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Traffic Rules and Regulations


Traffic Rules

Traffic on roads consists of road users, including vehicles, buses, streetcars, herded or ridden animals, pedestrians and other conveyances (Zeng et al. 2017). These road users utilise the public way for purposes of travel singly or jointly. Traffic on roads must be controlled and regulated in order to avoid congestion and accidents on roads. It can be done with the help of traffic laws to regulate vehicles and govern traffic.


To facilitate the timely and orderly flow of traffic rules of the road and traffic rules along with the informal rules are developed. There are some well-established priorities associated with organised traffic, such as the right of way, lanes, and traffic control at intersections. In various jurisdictions, traffic is organised with marked intersections, junctions, traffic signals, signs and interchanges. Traffic rules are applied for pedestrians, heavy motor vehicles and other vehicles. Speed limits and easement may be shared by different classes.


It can also be segregated. It is noticed that there exist complex and very detailed rules of the road in some jurisdictions (Esterle, Gressenbuch and Knoll 2020). In the case of maintaining the traffic rules, the willingness to cooperate and common sense of drivers plays a vital role. Traffic rules are meant for safety. Therefore, there should not be any argument regarding following the traffic rules while walking or driving on the road. The protection should be there for pedestrians as well as those who are driving on the road. There are some basic traffic rules and signs for the people who are walking and driving on the road.


When all the people using the road follow the traffic rules and signs, then any kind of casualties on the road can be avoided (Alonso et al. 2017). The big size of the vehicles creates multiple blind spots that must be carefully avoided by the drivers of big vehicles. Moreover, the drivers of other cars should also be careful while driving behind the big cars as the limited vision due to the presence of big cars may prove dangerous for both parties driving on the road. Prevention is always better than cure.


However, in case of any casualties on the road, while driving from either side, they can avail of personal accident insurance from the car insurance providers. There are various car insurance providers in the market (Rizaldi, Immler and Althoff 2016). Therefore, it is necessary to compare the plans offered by the different insurance companies in order to compare and select the best plan. Further, personal accident insurance can also be bought online. It is observed that most road accidents occur across the countries of the world due to not following the traffic rules and signs.


The negligence of people walking or driving on the road causes severe casualties. Many peoples get injured due to accidents. There are many death cases as well due to road accidents. Therefore, it can be said if people walking or driving cars take traffic rules and signs seriously, the number of cases of road accidents go down dramatically (Penmetsa and Pulugurtha 2017). These road accidents also impact the GDP of the countries profoundly. In some cases, disobeying traffic rules also lead to traffic congestion. In order to control road accidents and keep the congestion of the roads lower, the government put traffic signs on the road.


Cops and other peoples are also deployed on the roads in order to ensure that people those are walking or driving following the traffic signs and rules. The government also imposes monetary punishments and punishments for the people who are not obeying these traffic rules while driving or walking (Małecki and Wątróbski 2017). Some people become habitual of disobeying the traffic rules. As a result, they take the route of not following the traffic signs and rules while accessing the roads. It causes severe casualties on roads. Therefore, it is essential for the government to conduct awareness programs for the people to train them about varied traffic rules and signs.


Moreover, it will also help them understand the importance of maintaining traffic rules and how it will secure their lives along with lowering the loss to the economy due to road accidents. Another part of traffic rules includes inappropriate parking. Parking should not be there close or near to the passage of pedestrians (Rizaldi et al. 2017). It should be avoided on the main road as the overcrowded place may create disturbance for other vehicles on the roads. Cars should not be parked close to the traffic lights. The use of horns should be done wisely as overuse of horns may cause noise pollution. If you are not aware of traffic rules that make it is difficult for you to understand the traffic sign instead of that you have to pay high prices as well. For your safety, you should know these rules that also help you in case of any emergency you should ask this expert as well as only for help.


Therefore, it should be used when necessary. The helmet is compulsory for motorcycle riders on the road. It helps them to avoid any kind of head injuries in case of road accidents. The speed of the car should be lower where there are blockages, zebra crossings and endings of the road. It will help the drivers to control the chances of accidents. Therefore, it will save both parties driving or walking on roads. The direction provided by the police officers on the road should be followed while driving and walking.


It will help the pedestrians and drivers from risking their lives. Drivers are tested before getting permission to drive on the roads. It helps to know about the knowledge of the drivers about roads and driving (Maierhofer et al. 2020). However, it takes time for a new driver to completely adopt the traffic rules and signs. The training of the drivers should be more stringent in order to avoid any kind of casualties on the road. Another important aspect that must be taken into consideration is drinking alcohol must be avoided while driving on the roads as it increases the chances of accidents.


Traffic Rules teach us to become good and accountable citizens of the motherland. It is observed that a number of accidents taking place each day because of irresponsible driving. People do not even care for valuable lives just for saving a little amount of time. In addition, people are prepared to place the life of others in danger too. Such irresponsible behaviour needs to be changed.

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