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What are the Uses of Computers?


Uses for Computers in Business

Computers play a vital role in every field as well as make daily activities manageable and easier. Computers were used only for performing complex and difficult numerical calculations in the past days. However, computers have now reached many far as well as computers are performing several vital roles in various fields. Computers are [performing various tasks and functions nowadays from complicated calculations to generating the bill to the education, generating business reports, development or programming to the entertainment and so on. Because of the powerful functionalities and characteristics of computers, they are used in several fields such as business, research organization, medical, government office, homes, entertainment, educational organizations, etc. Computers have significantly taken business and industries to a new level. Several usages are there of the computers in various industries among which some of the usages of computers are as follows:


In the government sector or industries, computers are very beneficial. Computers are being used for performing several difficult functions in various departments as well as improve the quality, productivity, and efficiency of the services. Some of the examples of computer users are in city planning, law enforcement, tourism, traffic control, and infrastructure development. In most cases, the key purpose of utilizing computers is to perform the various data processing tasks, promoting the paperless environment and maintaining the database of the citizens. Except this, computers play a vital role in the defense system of the country. They are also helping in the development of missiles and launches of satellites and rockets.

Health and medical

Computers are significantly changing the process of diagnosis in healthcare centers. Computers are used to maintain the information, live monitoring, records of the patients as well as x-ray. Nowadays, everything has become digitalized with the assistance of computers. They help in configuring the lab tools, measuring the blood pressure, and monitoring the heart rate. Doctors in the healthcare centers are also getting several advantages with the help of computers while treating the patients with the proper medicines and drugs. Moreover, computers have enabled doctors in exchanging the data of the patients very easily with other doctors or specialists. Besides this, the advanced surgical devices are also based on robotics, which helps the surgeons in conducting the surgeries and complex operations remotely.


In the education sector, computers are being used hugely. Computers are helping students and teachers to get the various educational materials through the internet in a single place. All the information can be accessed using the internet. Moreover, computers nowadays have become the best medium for online tutoring, online classes, creating projects, creating assignments, and giving online examinations. Due to the urge of the Covid-19 situation, people have shifted to digitization rapidly. Computers are also used for maintaining as well as monitoring the performance of the students.


Computers are used in almost every business sector. They are part of every business setup as they increase the productivity of the employees as well as help to participate in the competitive market. In the business sector, computers have become the key aspect and those are used for storing and managing the personal data and accounts, tracking the inventory status, maintaining the projects and making the presentation and reports. Moreover, computers have become the best suited for the transaction process as computers provide more faster and accurate results than humans.


In communication, computers have become the primary source. Modern and advance computers come with a built-in microphone and webcam for making the use of communication much easier. People are using software such as Hangouts and Google Meet for connecting with other people anywhere in the world. Due to the video conferencing feature, people have become able to connect with video and audio. Computers also help people to connect with their families and made the business and companies able to organize meetings, taking interviews, and performing other tasks. One of the older communication methods such as email also is sent using a computer system.


The banking system has become very rapid and advance. The banking industry uses the online banking system, where clients can access their accounts and data using the internet and computer directly. People can also check the account balance, pay online and transfer money. Banks also use computers for performing various tasks such as storing records and making online transactions. People are also using their computer system for online transaction using their online banking system. With the help of the computers, banks have minimized the manual errors and cost of various business process. ATMs are the best example of computers in banking sector.


Computers have become one of the greatest mediums for entertainment. They can be used for watching movies, listening to music, playing games, surfing the internet and so on. They can be combined with the MIDI instruments, which can be used for recording the audio through artificial instruments. People can enjoy the recording of their videos with the webcam and they can apply various AI effects to their videos. There are also various image editing tools, which can be used for editing the images.


Companies and businesses use computers for providing training to the staff. The computer-based training is very helpful and can be used for giving training to the staffs even if they are any other place. This will also reduce the travel cost and time and computers make the process of the training very smooth and comfortable.

Security and safety

Computers are much capable of working with various tools, technologies, and equipment. When this comes to safety and security, computers are hugely used with security cameras for monitoring goods and people. Those cameras help the security agencies in identifying the criminals or terrorists in public areas. Computers with face recognition system and fingerprint scanner have made this difficult for the intruders to use the fake identifies as well as taking the government benefits by using the identity of others. Most of the private and government organizations are equipped with security cameras for monitoring the staff and people. The security systems of computers have become very powerful with the internet as well as computer technology.

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