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General Queries

I have tried all ways but my essay never scores good. Can you suggest why?

Well it may be that you have not drawn a proper logical structure, couldn't introduce properly , have missed on major points of the topic. It can also happen that your arguments were not supported by proper examples, data or facts. Moreover improper sentence construction and grammar mistakes along with syntactical errors may mar the essays.So there can be number of reasons. We have experts with 10+ years of experience in essay drafting to assist you in all.

I and my friend wrote essays from the same online referencing source but he scored good while I got poor marks. Why is it so?

An essay doesn't score mark just on rich referencing sources but how you have presented the points, your arguments. It is very necessary to draw a proper outline, omit grammatical and syntactical mistakes how you have provided supporting evidences, whether you have rightly introduced yourself and drafted linking paragraphs and lot more. So you may have scored less. We know exactly the points which students miss to address and hence our students score great.

Does citation in essay carry marks?

Yes, citations are equally important as other parts of essay. Improper citation may lead to the essay being rejected on the grounds of plagiarism.

Even if I have great insights on any topic, I don’t know exactly how to start?

Well, writer’s block and inability to logically structure ideas and introduce yourself is not just your problem but many others. We have helped our students get over it.

Service Related Queries

How your service is better?

We have 1500+ PhD writers with 10+ years of experience to draft your essays. We provide 100% plagiarism free works with no errors. Not only that our price is the most affordable in the market and we have a complete money back policy in case you are highly dissatisfied with our service.

What are the different essay writing services you provide?

We provide assistance on ,narrative Essays, Descriptive Essays, persuasive Essays, expository essays, definition essays, compare and contrast essays, process Essays, Argumentative Essays, Critical Essays and almost every types
How do i know that the essay help from you is meeting the requirements set by my teacher?
For that we ask you to give a small description of the type of essay you want, topic and request you to upload relevant files regarding submission rules and others. All our works are in strict accordance with set guidelines and what your teacher or professor wants.

I have just 4 hours left for submission? Can I get your help?

We deliver for deadlines as tight as 3 hours. So that's not a problem.