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Confuse About How To Start Writing The Screwtape Letters Essay?


A Brief Introduction of The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis

The Screwtape Letters is a well-known Christian novel written by C.S. Lewis and has been dedicated by the writer to J.R.R. Tolkien. The story had been written by the author in a fictional format following the epistolary and satirical style. The characters and plot in the story have been used for addressing the issues related to Christian theology. In the story, Lewis is imagining various lessons in order to take a deliberate role into the faith of Christianity by portraying a normal life of a human along with all the failing and temptations. The book comprises of 31 letters where Screwtape is seen giving advice to Wormwood on the multiple ways in which the words of God can be undermined and promotes the abandonment of the God in the minds of the patient. In the story, the advice of Screwtape is that only selfish power and gain are good for human beings and the love of God for human being can never be comprehended.

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Story of the Screwtape Letters

The story basically has been framed for two vital purposes which it unfolds as the novel proceeds with the characters and the plot. Firstly, it reflects that the letters are all fictional in nature which had been found by Lewis and not written by him. The implicit joke that lies in the fact of the story is that Lewis himself had personal dealings with the Hell business. The second purpose that unfolds is that the preface in the story serves as being a warning for Screwtape who is known as the unreliable narrator of the story. By this it is meant that the readers of the story must constantly have questions is their minds rather than trusting the facts. Screwtape is seen as the author of all the letters and he is addressing Wormwood in each of the letters.


The readers after going through the novel clearly understand the facts that the letters given to Wormwood are the indirect reports of Screwtape. The story can be rightly said as being partially self-help and partly fictional and the author has tried to establish authentic illusion of the letters from time to time. The literary central devices of the story are satire and irony which get clearly reflected in the language that the author has used in the novel throughout. In the story, Lewis has been seen to use Screwtape in a manner by which he says such things that fall contrary to the message given by Christianity. For instance, when Screwtape indicates God to be an enemy, the writer wants the readers to believe and trust that God is an alley for them. The irony of Lewis used in the novel offers a challenge to the readers about their actions and beliefs on Christianity which can ultimately lead the soul of a human being get into the process of eternal damnation.

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Satire used in the story is the humor, irony and ridicule for criticizing the implicit and common, unconscious vices and mistaken beliefs that the author is perceiving in the society. The story, Screwtape Letters is the organization of corporate modern language, fashion trends, the Catholic Church, and the morality columnists of the newspaper. In the very first letter of the story, Lewis has been seen to challenge the most common factor that science can lead to atheism and also losing faith in Christianity. The forces and particles which cannot be actually seen offers a warning to Screwtape and is not at all far from the thinking of unseen spirits like angels, devils and the one who is invisible but the Christian God. At the time of the enlightenment of the Europeans during the 18th century, the human reason light was being presented as the force which opposed the darkness of the received religion.


The story unfolds that after the second letter, the man Patient gets converted into Christianity for which Wormwood has been chastised for allowing the thing to happen. The story reflects a striking contrast between the characters of Screwtape and Wormwood wherein the letters of Screwtape has been seen to constantly tempt Patient to get involved in deplorable and wicked sins. In the 12th letter by Screwtape he has been seen to clearly highlight the fact that way to hell must be gentle, soft and gradual without having any milestones or sudden turnings. In the further letters, Screwtape explains to Wormwood that different roles that demons and God have in the lives of human beings. Through the letters he tries to promote irresponsibility and passivity in the mind of the character Patient. Expressing his own views on the theology, Lewis undertakes to describe love, pride, sex and war in his own terms in the other letters. Finally, the last letter reveals the fact that Patient had died in the war and has ultimately gone to the heaven and Wormwood for his failure has to suffer the spiritual essences from the other demons.

The story offers the correct diagnosis of the problems prevailing for a long time and shows the fact that how people can easily take upon something which is a blessing and good and use it for their own self context. This leads away human beings from being the good intentions in them and makes them turn self-centered all the time. This novel is a great read for those who want to understand the world moving around them clearly and also want to improve on their interactions with the other human beings on the earth in order to remain friendly and faithful.

The novel offers the unforgettable look that goes into the fallen humanity nature and the relationship of human beings with the Christ grace. This story has been enacted several times on stage by different characters and have fetched mixed reviews from the audiences while giving out the clear message that both demons and God exist in this real world and it is upto the humans of the earth to choose in which path they would take their life towards. This has proved to be a great story to be read by students and even the grown up adults who love fictional characters and stories.

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