Interesting Controversial Essay Topics to write about

Exclusive guidelines to write controversial essay topics that work for college students Students dread the idea of writing lengthy essays. Despite it being an essential part of academic coursework, not all have the necessary abilities to tackle the task of essay writing. The process gets harder when a student has to write an essay of 10000 words on a controversial topic. Controversial topics are tough nuts to crack as you need to come face-to-face with significant contractions and a wide ...

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Smart Tips to Paraphrase a Document

Strategies to paraphrase academic documents without plagiarizing Picture this: you have got a difficult assignment topic to write on. The area is lesser explored, and you have found very little information to support your arguments. You cannot copy information directly from the sources you have got. So what would you do next? Let us give you the answer: Go for paraphrasing Yes, you have heard it right. Paraphrasing is the only feasible option to save you from a situation like this and many ot...

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Impactful Ways To Write A Great Rhetorical Analysis Essay

What is a rhetorical analysis essay & what are the guidelines to write it? Rhetoric is already a tough literary genre, and when you put analysis to it, the difficulty level of writing such an essay doubles. To help you out, we have put down the basics of writing a good rhetorical analysis essay. But before we delve deeper, let us start with the basics. So what is a rhetorical analysis essay? A rhetorical analysis essay is an in-depth piece on a work of literature. In simple words, it is th...

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Compare and Contrast Essay: Everything You Need To Know

Compare and Contrast Essay: Everything You Need To Know A compare and contrast essay is one of the most common forms of essays that students are usually asked to write during their semester. You may have to compare and contrast two different kinds of novels or pets from the same historical period. You may also be asked to compare and contrast two different aspects of one topic. All in all, writing a compare and contrast essay is no easy feat. Therefore, here is a quick guide for yo...

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