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Essay on Time Management


Time management is referred to as a process, uses to plan and organize how time between the activities can be split. In other words, time management is the way which defines the specific time period that can be spend for a particular activity. In daily lives also, there has to be proper time management plan. Infact, from childhood a kid should be taught the importance of time management. Proper time management enables a person work smarter in his/her daily life and organizational activities. It helps a person work more in lesser time. In tight and pressure situation also, proper time management play helpful roles. This essay depicts the role time management plays during management of any situation and program. 

Time Management

Time is a precious factor that impacts human life style and project life cycle as well.  there are many benefits associates to time management. Proper time management helps to greater the efficiency and productivity as well. The opportunities for advancement also get enhanced with time management.  It helps to reduce the degree of stress. For maintaining better professional reputation, proper time management is essential. in order to reach the career goals and life aims time management is essential. 

If time is not properly managed thoroughly then, massive challenges can also occur. Improper time management can lead a project towards missing deadline and poor quality of work. It may also direct people life cycle and project life cycle towards ineffective work flow. The stress level of individual and project team members can also increase a lot. Time management is a skill that every individual must maintain always. Through time management, the process of planning and controlling, a person would be able to identify how much time he/she needs to spend for a specific activity. The time must be distributed based on complexity of each activity. Maximum time should be spent on the activities with higher complexity. A company manager must have the ability of proper time management. Time management is also important for students. For improving productivity and increasing efficiency time management plan must be developed. Time management must be prepared at the initial stage to avoid delay and other related risks. In order to differ the important tasks and urgent tasks, proper time management plan must be developed. In both personal and professional life time management plays important role. 

In order to design and develop effective time management the strategies or tips that are to be considered by a person are illustrated below-

Setting goal-

A person must set goals those are measurable and achievable as well. Using SMART method, the objectives, aims and goals should be set. In other words, specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely goals are needed to be set.

Wise prioritization-

Depending on urgency and importance, works and tasks should be properly prioritized. The activities which are urgent and important must be performed right away and first. The activities those are not urgent but important should be performed well and time when to be performed must be performed must be decided initially as well. A person should delegate those tasks that are not important but urgent if possible. Activities that are neither important nor urgent must be set aside to perform later. If you are looking for such relevant Custom Writing , then take help from's expert.

Setting time limit-

The nature of different people varies. Some people work fast whereas; some work really slow. In order to complete a task or activity within a standard time. time limit setup is very essential. Proper time management helps a person become more focused and efficient. You should check plagiarism of your essay and take essay assignment help. Infact, a person must allot some additional efforts to decide the allocate time for each task. Based on the potential of the activities time must be developed. Once the time is developed it becomes the person’s responsibility to complete the activity within specific time to avoid delay and other risks. 

For organizational project management, there are different time management tools that are supposed to be used such as Gantt chart, WBS etc. These tools are used for project management. The Gantt chart tool showcases specific time that the resources should take to complete a task. Once the time is set, it becomes responsibility of the human resources to complete the activities within that time to avoid delay, additional requirement for resources and cost etc. 

Taking break between tasks-

Doing lots of tasks without any break can bring lots of trouble as well. Infact performing tasks without any break can demotivate a person. Therefore, there has to be proper downtime between the activities for refreshment. 

Well organization-

For ling term time management, a calendar must be properly utilized by individuals. In order to complete a project or task within deadline the task and project must be properly organized. The days that are dedicated to specific task must be allocated by the individuals. In case of organizational management, a project manager must arrange periodic meeting sessions. During these meetings, the time for each activity should be organized. Once the time will be organized the individuals need to maintain the time. 

Removal of non-essential activities-

All the tasks or activities considered for a project are not equally important. In order to avoid delay and unnecessary wastage of timing unwanted activities should be eliminated. A person must determine which is significant and which activity deserves the time most. 


From the above discussion it is concluded that, time management is very important in management. For life as well as project management time management are essential. In case of project management, the project manager and the team members are responsible to develop accurate time management plan to accomplish a project, regardless of the nature, feature, type and size of a project time management plan should be developed. The resources and cost estimated for a project are also directly linked with the time. Infact, cost and resources are directly proportional with the project time. It means if the allocated project time increases then, automatically the project cost and requirement for resources will be increased.  Therefore, for increasing efficacy proper time management is important.  

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