specialised cells

Define Specialized Cells It is possible to assess with the help of the microscope that all the living things are composed of cells. The cells are treated as the elementary unit of life. But not all the organisms are made of the same type of cells; some are formed of a collection of cells which are identical and assistances from cooperating. In contrast, in some organisms, the cells are unidentical and vary significantly not only the outlook but also execute different functions in the organi...

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Longest Words in the English Language

List of Top 15 Longest Words in the English Language English is a funny language. We tend to add our own rules when we aren’t sure of the correct usage and make it sound goofier. We ask each other- if the plural or “house” is “houses”, then why isn’t the plural of “mouse” “mouses”? Why is it “mice”? The vowels of our language include- a, e, I, o, u; which means we must add “an” before any word starting from on...

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psychology research paper topics

How To Pick A Psychology Research Paper Topic A research paper is an essay in which an individual explains what they have learned after exploring a topic in detail. In research paper, various information’s from sources such as books, articles, interviews are gathered and the paper is made. Most of the part of a research paper must be in own word of the author. Research paper should focus on a central issue that interests the author and the topic should be limited in the assigned length ...

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how to write a narrative essay

How to Write a Narrative Essay Narrative essay is a type of essay that describes any interaction, event and experiences of the author during a particular time in the past. Hence, this is basically a story which is based on personal experience of the author and that experience is presented or narrated in the story in an inspirational way. The narrative essays are quite interesting to the readers as those present the personal experience of the authors in a compelling manner. Hence, it is highl...

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