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How to Score A+ Grades in Thucydides Essay


A Brief Introduction of Thucydides

Thucydides was one of the most ancient Greek historians as well as the author for the book named, History of Peloponnesian War. This recounts as one of the major struggles, which have occurred between Athens as well as the Sparta during the 5th century. Works of Thucycides have also been recorded as one of the primary political as well as moral analysis for the war policies of a nation in specific terms.


For the life of Thucycides, which is basically known reveals a lot about himself as well as course of narrative that has been mentioned within the history books revealed till date. The life of Thucycides was that he was a native of Athens, who had been old enough to have made estimations regarding the primary importance as well as judgment of being a likely writer and an author during that course of time.

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History of Thucydides

Thucycides had been born not after 460, since one of his first detailed narratives had begun during the year 431. This also contained specific events that contained the probable potential of raging or provoking a war. In addition to this, he was also at an age of 30 when he was elected at the Strategos, which had been formed as an important military magistrate having a great importance during 424. As a reason, Thucycides mainly belonged to the generation of the younger Greek historian named, Herodotus.


Thucycides, was the son of Olorus who had been given with an Athenian name, where the father was also a Thracian descent on the maternal side. Thucycides had also been in relation to the Athenian statesman as well as general named, Miltiades. He was also married to the daughter of the Thracian prince having the same name. Thucycides also was in possession of a property located in Thrace, which also included the likes of mining rights within the existent gold mines. This was located opposite to the island named as Thasos, where Thucycides also had a great influence around that area.


Thucycides had stayed in Athens during the span of 430-429, where he had been infected with a disease and also saw other residents suffer through the same thing. During the later stages in 424, Thucycides had also been elected as one of the 10 strategoi for the year due to this existent connections. This had also provisioned with a specific prevention upon capturing the city named, Amphipolis that belonged to the Spartan general Brasidas. Brasidas had also launched a sudden attack during the mid-winter. As a reason to this blunder, Thucycides had also been recalled, sentenced as well as tried for exile. Hence, he had later stated that this had provisioned him with the particular opportunity of undistracted study for the History along with widening the travel contacts.


Thucycides was alive throughout the war as well as during his exile for 20 years, which had ended with the fall of Athens along with peace subjected at 404. The manner as well as time of death had also been uncertain, where he was founded dead shortly after the year 404, which was mainly due to violence he had faced during troubled times. A tomb and a monument, which belonged to him had also become a part of Athens history during the 2nd century AD.

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Literature Work by Thucydides 

Hence, it is certain that the works of Thucycides had been well known right after the publication where not more than 8 books had been published, which survived till date. This might be due to multiple reasons such as obtained silence from available sources during the separate section of the work that had already been published during his growth years. This might also be inferred that various parts of history along with the last book in specific terms had been found defective. Assumptions have also been made that the life of Thucycides significantly was segmented into three specific stages. The first was based upon specific notes of the events. The second one was due to specific arrangements along with rewriting of such notes into a consecutive narrative. The final one was specifically referred to as ‘Ten Years War’ that belonged to the Athenian expedition for conquering Sicily.

Significance of Thucydides

All of the above-mentioned information has a great significance to Thucycides, where specific attempts have been made in respect to having an existent strict contemporary history of various events. Such events occurred throughout the years Thucycides had been alive as well as succeeded through his entire adult life. Additionally, he had also endeavored to record various events where he had also taken an active participation as an indirect or a direct spectator. Thucycides also made specific attempts for writing down final history meant for the later generations along with any other man who had undergone success in particular. Multiple obvious statements had been made for not rushing into work, where the last ever completed narrative made by Thucycides took him early to the autumn in 413. The entire time span was nearly eight and a half years before the war had specifically come to a significant end.


Following this, during the last years the main activity was relevant to observation, documenting as well as inquiring about notes as well as adding/modifying the same to the ones already written. Evidences have also supported that Thucycides did not survive for long during the ongoing war period, where he did not keep any disconnected account even during the last six years. However, books have stated that Thucycides always lived a complete life despite any necessary events that have occurred throughout his entire life.

Conclusion of Thucydides Essay

Keeping aside the political conflicts he had been a part of, Thucycides had also significant interests within various conflicts occurring between two definite types of characters, specially the Spartans. However, Thucycides did not contain specific concern regarding individuals but the actions they used to carry out on a daily basis in specific terms. In addition to this, Thucycides also had specific interest within the technicality of the ongoing war, which allowed him to become a significant part of the war to capture Sicily.

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