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Essay on Women Empowerment


Women's empowerment can be described in many ways, including respecting women's perspectives or making an effort to find them out, as well as elevating women's position via learning, awareness, knowledge, and training. Women's empowerment enables and empowers women to make life-changing decisions in the face of societal issues. They may be able to reinterpret gender roles or other similar roles, which may provide them greater flexibility to follow desired goals. Women's empowerment has emerged as a critical issue in society and finance. Women's economic empowerment enables them to govern and profit from commodities, property, and earnings. It also improves women's well-being and their capacity to handle risk. It can lead to ways to help marginalised genders in a certain social or political environment. While the terms are frequently used equally, the broader idea of gender empowerment applies to persons of any gender, emphasising the contrast between biology and gender as a function. Women's empowerment improves women's position via knowledge, learning, employment, and awareness-raising. Moreover, women's empowerment relates to women's power to build significant life decisions that were previously unavailable to them. The adoption of initiatives and policies based on the concept of female empowerment might help societies, corporations, neighbourhoods, and organizations. Women's empowerment improves the quality and quantity of manpower resources for advancement. When it comes to human rights and progress, transformational leadership is one of the most important procedural issues. Women empowerment is a cumulative process to empower women so that they can make their own decisions.

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Need for Women Empowerment


Women have suffered greatly at the hands of males over the years. They were considered nearly non-existent in previous ages. As if males had all the rights, including the ability to vote. Women were more aware of their power as time passed. The revolution for women's emancipation began there. Because women were not permitted to make judgments for themselves, women's rights came as a refreshing change. It made girls knowledgeable and the importance of forging their own path in community rather than relying on a guy. It acknowledged that things cannot just go in someone's advantage because they are female. However, when it comes to the causes why we need it, we still have a long road ahead to go. Nearly every single country, regardless of how advanced, has a past of oppressing women. In other words, women all over the world have been rebellious in order to achieve their current standing. While Western countries continue to progress, third-world countries such as India lag behind in terms of women's empowerment. Women's empowerment is more important than ever in India. India is one of the countries where women are not safe. This is due to a variety of factors. For starters, women in India face honour murders. Their family believes it is justified to kill them if they bring dishonour to their family's heritage. Furthermore, the education and freedom picture is quite backward in this case. Women are not permitted to seek further education and are married off at a young age. Men continue to dominate women in some areas, as though it is the woman's responsibility to labour for him indefinitely. They do not allow them to walk outside or have any form of freedom. Furthermore, domestic violence is a serious issue in India. The guys beat up and mistreat their wives because they believe women are their property. Women are especially frightened to speak up. Similarly, women who work are paid less than their male colleagues. Paying someone less for the same labour due to their gender is both unjust and discriminatory. So, there are some serious factors for which women empowerment is the necessary for the advancement of the society.


How to Empower Women?


It is our duty to encourage these women to raise their voice for themselves and never be a victim of injustice. Women can be empowered in a variety of ways. Individuals and the government must work together to make it happen. Girls' education should be made obligatory so that women may become illiterate and create a living for themselves. Women, regardless of gender, must be given equal chances in all fields. Furthermore, they must be paid equally. By prohibiting child marriage, we can empower women. Various programmes must be held to teach children how to fend for themselves in the event of a financial collapse. Most significantly, the humiliation of separation and violence must be abandoned. Because they are afraid of society, many women remain in violent marriages. Parents must instil in their daughters that it is OK to return home divorced rather than in a casket. There are so many ways to empower the women in various aspects for the betterment of society. Financial freedom is one of the most important issues which can help out women. Empowering women to fully engage in economic life across all sectors is critical to building stronger economies, achieving globally agreed development and sustainability objectives, and improving the quality of life for women, men, families, and communities. The commercial sector is an important partner in efforts to improve gender equality and women's empowerment. The Women's Empowerment Principles provide business and the private sector with some significant guidelines on how to encourage women in the workplace, marketplace, and community. The principles, developed in collaboration with UN Women and the United Nations Global Compact, are intended to assist firms in assessing current policies and practises or developing new ones to instigate the women's empowerment. In India it is quite important for the enhancement of the quality of social life. There are so many variables which will eventually be evolved if the empowerment of women has been boasted in a significant way. Though now a days women empowerment is quite visible in national, state and local level governing sectors. But there are so many lags and gaps especially in the financial and educational sectors where most of the discrimination is noticed in those area. Proper implementation of policies and upgradation of rules and regulations will help the women to portray themselves as a significant role model to the community.


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