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How to use Essay Rewriter Tool?

It's quite easy to use this fantastic rewriting tool. Follow the steps below


Visit the site

Go to Allessaywriter essay rewriter tool


Paste or write your text

In the provided box, paste or write down the content. The tool allows users to upload files in the .doc, .doc-x, and .txt formats.


Language selection

Next you select the language of your need and click on “rewrite my essay”.


Download the paper

Proofread the entire content and perform necessary changes.

User Reviews

Positive user reviews not only boost our morale but also win us the confidence of potential new users.

Perks and benefits

Most Advanced AI Essay Rewriter in the Market


Free to Use

Without having to use essay creator online services, it enables you to completely free rewrite essays, articles, sentences, and single words.


Rapid and precise

You can quickly and easily get new, original texts as an output from our paraphraser!


Effective Paraphrasing

To assist you in creating original content, we alter the word order and sentence structure. To make your work seem completely original, we provide you with a variety of synonyms.


No Limits

Any text, regardless of size, can be paraphrased. There are countless efforts possible! Simply paste it into the box, and our essay rewriter will handle the rest!

Perks includes


Turnitin report



The best writer






Unlimited revisions






Title page


Get all these features for


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Essay Rewriter FAQs

Q.1. How to use the Essay Paper Rewriter Tool? arrow

To use the essay rewriter tool at Allessaywriter, you have to first upload the essay you want to rewrite, provide some basic information like the deadline, level of education etc. and click on get result. That's it; you will then receive the solution within a few minutes.

Q.3. What is the fastest way to reword an essay? arrow

You can decide to rewrite your own essay. You can also hire human experts for the same. But both the process is time-consuming. The fastest way to reword an essay is to use an online essay rewriting tool. has an efficient rewriting tool, which you can use to serve the purpose.

Q.5. Will My Content Be Secure After Rephrasing? arrow

Yes, the content will be completely secure. There is no chance that there will be any trace of plagiarism in the document if you use the rewriting tool at Allessaywriter. Also, be sure that the content will be well structured and adequately informative simultaneously.

Q.7. How Many Articles Can I Use For Free?arrow

The tool is not completely free of cost. But the service charges are so minimal that you won't consider it an expenditure.

Q.2. How does an essay rewriter work?arrow

An essay rewriter typically uses algorithms and language processing techniques to analyze the original text and generate a rewritten version. It may employ synonym replacement, sentence restructuring, and other methods to produce a unique variation of the content.

Q.4. Are essay rewriters reliable? arrow

The reliability of an essay rewriter can vary significantly. While some tools can offer a basic rewriting function, the output may still require manual editing and refinement to ensure accuracy and coherence. It is crucial to review the rewritten content carefully.

Q.6. Is it ethical to use an essay rewriter? arrow

The ethical use of an essay rewriter depends on the specific context and purpose. Using a rewriter to manipulate or plagiarize content is unethical and can result in severe consequences. However, using it as a tool to generate ideas or explore alternative ways of expressing thoughts can be acceptable, as long as proper credit is given to the original sources.

Q.8. Are there free essay rewriters available?arrow

Yes, there are free essay rewriters available online. However, the functionalities and capabilities of these tools may be limited compared to paid or premium versions. It is advisable to evaluate the features and limitations of different tools before making a choice.

Explore the one-of-its-kind essay rewriter tool


Essay Rewriter Tool

Though rewriting sounds easy, rewriting is excessively time-consuming and complicated. Moreover, while rewriting, you need to make sure there exists no plagiarism and other such errors in the rewritten document. Why take the stress when our AI-driven essay paper rewriter can do the job for you?

Use our Rewrite My Paper online service to make any rewritten essay look absolutely new.

What is an Essay Paper Rewriter?

Haven't you heard of paper essay rewriters? It's time you take note of it to reduce your workload.

Rewriting an entire essay or even rewriting portions of an essay at a go all by yourself is not very convenient. Rather it is mind-boggling. Paper essay rewriters are designed to give you a little relaxation with the same.

Paper essay rewriters are free tools that help you paraphrase a prewritten essay. All the existing information is given a new set of words and sentence structure while keeping the meaning intact. The paper essay rewriter tool calls for minimum effort, and yet you can generate quality and informative essays.

Now we bring you our minutely detailed paper essay rewriter tool. First, you have to upload the essay you want to rewrite. Within the blink of your eyes, you will receive the rewritten essay. You will be amazed to see that the two essays will have no similarities except in their meaning. Our paper article rewriter tool or paper essay rewriter tool, whichever you may call it, possesses all the necessary tools to make your rewritten essay look new and unique.

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Why Do You Need an Essay Paper Rewriter Tool?

Of course, this is an ongoing debate on whether students need tools like paper essay rewriters, and whether this will be ethical. First of all, learn that this is in no way unethical; you are not copying anything.

