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Essay on Need of Oxygen for Students


Every cell of human body requires oxygen in generating energy effectively. While cells are creating energy, they create CO2. Air flows in through nose or mouth. Then, the air follows windpipe. This splits into a couple of bronchi, where each one is for every lung. Next, the bronchi split into smaller tubes having little air sacs known as alveoli. Lungs have lots of alveoli. They have a thin level of walls. It is thick and makes CO2 and O2 that is able to pass across them and leave or enter human blood. O2 is transported through blood to every section of human body. Also, that delivers CO2 return to lungs. 

Turning food to energy:

O2 plays a vital part in human body. It helps in transforming food that is eaten into energy. The method is called cellular respiration. As the process goes on, mitochondria utilize O2 in breaking down glucose into usable source of fuel. It gives energy to live.

Brain and oxygen:  

Human brain is made up of 2% of overall body weight. That receives 20% of human body’s overall consumption of oxygen. Since it lots of energy that indicates that it requires a lot of cellular respiration. For only survival, human brain has to possess about 0.1 calories every minute. That requires 1.5 calories for every minute as one is thinking very deeply. For creation of essay writing that energy, human brain requires to get lots of O2. As one is without O2 for only 5 minutes, cells in brain begin to expire, indicating serious brain damage. 

O2 and immune system: 

Human immune system can safeguard the body against harmful bacteria and viruses. O2 fuels cells of system and keeps that healthy and strong. In this situation, breathing has purified with anything such as air sanitiser for making that simpler for immune system in applying O2. Less level suppresses immune system’s parts. However, proves are there suggesting less O2 can also be activating other activities. That is helpful while examining therapies of cancer. 

O2 and treating pneumonia: 

The disease results in death of children. Particularly there are below five years of age. Further, adults and pregnant women who are beyond 65 years are prone to this than common people. This is a type of lung disease that is resulting because of virus, bacteria or fungi. Air sacs of lungs are filled and inflamed with fluid or pus. This makes it difficult for O2 in moving into bloodstream. As pneumonia is commonly being treated with antibiotics, strong level of it needs oxygen treatment immediately. 

Oxygen and medical conditions: 

It is seen hypoxemia take place in human beings having COPD or “chronic obstructive pulmonary disease”, COVID-19, sleep apnea, cystic fibrosis and pulmonary fibrosis. As one has any strong attack of asthma, they can give essay topics rise to hypoxemia. Having supplemental O2 for the situations can save lives. The lungs eventually turn to be damaged and make people die. 

Oxygen and life on earth: 

Every living species require O2 for creating energy within cells. Further, plants generate O2 through CO2, water and sunlight. The oxygen can be seen at every place and also in little pockets in soil. Every living organism has organs and systems letting them absorb O2 from surroundings. However, there is an exception of one living organism which is parasite related to the organism named jellyfish and never requires oxygen.

Ozone and oxygen: 

Ozone is a part of the atmosphere.  It makes up college essay a tiny portion of it. The molecule has an important part. Stratospheric ozone is seen in top area of it. Here, that protects earth’s surface from ultraviolet radiation that is harmful. Any loss of the layer can demolish the planet and creatures. Also, ozone is there in lower area. Ground-level ozone is generated through chemical reactions that happen due to reactions taking place between sunlight and man-made pollutants such as vehicle emissions. That is a harmful pollutant. It indicates that since anything has O2 in that, it is not good every time. 

The quantity of oxygen that is consumed through the lung is complicated for measuring. This is because it is involved in the gas exchange of the whole body. It might be enhanced notably within pathological situations like adult respiratory or lung infection distress syndrome. For estimating normal consumption of oxygen of lungs to be a basis for more studies, analysis of respiratory gas while overall bypass of cardiopulmonary goes on is an easy approach. This is due to the reality that pulmonary circulation is distinguished from flow of systemic blood at that time.

 Particularly oxygen is a vital part of immune system. That is helpful in killing bacteria. That fuels cells that are making up defence of human body against different invaders like viruses. Air is passed across UV air sanitizers that are especially good for immune system of human body. This is because it is cleansed o bacteria and various agents prior that enters respiratory systems. Again, it is vital for human eye to well-functioning. Nonetheless, human eye gets oxygen that is distinct from residual part of body. There are lesser blood vessels that are travelling to eye. This makes the eye absorb most of oxygen that they directly require with cornea. 

That is developed in such a manner that directly oxygen gets into body from air. As the air is travelling by air purifiers, that enters the eye despite any irritation. 

The oxygen is fuelling human cells and helps to deliver basic building blocks that are needed by the body for survival. Human cells are found to be assimilating nitrogen with oxygen and hydrogen for generating different proteins building new cells. 

As oxygen is assimilated with hydrogen and carbon, human beings get carbohydrates providing energy for human bodies. This is important to perform what people do to live. Moreover, O2 is also found to be essential for construction of replacement cells in human bodies. Regularly, approximately 7 hundred billion cells are seen in bodies to be wearing out and are to get replaced. As oxygen is not there, human bodies are unable to create those new cells. 

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