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A Brief Introduction about Traditional Family


There are different categories of family structures which exists in our society such as traditional family, nuclear family, single parent family, extended family, childless family and grand parent family. At the same time, there are numerus other family structures as well such as unconventional family, nuclear families, extended families and blended families.

The prime purpose of this essay is to discuss about traditional family and the different types of concepts which are associated to this type of family.

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In most of the traditional families, there is only a man or a woman and children. However, it is seen that the percentage of traditional families is slowly decreased nowadays. It can be seen that traditional families are very much different from non-traditional families. There are numerous traditional conceptions which are associated to families as well. It can be said that there are two married individuals which are associated to a traditional family. It can also be said that nuclear family can also be considered as a traditional family. Extended families are not considered as traditional families as well. It can also be said that traditional family is sometimes expensive, risky as well unstable as compared to the other categories of family structures.


Traditional families are very much dominating towards their neighbourhood, which is exactly the opposite of a non-traditional family. Most of the traditional marriage in a family lead to a traditional family. However, there are few benefits which are associated to a traditional family as well such as maintenance of family traditions. Holiday season can be very much fun in a traditional family, this type of family is also providing bright childhood memories. Family celebration is one of the most significant features of a traditional family. Shared identity among the family members is one of the other prospects of having a traditional family. Bonding between the team members is much more in the traditional families as compared to the other types of families as well. Traditional families are much significant for the family members to nourish each other and care about social issues like mental health. A true sense of family is created with this structure as well.


On the other hand, this type of family structure is slowly being minimised as women have started working outside the families. After 1950, there was a change in the pattern of traditional families after a lot of women started working. Traditionally women used to take care of the elderly family members along with the children. Most of them used to work only on the household domestic works, however a change in this trend was observed since the last few decades. Both educational qualification as well as skill set of women have increased in the recent times which led to the fall of the concept of traditional family all over the world. It was observed that the dual income of husband and wide is very much of a necessity these days to provide living for their children.

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Traditional family can be regarded as a social unit, where most of the family members live under one roof. There is a thread of commonness of the social and residential condition for each member of a family. Since, the minimization of traditional family social has led to the fall of a social unity. All social as well as the physical needs of the family members used to get satisfied in a traditional family as compared to a modern family. Character building was one of the key points of a traditional family. There was a minimal interference from outside whenever there is a family discussion. Previously, the position of any female in a traditional family is always on the lower side, however, in modern families position of women was improved in the first place due to their work ethics and high manageability. Right to freedom for women have improved drastically ever since the declining trend of the traditional families. Hence, it can be said that this trend can also be termed as the economic independence for women.


Sometimes, it can be observed that most of the traditional families have a religious outlook whereas a modern family is always secular in their approach. There are few religious rites which are connected to a traditional family such as morning prayers, and weekend prayers. Based on a survey, it was also seen that the rate of divorce is much more in modern families as compared to the traditional families. In traditional families, it can be observed that marriage contracts are mainly managed by the elders of the family based on the principle of male dominance and female obedience. However, in modern families there is a very low level of parental control as compared to the traditional families. Family gathering during festive occasions like Christmas and boxing day is very much useful for maintaining a jovial attitude among the family members. In a traditional family most of the household works are done by the female members whereas in a modern family, house hold works are not considered as gender specific.




The prime purpose of this essay was to critically discuss traditional family, and based upon the research concluded for the essay, it can be concluded that there are positives a negative associated with this type of family. A shared identity can be created among the family members in a traditional family, whereas there is economic independence for women in a modern family. Bonding among the family members is much more in a traditional family as compared to a modern family. Most of the traditional companies are male dominant and females had to follow their orders. The pattern of traditional family started changing after 1950s after women started working outside the family. The rate of divorce is much more in traditional families as compared to modern families. Family gatherings and norms are much common in traditional families as well. Traditional families are very much dominant abut the neighbourhood as well. Hence, it can be stated that this essay was much successful in meeting its objectives.

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