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A Brief Introduction of Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston


Woman Warrior is a strategy of five women and was written in the year 1976 by Maxine Hong Kingston. The five women are the Kingston long-dead aunt whish is known as the ‘No name woman’, a mythological female warrior known as Fa Mu Lan, Brave Orchid The mother of Kingston, Moiin Orvchid the aunt of Kingston, and finally Kingston herself. The book teel more about the life story of Kingstone that explain and describe the history of China, their belief and myths.  The author of the book tries to provide a voice for the women in her family and for herself. The book is most important that describe the suffering of women in a family and society. It tried to break the silence and communicate with the outer world by describing the warrior nature of women of her family. With the explanation, the old and the presnte cultural difference and position can also be identified. The whole book is defined into five chapters the first chapter first describes Kingston long-dead aunt No name Woman. The story describes legitimate that her aunt brings te her family by killing herself and her baby by jumping into the well on China. For that in their family, it is not allowed to tell her aunt’s name loudly so Kingstone decided to develop a memory of her aunt. The story describes the injustice that happens to her aunt and also describes her horrible pain of giving birth. The second chapter is known as the White Tigers upon mythical female warrior that describes her training to be a warrior from the age of seven and leads the army of men and also pretended to be a man for a long time. At the end of the war, she returns as a mother and wife. It explains the bravery of the woman and how her weapons spec aks on her behalf. It is the story of the sacrifices and the fight that all women did to survive. Shaman is focused on the mother of Kingstone. It explains her talent, knowledge and old life experience as a doctor in China. It also examines the mother-daughter disagreements, conflicts and connectin between them. The chapter At the Western Palace describes the situation of Moon Orcid whose husband left her in America and explain her struggle to survive without knowing a word of English and her pathetic life ending in a mental asylum. The final chapter is A Song for a Barbarian Reed Pipe that describes Kingstone.

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Story of Woman Warrior


That describes her childhood and teenage for the purpose to please her mother. That story is only an example of a women warrior. It describes the struggle, the daily life experience the fight a woman is doing from an early age. For the purpose to establish their dignity, ti takes a stand in society they faced lots of trouble from the past. In the modern phase stills, women have fought for their rights nothing is easy to get. To get the right position in the market, organization, society, and in the house, women are still fighting. They already come a long way and have to go a long way as the war is not easy and is not over yet. As described in the story to establish in the men dominating society. Women have to fight from their childhood to prove their existence. They may be going through tremendous mental pressure a social pressure simultaneously. It can be very difficult for them to survive in society without anyone support and guidance. Apart from that women are trying to break or barriers and make a stand for themselves and also help other girls in society. the journey is not easy. In every step, there are trouble and pain they are facing and will be faced but only women have the courage to face them and overcome them. In this case, also it needs to be maintained that a mother is also a warrior. For the well-being of their children, a mother can sacrifice anything. In the world no one is is a great warrior as a mother. In society, there are lots of women warriors one can find whole are struggling in their daily life. They can work in an organization, can be police officers, can be a doctor, can be a teacher and can be simple homemakers. To reach such a position they definitely put some big effort and not only surveying their family but the whole society as well.

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In society, it is the tendency to suppress the voice of women as that also explain in the story. In the old culture, it was a kind of belief the femal child in the family is a kind of embarrassment. At the time when a child is born, they do not have any notation of what is going on and they also deserve all kinds of love and affection from family but become victims of societal belief and superstition. Still now in many culture girls children has no permission to live. The story also explained the same Kingstone’s aunt had to kill her girl child, in case it was a boy there was still hope of forgiveness. Even the girl get premonition to live there is no doubt her life would have been full of mistreatment and pain. She must not get her own identity and her own voice. In the present time, the situation has been changed to certain aspect now in society, families are also supportive. Women are slowly recognizing their value inside and outside the home. They get the proper educational support and also help to spread their voice as well. Now they without hesitation can lead the man’s team without hiding their actual identity. It is not the end the long way is waiting for the future is bing for women. All women are warriors in the society who are providing love and care and all women need to support each other so that they keep fighting and keeping the war.

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