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A Brief Introduction of Teen Sex

The reality and theme of teenage sexual activity worry millions of parents around the world. During adolescence, when one develops from childhood to adulthood, hormones, social frustration, extensive body growth, and a search for themselves leads adolescents to try everything related to self-affirmation, adult life, and authority. Teen sex is usually an "adult" attribute that adolescents often try. While this is inevitable and natural, there is a hidden danger associated with adolescents starting their sexual life too early, which they and their parents need to be conscious of.

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At the present time, teen sex is a big issue in society that is often ignored. While the number of adolescents engaging in sexual activity has decreased compared to a few years ago, the number is still high. However, the media influences decisions to be involved in sexual activity as a teen and lacks parental guidance. The media affects every person in one way or another. It can affect the way people look at things and how they don't understand them. In addition, the media has a huge impact on the decision to have sex before marriage at a young age. By age 18, the average teenager will spend more time watching television than the class. While watching the television, teens will see many sexual jokes, comments, and innuendoes every day. In addition, some of these comments are related to birth control, abstinence, and sexually transmitted diseases. Because of the media, teens believe that doing what happens or is shown is a "cool" or "normal" thing and that everyone can or should do it. The media shows the sexual activity as a pleasurable thing and has no significances. Due to a lack of parental guidance, teenagers can often get information about sex from the media. For example, MTV, a music-based television station made for teenagers, often tries to tell audiences what is hot and what is not. The station has many programs primarily about teen sex and plays lots of music videos; about 80% of the storylines are sexually motivated. Teenagers who watch this station or similar stations think that watching is right for their age.


Most of the relationships will inevitably come to a point where one has to seize the moment and have sex with a partner. Otherwise, they will set standards, saying that they will not have sex until they are married. Each teenager is on one side or the other of the fence. They either will have premarital sex or abstain. These two attributes explain why sex is uncontrolled today, what religion says about adultery, and what the world thinks about sex. Premarital sex is a major and growing issue. Premarital sex results in teenage pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and deep regrets. However, it is not possible to count the number of teenagers who are having premarital as they don't want to admit it. Some teens have no choice but to admit it since their actions lead to serious results, like pregnancy.


The question on the minds of teenagers is when should they have sex. The Catholic teaching instructs to wait for sex until one has a loving marriage. The church promotes abstinence, but now public schools also teach students about the benefits of abstinence. Adolescents who start having sex too early have a higher risk of making various kinds of love, relationship addictions, or sex. According to research, pornography can cause a major issue for teenagers to develop sexual addiction or other intimacy disorders. Now, it seems that pornography is free and available in just a few clicks. Therefore, parents need to be more careful to protect their children from its negative effects. In addition, early sex life can lead to abusive relationships, co-dependencies, emotional addiction, and other problems.


Sexually transmitted diseases develop in premarital sex societies, where adolescents have multiple sex partners. The immediate result is an increasing prevalence of STDs in the population. The primary reason for the prevalence of STDs is the misuse of contraceptives by adolescents. In addition, many teens believe that pills or condoms prevent the spread of AIDS, herpes, or other diseases. However, in reality, they do not stop the spread, and these products are not said to prevent the spread of STDs. Currently, three million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases are reported among adolescents every year. Several adolescents believe that there is nothing fault in committing premarital sex with teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19 and are more likely to spread the sexually transmitted disease increasingly. With sexual contact increasing with high school students and its acceptance in society, teens have sex even more. It means that teenagers have their first sexual encounter every eleven seconds. Some students said they were socially pressured to have sex. While society has the power to force adolescents into sexual intercourse, society should use this power to educate adolescents about the threats of premarital sex.


While teen sex is the most important attribute of adult life, it poses a significant risk to teenagers starting it. One who is sexually active at a teen age are more expected to be depressed or attempt suicide. Also, they come in contact with various types of intimacy and sexual disorders, abusive relationships, emotional addiction, etc. Those teens are at risk of getting pregnant too early or getting an STD infection. Thus, adolescents need to be clarified the associated risks. Also, parents need to pay more attention to the health and behavior of their children.


In conclusion, adolescents become sexually active at an early age, often due to the influence of the media, and many parents are shocked by the sexual promiscuity of their children. Hence, parents must be more proactive in talking to their children about sexual values. Additionally, sex education should be part of the school education system. Teenagers and children require accurate information about teen sex and its associated risks. In this regard, sex education will help teenagers prepare properly for the future and guide them to make the right choice for themselves.

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