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Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin 

The story of an hour was written on 19th April 1894 by Kate Chopin. It was published on 6th December in the year 1894 in Vogue. This story indicates the time that is elapsed between different types of moments in which Louise Mallard, the protagonist, heard that Brently Mallard, the husband of Louise Mallard, is dead, and after that, she discovered that his husband was alive. When she knew that her husband was dead, she felt that she was free from any expectations from the traditional marriage and raised hope for her better future in her mind. When she knew that her husband was alive, she died because she was shocked after seeing his husband. This story has banned in those days because, at that time, the traditional rules and regulations were followed very strictly. And on those days, after the death of a husband, a wife should be upset and cannot think about herself and her future as her future was surrounded by her husband. So, the local people could not accept the truth that a woman has their own life. The writer of the story wanted to make awareness regarding the actual feelings of all the women in the society, and he also wanted to change the thoughts of all people in the society who believe that women do not have their own life with their own dreams. The writer also wanted to spread an awareness that women have their own dreams and life and they also want to live their own life without following any strict rules and regulations.

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This story is based on Louise Mallard, and she confronted with the news of the death of her husband. This story indicates the conflict between the character Louise Mallard and the society in which she has experienced that internal conflict after knowing the death of her husband throughout the story. From a traditional point of view, society makes different kinds of rules and regulations in which they make an ideal woman as a self-sacrificing mother and wife. But they did not see another part of human nature in which women also want to make their own life by gaining traction. They also want freedom. The story rejects the convention in which the death of Brently, husband of Louise, suggests that the model of the convention of the marriage is an exploitive institution. This can prevent a woman from achieving their self-actualization. The writer of the story gives another perspective by analysing the death of Louise. Many writers also support all of the evidence from the story and understand the plot of the story in terms of traditional tragic elements. In this story, Louise also has her own dreams in her life, but after marriage, she forgot to live her life and also forgot the dreams what she had dreamt in her childhood days. After marriage, she followed the traditional rules and regulations and lived her life for her husband. When she knew that her husband was dead, she was so upset, and her life turned out on that day. And she could think anything about that news. When she overcame that news, she felt that she had her own life and own dreams. She lived her life in summer days and spring days. She thought about all her past life and enjoyed that memory rather than being upset about the death of her husband. And on that point, she felt free from the traditional rules and regulations of marriage life. But after seeing her husband alive on the next, she thought again about the rules and regulations of marriage life and got upset about not fulfilling her dream. And she could not take this shocking news and die of a heart attack.


Mrs Mallard was suffering from heart trouble, and she was taken care of for her health. She did not hear that the paralyzed inability is the significance of acceptance, and she cried on the arm of her sister. She stood in front of an open window, and she sat on the chair and thought about her husband. After that, she thought about herself that she had a calm and fair face at a young age, and this can be her strength, and due to thinking of this, she stared at the sky and felt the sounds, colour, and smell of the air. After that, she started to indicate and identify all such things which were approaching to strive on her back, and she felt that she had freedom from all the traditional rules and rituals that are made by a society. After that, she felt and realised another bright side of the death of her husband. She believed in herself and felt that she could also make her own decisions for her better future. From the inner heart, she wanted to feel better from her disease and take care of her health after opening the window and feeling her natural life of her. And she prayed for her long life to God. She wanted to live her life again as her old days in the summer days and spring days. After that day, her husband opened the door and entered the room of their house. He said to his wife that he got a life as he was far from the accident spot, and after knowing this all incident, Louise died due to a heart attack.


This story is very controversial as many readers said that she died for joy, and as she was a heart patient, she could not take any pressure of the great news of the alive of her husband. In the meantime, another reader said that as she realised that the actual essence of the life of living that is apart and different from the traditional marriage in which various rules and regulations are there. She could not take that sadness of the traditional rules and regulations again into her life as she had made her decision for her better future.

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