Rather it can be said that using the paper essay rewriter tool, avoids the chances of copying and doing something unethical.

Besides, there are other perks of using a paper essay rewriter tool. They are –


  • Saves a lot of time

Our paper essay rewriter can save you when you are running out of time and have an urgent deadline to meet. Using this tool, you can sum up hours of work within minutes. Furthermore, if you use our paper-free essay rewriter tool, you get the solutions almost instantly in only a few minutes. Thus, you can use the saved time for proofreading and revision purposes.

  • Fits your pocket

You can hire essay writers online even if you are not writing essays all by yourself. Though these services are impeccable, they do not come for free. At the same time, our paper essay rewriter tool comes absolutely free of cost. And you know whether a candy or service freebies are always the best.

  • 100% accuracy

Accept that artificial intelligence can actually give your intelligence a tough time when it comes to accuracy. So, skilled Essay Help experts design our paper essay rewriter tool to give you the best possible solutions. By using our tool, you sign up to get the most unique and appropriate solutions.

  • Minimum efforts

It is no longer hidden from you the amount of hard work you need to do and the amount of time you have to invest in writing or rewriting your essay. But our paper essay rewriter has a very user-friendly interface where you get an entire essay rewritten in just a click. And in the entire process, you just need to upload the essay and do nothing else.

So, what else are you waiting for if a tool can provide you with so much?

How Our Essay Paper Rewriter Expert Will Help You Secure an A+ Grade?

You will be glad to know that we also have a team of professional Write My Essay writers who can rewrite your essays for you. While our paper essay rewriter tool can provide you with paraphrased solutions, our team of writers takes care of customized solutions as per your requirement.

At times, you may want to rewrite an essay giving a personal customized touch. An AI tool cannot do that for you. But our team of paper essay rewriters can.

They can list down your requirements and frame your essay accordingly. This added personal touch can impress the professors and help you secure better grades.

Hence if the topic calls for personal insights, hire our experts.

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Eliminate Plagiarism from Your Essay Using Our Rewriter Tool

Plagiarism is a big-time NO in the case of academic content. It not only reduces your scores but also questions your credibility and creates a terrible impression on your evaluator. The most common consequences of plagiarized content are –

  • Grade Penalties

  • Course failure

  • Suspension

  • Disciplinary actions

Any one of these can lay a huge on your academic career.

Are you willing to take this risk?

Use our paper essay rewriter and essay editor tools for free and get access to plagiarism-free rewritten unique essays. The algorithm of the tool is designed in a way that it automatically keeps checking for plagiarism once the paraphrasing is done. This is true that no paper essay rewriter tool other than the paper essay rewriter tool at essay writers can guarantee you absolute non-plagiarized content.

Overcome Plagiarism Problems with Our Essay Rewriter Tool

As mentioned earlier, you can easily avoid the plagiarism issue with our paper essay rewriter tool. If you are hiring our experts, be assured that they will start rewriting your essays from scratch after proper research. But this process is time-consuming. For immediate solutions, you have to use our paper essay rewriter tool.

It is natural for you to think that the tool won’t be as efficient enough as the human experts.

But that is just a myth that we will bust for you.

  • Besides paraphrasing, the tool keeps on scanning various websites simultaneously to find any presence of plagiarism.

  • It uses various synonyms and restructures the original sentences around them.

  • They change the order of words and sentence structure to make the content unique.

They do all of it, keeping the ultimate meaning of the sentence intact.

If you are still unsure, you can check the solution provided by our essay rewriter tool in any plagiarism-checking tool and see it yourself.

The other best thing you can do is get the solution from the tool and hire our paper essay rewriter experts to customize the solution. This will eradicate even the minimal chances of plagiarism in the content.

We understand what a headache it is to make sure that the content is plagiarism-free, and hence we try to work out every possible way in which you can get non-plagiarized premium class content.

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Why Should You Use Our Essay Paper Rewriter Tool?

When you search for an online paper essay rewriter tool, you will get a plethora of options available over the internet. But we are the BEST among them.

No, we are not boasting, but we have students' testimonials on our site and on various review aggregator sites to prove the same. But what makes us the best?

  • The service charges of our paper essay rewriter tool are very minimal. We charge around $6 for each paraphrasing; that too can change depending on the number of pages and the deadline.

  • The essays are of impeccable quality. A proper flow of information and a proper essay structure is maintained. It can be said that essays are as perfect as porcelain.

  • Zero plagiarism is the best thing about the service of our paper essay rewriter tool. You can go and check for yourself no other such tool can guarantee you the same.

  • Our paper essay rewriter tool is capable of rewriting all different types of essays abiding by the necessary guidelines.

  • Last but not least, the interface of our tool is easy to work with. There are no complicated steps, but a few clicks are enough to get you the required solution.

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