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Social Media Essay - Advantages and Disadvantages


In its true essence, social media means any electronic medium of communication to directly interact with society. This essay will teach you that some old mediums of social interactions were fax, telegraphs that could convey messages to faraway places through radio waves. The use of social media has been to a very high extent after the boom in the dot-com era. The first generation of social media developed in the Silicon Valley was SixDegrees, the first website to form a base of communication; then, after the advent of Google in 1998, we see the development of sites like the Orkut, MySpace, Friendster, Hi5, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Yahoo, Classmates, Tumblr and Twitter in consequent years. The need for social media has evolved from just connecting as a consumer to engage in the worldwide web for entertainment and connecting with fellow mates to have a common base of conversation and interaction. From the very first, all these websites were very limited to USA and western world consumers. The usage was typically by those consumers who had access to the internet and possessed a computer. Hence the consumer base was very limited and small.


The dot-com boom was the time when these companies gained some consumer base. The accessibility of these websites was growing when more people had access to computers and the internet to connect. The automation processes in offices, schools and many such places gave access to the consumers, which led to using these social media websites to make new online friends and have a conversation on those platforms. When more people became aware and gained utility from them, they tried to have their way of accessing cyber cafes and personal desktop computers. With the invention of mobile phones, social media usage became the lifestyle of people over the globe. Earlier, these websites were available to only the western world and gradually, the Asian nations, with the technology boom, began using them. There was a variation in the usage according to the affordability and income level but still reaching the Asian and southeastern nations made these websites attain peak for quite a long time. Any commodity in the market faces competition from another commodity of the same type. So did the websites. If you need great quality college essays then you can get from our academic experts at pocket-friendly prices.


Each had special characteristics, but some could still adapt to the current trends and develop consumer needs. Some websites like Orkut, MySpace, Friendster, SixDegrees, Google+ have been shut down now, and these have given rise to new media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat have taken place and are widely used till now. The user-generated content forms the basis of the sustenance of these platforms. Any commodity giving importance to the consumer needs and opinions is likely to have a more consumer base and exist in the market for a long time. The most widely used social media platform are Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, LinkedIn and Tiktok. Facebook has in subsequent years gained popularity with its friendly user content and interface, which makes it used by all age groups and income groups. Facebook recently has acquired many applications becoming a leading application with the largest consumer base of 2.8 billion.


Understanding the impact of social media on current life can give us a fair idea about why social media has such a big consumer base and what role it plays in social relations. The current trend of becoming trending on social media to let others know about personal and professional life, to enage more in such activities are the basic reasons why social media have such traffic and consumer base. Individuals gain insights not only on entertainment worldwide but also on stories and instances that can be applied to life and social relations. The world being a vast place to explore restricts ones’ urge to know about the society in other nations, cultural perspective of foreign lands and communities.


Social media like Facebook YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat allow users to promote their business ventures, showcase talents and reach out to users and consumers through posts and videos. The users with the largest viewers and subscribers earn a monthly compensation. In many ways, social media have gained popularity because these platforms can allow earning monthly income. However, there are flaws in such a venture as the number of competitors are huge. People need to have a uniqueness in their content to gain a large base of viewers; otherwise, they can lose viewerships and subscribers. This duly reduces their option to earn from the platform. The tastes and the preferences change too fast for any content creator to adapt. Although for such fast-changing tastes, the consumers’ feedback becomes necessary for the content creator to change their activities and try new things to showcase. The good point about social media is that it has a place to interact and have its own taste and preferences.

The negative side of high social media usage is the social relations and social bonding that any human has. Very fast social preferences too change as more the users are imbibing what they like they can have great impact on the social fabric. Cultural amalgamations are always not good for society. It can be highly dubious and superficial and net gain can be negative on the macro perspective because it might not be suitable for all social relations and features. Every reason there is a difference between western culture and eastern culture is vividly seen.


The colonial regime does have its imapct on the fact that the wester culture dominates when more people forget their roots and cultures and traditons that are not suitable for the eastern culture. Since there is freedom of access to such social media platforms, they form bases through which anti-social activities are also conducted. Data privacy is lost when there is overexposure of oneself to the internet. This is one-way nations are subjugated, where big companies target the vulnerable population to overturn choices and forcefully imbibe any idea or decision-making process through the psychological and continuous hammering of the idea to make the consumers act in that way, turn financial and stock markets too. Thus social media have an immensely positive and negative impact on the social fabric of any nation.

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