in the poem named Erec and Enide. Some of the other scholars have given the opinion that the character of Sir Lancelot had originated in the country of Ireland which is best known as the fertility God and was then transformed by the bards and poets using mythological themes into the noble knight.


Sir Lancelot has remained the hero of multiple folk tales that existed in history and has always been portrayed as an independent and strong character. An infant getting theft by the water fairy, the hero appearing in a tournament for three days consecutively in different disguises, and the queen getting rescued from the prison by the hero are all the bold features of the character of Sir Lancelot which have made him so much famous among the readers and in the history as well. As the name of Sir Lancelot goes by, this name might also be a variant of another very common name called the Lancelin which is an old version in the French language meaning servants. The name Lancelot has also been used in various forms in writing several manuscripts.

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The character of Sir Lancelot

The character of Sir Lancelot had been further developed during the 13th century in the romantic French prose named Vulgate Cycle. In this prose, the character of Sir Lancelot is prominently seen in the later parts of the prose which is known as the Prose Lancelot. In this story, an extended version of the character of Sir Lancelot has been portrayed where apart from the romance of Lancelot and the queen, the character of Sir Lancelot gets a family of his own, descents from a lost kingdom, and also goes into further adventures in his life. The character of Sir Lancelot often gets tied to the themes of Christianity with the legend named Arthurian. The quest of the queen by Sir Lancelot has been seen as the quest of Christ of the human soul. The medieval literature that existed was even more enriched by the character of Sir Lancelot who finally turned into the chief knight.


The magical connection that existed between the knight, Sir Lancelot, and the queen is clearly reflected in all the verses from the beginning of the story when they met with one another. The adventurous character of Lancelot appeals to the readers the most and the innumerable battles that he had fought to defend himself are really nerve-wracking. The brave and strong character of Lancelot has made him the most famous among all the knights in the Round Table and he has also turned into the most desired man among several ladies. The stunning success of Sir Lancelot has been greatly appreciated and admired by all.


The knights in the court of Arthur were seen to perform great works till the time of affair of Sir Lancelot with Guinevere was revealed and the affairs of the court got fractured to a great extent. This fracture finally destroyed the whole kingdom on the grounds of justice. The adventure of Sir Lancelot was even featured in a television show in the year 1956 and was quite a popular TV show in those times. The characters and casts playing different roles in television shows became immensely popular and were loved by the spectators to a great extent for the exceptional performances that they portrayed.


The character of Sir Lancelot despite being strong and admired has been seen as a betrayal character in medieval literature when he betrayed his king by falling in love with the queen, Guinevere. This was the setting of the fatal events in the court which finally put an end to almost everything in the reign of King Arthur. Similar to many of the heroes known in the legend and myths, Sir Lancelot also enjoyed a very royal birth and was brought up in a very lavish manner. He had also been liked by the Lady of the Lake who was a perfect match with the virtues of the knight but the story turned in the other direction as Sir Lancelot fell for the queen.


Sir Lancelot has made a great contribution in the Arthurian legends and students in the field of mythology see the character as being the most renowned version of the heroes in Celtic. The character of Sir Lancelot is an all-round one as it is based on the themes of just, noble, lust, and envy.

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