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 John  08 Nov, 2018  Essays

Reflective Essay Topics & Ideas for Interesting Writing

Did you know, some of the most celebrated authors of all time often took elements from their own experiences to create timeless classics? This is perhaps the reason why most of their narratives sound so real and relatable to us – the readers. Well, you may or may not aspire to become a professional writer, but you may get the opportunity to reflect your experience through words in the form of a reflective essay. A reflective essay is a form of writing that you may get to perform while studying in school or college. However, it’s more than just a description of an event or experience from the past. You also need to analyze the meaning of the event or experience and then highlight what you have learned from it. A reflective essay requires the writer to open up about his/her thoughts and emotions so that the readers can experience the same thing while reading the essay. How To Create A Reflective Essay Outline? Like any other essay, a reflective essay can also be broken int...

 John  23 Oct, 2018  Essays

14 Literary Devices That You Should Utilize While Writing an Essay

In your quest to prepare a perfect essay, you may have often thought about a number of ways you can adapt to enhance your writing. Now, following academic conventions means you need to enhance the language a little, without employing too many words or expressions. In this case, transforming any ordinary sentence into extraordinary speech can be achieved with the application of a variety of figures of speech. These are literary devices which are adapted to enrich the quality of language. So, let's get you acquainted further on how you can employ these techniques to improve your essay writing by elaborating on these 14 types of figures of speech. 1. Simile This figure of speech is the most frequently used of all the literary devices in the English language, and it is often confused with the metaphors. A simile is applied in order to present a comparison of one object with another using the words ‘as’ and ‘like’ or even ‘appears’ and ‘seems'. No...

 John  06 Oct, 2018  Essays

10 Strategies to Prepare an Engaging Descriptive Essay Topic

A descriptive essay presents a vivid picture of a person, place, or thing. Contrary to a narrative essay, which focuses on meaning through a personal story, a descriptive essay elucidates on the meaning of a subject through explicit, sensory observation. The descriptive essay requires the writer to use the power of language and the human senses to breathe life to a subject for the reader. The readers should have a feeling that they have gone through the experience themselves, only then can the writer be sure that he/she has done a great job. If readers also feel an emotional connect with the write-up and harbor a genuine appreciation for the gravity of the subject, then the essay will turn out perfectly. However, finding a topic that would resonate with your readers can be quite troublesome. That’s why we have elucidated on some strategies that you can adapt to produce a compelling descriptive essay topic. 1. You don’t need to follow a logical pattern. You will often fi...

 John  18 Sep, 2018  Essays

8 Incredible Tips For Selecting A Narrative Essay Topic

A narrative essay by definition is prepared to keep in mind an experience or an incident that you will be required to narrate from your perspective. Now, the whole process may seem quite simple, but more often students have problems in coming up with a great topic that would instantly help them to earn praises from their professors. So, how do you decide on a great idea for your essay? Well, you can consider the following tips while deciding on a narrative essay topic. Understand that narrative essays are supposed to tell stories When you want to put together an appropriate narrative essay format, you will have to consider proving a point by describing a compelling story to the readers. You may not have to elaborate on the proper setting or incorporate dialogue or a plot, but you will have to focus on narrating a particular event that you or someone else has encountered. When you narrate these experiences, your readers will find it easy to relate with you and may take a life lesson f...

 John  31 Aug, 2018  Essays

Bid Farewell to Essay Writing Stress with Amazing Tips

We know writing an essay can be a challenging task. The perfect essay calls for a blend of correct essay format and creative writing skills. An essay is all about bringing the thoughts and ideas together and then expressing the same in coherent and relevant sentences. If you are one of those who lack the penchant for writing, then essay writing can be quite a nightmare to you. It is important to know how to use the correct vocabulary and the various literary devices that will benefit you by making your essay more effective. Here are some helpful essay writing tips from our professional essay writers that will help you to write better essays without causing unnecessary stress. Read Regularly First and foremost, you must develop the habit of reading. Reading good books will help you grasp the idea of framing sentences in a more effective way.  Read more books and get a better idea regarding different styles of writing which you can employ in your essay to make it more engaging. T...

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