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Essay on tree

Forest has served the needs of humans, and trees take an important place in human life. Trees give fruit, flowers, grains and wood to build houses. Plants are invaluable to us in this beautiful world. Our lives have been made possible by the fact that we depend so much on trees for survival. Plants Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide Sulfur Sulfur Dye Absorption of Gases in the Atmosphere Atmosphere In the Atmosphere, we get the oxygen needed for our survival.


On the other hand, trees provide pure air, one of the essential ingredients to living. Additionally, pure air helps prevent pollution in the air and helps to maintain the balance between humans and the environment. India had immense forest wealth over a hundred years ago. In the current situation, due to the urbanisation and industrialisation now village changes in cities. Today cities are becoming cement forests with the help of expanding factories and buildings. On the other hand, due to the deforestation and discretion of forest, there is a possibility of land degradation.

Importance Of Plantation

In the current century, the plantation is described as good work. The reason is, planting trees is most important for human life. In India, people also worship peepal, banana, tulsi and much more. Now science has proved the significance of trees.    


Trees help to keep the earth green. Greatness is the main attraction of the earth, and it seems that people live in those places where sufficient numbers of plants and trees are there. It helps to give shade. The tree also provides asylum for many creatures like birds, squirrels, monkeys and much more. They live upon the tree very comfortably. Trees give us a pleasant shade, and humans and animals can rest in their cool shade with rejoicing.   


Tre gives us everything which is needed to survive in the world. Different types of trees are found here, like fruits, leaves, brooms, flowers, meats, herbs and much more; these are all gifts from trees. Monks and sages are mainly used to trees for life in the forest and get their living necessities. The civilisation grew older, and people started cutting down trees and making home furniture with this wood. When industries were developed, people started to clean the forest and today. Our world is now on the brink of extinction as a result of over-cutting. The cause is global warming. Due to the lack of trees, our ozone layer is continually destroyed, and the huge use of carbon monoxide, chlorofluorocarbon, makes our environment a greenhouse effect.

For Science Studies And Oxygen

Today science was studied on the effect of decreasing the number of effects. Science gives a conclusion that the decrease of trees is the cause of air pollution. Trees mainly help to purify the air. Trees release oxygen by exploiting harmful carbon dioxide from the air. It is the type of natural purifying type of air. Oxygen is life for the human; it is important to look after sufficient numbers of trees.

For Raining

Trees also help to make it runny. The tree helps to attack clouds when they occurred in groups. Trees are helped to hold the society firmly and prevent its erosion. It helps to prevent both famine and flood. Trees are also very useful to reduce expansion from the desert. It helps to avoid heat from the atmosphere after the sunset. It is the cause that's why intelligent people are always talking about planting more trees.   

Balancing environment 

It might be considered that forest is necessary to maintain the balance between the human and environment. On the other hand, in the current time, forests are no longer with this proportion. It has harmful consequences, which are visible everywhere. Although it was the need to plant more trees, then it is possible to save our planet. As per the author's suggestion in every school and college environment subjects have to be compulsory. They have to instruct all of the students and realise how the tree was important in our lives.

Benefit of trees

Tree planting means planting a large number of trees following proper measures. Trees have many effects on a country's climate. They are responsible for maintaining the ecological balance of the world. Plants are essential for our lives, so we cannot sustain our existence without plants. We also get fruits from plants that partially meet our dietary needs and provide us with vitamins and minerals. The help of providing oxygen everyday tree gives us life, and it is more important for daily life humans. In the above study, the author said that trees help to become rains. Trees are always important for daily life.


The above study is based on the tree plantation, and the author suggested that tree plantation is one of the important parts of human life. On the other hand, it can be said that directly or indirectly, we depend on trees for almost everything. The raw materials used in various factories come from these plants. Our practical furniture has been made possible by plants. The trees provide us with food and shade. Unfortunately, despite the tree being our real friend, we continue to kill the tree day after day. We continue to destroy trees to our advantage. It is creating deforestation.


On the other hand, the air balance in the atmosphere is being lost. The atmosphere is getting warmer and warmer day by day. So by destroying trees, we are darkening our future. We must understand that it is impossible to live on this earth without trees. Our much-needed fresh air, food, and world atmosphere are impossible without trees.


So do we want our beautiful world to be destroyed? Of course not. Rather, we want to see our world more beautiful. So our responsibility is to avoid unnecessary deforestation and to plant more trees. Because if there is work, if there are trees, this beautiful world will survive. That is to say, and trees are the mainstream of life. So a tree is a soul. Else you can also take essay help for someone to write on essay topics for you under guidance from experts at

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